11 September 2007

MTA/NJT Playlist

A list that I made whilst on board the train home a few days ago. A two-hour ride sans a book calls for this sort of thing. Asterisks next to the reaaaal good ones.

1. Day Like Today - Get Shakes* (YSI)
I came across Get Shakes sort of on accident. The majority of tracks on their newest S/T are mashups/remixed (Get Shakes Vs Mstrkrft; Get Shakes Vs Datarock) But come on. Mashups aren't THAT bad.
2. Tomorrow Is So Far Away - Chromatics (YSI)
Weird, but cool. Sorta.
3. Sleeping Sleepers Sleep - Portugal The Man (YSI)
Basically, Church Mouth has been added to my 'Top Albums of 07' Word document that I've secretly been keeping.
4. Nite Runner (Prod. By Timbaland) - Duran Duran Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland (YSI)
Justin & Timbaland- ehhhhh. Duran Duran WITH Justin & Timbaland - nice!
5. Restless - UNKLE* (YSI)
I've never really been a Josh Homme fan, at all. In fact, he scares me. Love the vocals on Restless though, something about adding a little electro in there suddenly made a Homme less scary. Unkle knows.
6. Foreo - The Violets (YSI)
An awesome, not very known band (yet) from London. And there aren't enough of those already. The Violets.
7. Black Bunker - Prinzhorn Dance School (YSI)
I've been waiting for Prinzhorn's album for a WHILE. They were one of the first bands I mentioned on the site.
8. Missing Links (feat. Radiohead) - Plan B (YSI)
Anything Radiohead I'd post regardless of quality. Of course I'd rather Pyramid Song sans Plan B. Of course!
9. Awake Since 78 (Tacteel Remix) - Acid Jacks (YSI)
Best remix of it the single.

and I found that:
10. Horror Asparagus Stories - Driving Stupid (YSI)
from Pebbles Vol. 3 and:
11. Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs - Cramps
From Flamejob sound almost exactly the same, crazy. The best part about both- obviously the song titles.

Today, Kayne and 50 both drop their albums. Should be interesting.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i vant to give you hugz danzie! hugz!


5:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fiddy gettin' owned by kanYe.

8:37 AM

Blogger Angular said...

The Violets you mention are from London, myspace.com/thevioletsuk , and indeed are awesome.

2:52 AM

Anonymous danz said...

yeah. fiddy did get owned.

and thanks, fixed the links.

4:55 PM

Blogger pk said...

heyyy did you happen to have the mp3 for get shakes' day like today? i've been unsuccessful!


( i tried signing in via lj open id but it didnt work.)

8:19 AM


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