20 July 2007


Liars' S/T album comes out in August on Mute. It's the most interesting album I've heard so far this year. Cultivated lo-fi vibrations and sounds are indeed the framework of a Liars' album. This one's missing that New Jersey-woods-esque thing they had going on with They Were Wrong, So We Drowned, which I sort of liked..

MP3: Pure Unevil - Liars (YSI)
MP3: What Would They Know - Liars (YSI)

Wichita just released SMD's I believe remixed by Switch on 12". I believe that I'm tired of I Believe, and even though I do love Switch, and the swollen bass he puts forth (and the cool whistles in the remix), I'm going to skip on it, and give you the ridiculously awesome b-side. Enjoy.

********MP3: System - Simian Mobile Disco (YSI)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wicked!! enjoyed it and kinda agree about skipping the track!!! you should all check out the remix of innocence by SMD its a new bjork track but the mix just kicks ass!!

6:00 AM

Anonymous max said...

that SMD song is ridiculously awesome!

12:18 PM


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