13 August 2007

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Imagine Devendra Banhart's vocals mixed with Antony Hegarty's vocals from Antony and the Johnsons mixed with Fyfe's from Guillemots, only imagine the combination actually sounding normal. At first, the fusion seems like it might be awkward, but once you listen to Bombay Bicylcle Club you realize, Jack Steadman's nailed it! That's what it would sound like, and it sounds awesome. Plus the band is damn good. Better than having an ultimate ice cream experience at Cold Stone Creamery. (my previous definition of good) Now, listen to these demos and try, just try to disagree with me. Somebody needs to book them in New York. Or take me to Cold Stone Creamery.

MP3: How Are You - Bombay Bicycle Club (YSI)
MP3: Open House - Bombay Bicycle Club (YSI)
MP3: Autumn - Bombay Bicycle Club (YSI)

Rogue Wave's third album, Asleep At Heaven's Gate comes out in September. I'm not too fond of contemporary simple stuff (think The Shins, Stars), not because it's bad, but because post listening I get all melancholy and weird. On ocassion though, I can go for it. I have been listening to Italian Bossa music every morning for the past five mornings, maybe why I'm not minding Asleep At Heaven's Gate as much as I would otherwise. It's a mature album, lovely, not as boring as I'm making it out to be.. you just need to be in the correct mood for it, like at 6 o' clock in the morning when sleep is somewhat of an issue. Out via Universal Republic next month.

MP3: Christians In Black - Rogue Wave (YSI)
MP3: Missed - Rogue Wave (YSI)

If you're a Cure fan, a New Order fan, a Joy Division fan, a fan of any post punk band ever, you'll enjoy The Opposite Sex. Now, they may seem like they're trying too hard, but what's the sense of playing the music and not dressing and acting the part? That would be stupid, like Frank Sinatra pretending to be David Johansen. I was born in 1989. Which basically means that I've missed out on everything 80s-cool (Punky Brewster, Cabbage Patch Kids, WarGames, enlarged boom boxes.. etc) I thank bands like The Opposite Sex for reliving the past. Get their debut (and self released) album Violent Heartstrings here.

MP3: Violent Heartstrings - The Opposite Sex (YSI)

And I'm off.

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Blogger RY said...

yes... the 1st bombay bicycle club ep is awesome... glad someone else thinks so too!

2:30 PM

Anonymous LOLOMG said...

I just played this bombay bicycle band for my friends and we all agreed that it is truly the funniest new band we have heard in ages. Devendra Banhart boxcar emo, what a disaster! Kudos!

9:05 PM


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