18 September 2007

I hate coming up with post titles..

It's a frustrating thing. It just seems too easy to title a post by it's contents. Like, "New Tiga" or "New Gossip"; hence why my post titles are always stupid things like "Niiiice or "Alright" or "boobs" or "I hate coming up with post titles". I try so hard to come up with something clever and orginal, although it always seems to work adversly. Getting to the track. I love Tiga and everything Tiga does. Not only is he talented, great, etc, but he actually makes me want to listen to The Gossip, again.. something I swore I wouldn't do for at least another five months. Sort of a minimal-esque track, get's better about 3:20 or so in.

MP3: Yr Mangled Heart (Tiga Mix) - The Gossip

And this bonus MP3 just because it's how I'm feeling at present.. probably because I just got my electric bill. Other than that New York's actually not half bad.

MP3: New York I Love You - LCD Soundsystem (YSI)

Remember a while ago when I told you that my flickr pro account is running out and that maybe, just maybe, I'd start posting my pics on the blog? Well, unfortuantely it has. But fortunately I can still post a certain amount of mb's per month on Flickr. I'll still post some pics on here though on occassion. My new favorite wall (I'm the short one with a huge head, jake's the one who looks like a skinny jack white):


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Anonymous alexa said...

great music, thanks danzie! you inspire me.

you're also too cute!

10:18 AM


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