07 August 2007


Alexander Ridha makes nice electro-tech. Or rather he, AKA Boys Noize, is the definition of the sub genre combo. And that, that's a huge compliment, even though it hardly makes any sense. He's remixed a giant plethora of commercial artists, from Feist to Bloc Party, from the Kaiser Cheifs to Depeche Mode, has been featured on two of Kitsuné's Compilation albums, and is German, consistent, awesome. He turns any absolute mess of a song into something excellent and worthwhile. Now, imagine talented, techy Alexander creating his own masterpiece.....
Imagine no longer my friends, he has. (I'm assuming the 'masterpiece part') Boys Noize's first album, Oi Oi Oi, comes out September 25th on Boys Noize Germany. Until then, have a listen to these gems found on the latest single, & Down. I love me some Teenage Bad Girl, and extended mixes, always the extended mixes. Sort of French electro-house sounding/SebastiAn-esque; which is really nice, because I think french electro-house is almost always really nice. I'm not posting the bonus track though. Get that your own damned selves... here.

MP3: & Down (Teenage Bad Girl Remix) - Boys Noize (YSI)
MP3: & Down (Extended Mix) - Boys Noize (YSI)

Speaking of French Electro-House, here's a B-Side from Electroluxe Family's Rock That Shit 12" EP. Somebody is totaly doing 'it' 2:30 in.

MP3: Zapping - Electroluxe Family (YSI)


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Genius stuff..

thanks a million man..

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