17 August 2007

Mini Mix for 8/17

We've almost reached September (the month that symbolizes the passing of 90 degree weather). I've decided such a thing calls for an e-celebration of Mp3's. The Wind-Up Bird's Whips was released back in '02, was not much into it then, very into it now. Aluminum is the "sort of" side project of Jack White's. If you don't own the album Aluminum, I suggest you fix that fault of yours. 3oh!3 are a duo from CO that make pretty decent hip hop merged with electro. They're also opening for Snoop (?!?!) soon out in Denver. I could've sworn I made an entire blog post about Woods before, though I can't find it at the moment, I truly suck at tagging. Props to you if you can. Stay Hungry was sort of a filler.. plus, who actually minds a Talking Heads track.

1. Hott - 3oh!3 (YSI)
2. Stay Hungry - Talking Heads (YSI)
3. Broke - Woods (YSI)
4. Astro - Jack White/Aluminum (YSI)
5. That I've - The Wind-Up Bird (YSI)



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