15 August 2007


Rummaging through music videos on the internet can, at times, lead to great successes. Other times surfing the web for a certain something can lead to unwanted, filthy, failures. Like Youtube, and it's annoying square segmentation boxes of bad digital quality. If you're looking for nice quality music videos, however, look no further than VBS.TV. Even if those damn boxes are only from my sometimes insufficient internet connection, Youtube is still a pansy in comparison. That's right, I said it. Plus VBS has all of the Arcade Fire's videos from the first album. Consecutively. They've also got Liars, and Chromeo, and Digitalism, and Deerhunter, and everyone else that I've blogged on and on about sans video links. (sorry for that, by the way). Go, enjoy. And check out SSION's Street Jizz more than one time. Not only because I'm an intern there now, but because it's a pretty damn cool site anyway.

MP3: New Pleasure - Richard Hell & The Voidoids (YSI)


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