01 August 2007

What the Who?

(Compilation Cover '74)

I am somewhat of a big Who fan, if not big at least moderately big. One of the bands that specifically influenced and merged Britpop and Modernist culture, perfecting and integrating the two. I do in fact own every Who (full length) album (sans Endless Wire). I don't, however, own each country version (like I don't own both the UK and US versions of The Who Sings My Generation, etc.) I love discographies. By hearing albums in chronological order you hear the sound either grow or deteriorate, which is interesting to me. Look forward to more 'mini-compilations' if you plan on paying any attention to Mewzick in the future. A Radiohead B-Side compilation was posted a few months ago, check the archive.

The Who Sings My Generation (US) 1965:

MP3: My Generation - The Who (YSI)

A Quick One (UK) 1966:
MP3: In The City - The Who (YSI)

The Who Sell Out 1967:

MP3: I Can See For Miles - The Who (YSI)

Tommy 1969:
MP3: Pinball Wizard - The Who (YSI)

Who's Next 1971:
MP3: Baba O'riley - The Who (YSI)

Quadrophenia 1973:

(inside cover view)
MP3: The Punk And the Godfather - The Who (YSI)

The Who By Numbers 1975:
MP3: In a Hand Or a Face - The Who (YSI)

Who Are You 1978:
MP3: Music Must Change - The Who (YSI)

Face Dances 1981:
MP3: I'm The Face - The Who (YSI)

It's Hard 1982:
MP3: Cry if You Want - The Who (YSI)

Skipping live recordings cause I'm falling asleep at my keyboard. Anyway, enjoy. Get everything @ Amazon. Take care.




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