18 September 2007

One more thing

For those of you who don't already know what the world's best song under 40 seconds is, may I present you with the world's best song under 40 seconds:

MP3: Hi How Are You - Brakes (YSI)

Also from Brakes' 2005 album, Give Blood. I haven't even heard the new album The Beatific Visions yet. If you have comment me how it is.
Best song title ever:

MP3: I Can't Stand To Stand Beside You - Brakes (YSI)

alright. That was it.



Anonymous max said...

just to let you know, that link for the second Brakes song is messed up. or at least it is for me. i think it's something wrong with the html or something

9:47 PM

Anonymous danz said...

fixed, thanks

10:22 PM

Blogger fairest said...

Hey, thanks for these tunes. By the way your main picture up there of the discarded cups is great.

11:46 AM


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