09 August 2007

misc mix

Just got back from seeing The Cribs play at Bowery. Me and the goddamn Cribs. They weren't half bad.. White Rabbits played too, and were genius with three drummers. Saw half the first band, forgot the name of them... Moving on. I've been focusing way too much on specific genres lately, which is stupid. F that. Here's a list of lots of random stuff I sort of just picked out on my itunes. A "Misc Mix".

1. Empty Bottles - Magik Markers (YSI)
2. Desdemona - John's Children (YSI)
3. The Clean Up Squad - Soft Tigers (YSI)
4. Ruby Red - The Godz (YSI)
5. Musique - Daft Punk (YSI)
6. The Land of Doesn't Have to Be - Donovan (YSI)
7. Moon River - Audrey Hepburn (YSI)
8. Duplexes Of The Dead - The Fiery Furnaces (YSI)
9. Hello Operator - The White Stripes (YSI)
10. For the Pier (and Dead Shimmering) - Sunset Rubdown (YSI)

Also, my flickr account is on the verge of distinction. Might just start posting my pictures up here. Might just. (above is gloomy chinatown outside my window)



Blogger JESSE said...

thanks for the soft tigers track

10:48 AM


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