19 July 2007


So, my computer is now officially fixed. A big "Yes!" for buying Apple Care last year.

I would've jumped on Idealism right away if I had the means last month. It's a fresh album, Digitalism is unique, without being cliché unique. Think SMD and Justice without as many hooks and you've got the idea. My favorites on the album are Pogo, I Want I Want, and Idealism.. but I'm not posting those, because I think I have before.

From Idealism:
MP3: Apollo-Gize - Digitalism (YSI)
MP3: Homezone - Digitalism (YSI)

Modeselektor's Happy Birthday comes out sometime in September via Bpitch. Loving the album, which is more impressive than 2005's Hello Mom!, also released on the label. Cool transitions between tracks on this one. Weird but cool. (features Thome Yorke, Maximo Park, etc.. "Yes!").

From Happy Birthday:
MP3: The First Rebirth - Modeselektor (YSI)
MP3: Let Your Love Grow - Modeselektor (YSI)

Let's see.. Have got some tracks from a very Swedish Lo-Fi-FNK. The Change Channel 12" was released via Moshi Moshi a few months ago, though I'm a bit late on posting.. (for good reason) Not feeling the Kaos remix as much as the original. Still worth a listen: A danceable, easy to like beat.

From the Change Channel 12":
MP3: Change Channel (Kaos Remix) - Lo-FI-FNK (YSI)
MP3: Change Channel - Lo-Fi-Fnk (YSI

I start school next month, moving to New York next week. I lost all of my music files post the fix by restoring my computer. I'll get them back eventually.. every single last one, damnit.

One last spurt of MP3 goodness before you kindly navigate away:

From Spoon's Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga limited edition bonus disc:
MP3: I Can Feel It Fade Like An AM Single - Spoon (YSI)
MP3: I Got Mine - Spoon (YSI)
MP3: Dracula's Cigarette - Spoon (YSI)

I know, amazing. Spoon. And this blog. More to post, will soon-


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