29 July 2007

Been a bit busy.

Moving in, getting job(s), etc.
Here are a few cool things:

From my new favorites,Midnight Juggernauts. Road to Recovery is sort of old news (by like, 2 weeks) but good nonetheless. Whatever. The Popular Computer remix is good enough to post next year if I felt like. Can't wait for Dystopia to drop in the US.

MP3: Tombstone (Popular Computer Remix) - Midnight Juggernauts (YSI)

AAANNNDD one more thing before I get back to basking in my 90 degree box-sized chinatown apartment, which isn't actually too bad, if I don't walk around anywhere, or breathe. From Goose's Bring it On:

MP3: Black Gloves (Extended Version) - Goose (YSI)


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