26 October 2007


Here are 6 songs for Friday. Two SMD tracks because one track's title is what I'm currently facing, the latter being my current favorite. The Timbaland track is up because one can't own enough of The Bloody Beetroots' remixes. Black Sheep- self explanitory, Girl Talk's Friday Night because it's got a sample of The Choice is Yours in it.. Prince & the Revolution- also self explanitory.

MP3: Sleep Deprivation - SMD (YSI)
MP3: Piggy In The Middle (Punks Jump Up Mix) - SMD (YSI)
MP3: Throw It On Me (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) - TImbaland (YSI)
MP3: The Choice Is Yours - Black Sheep (YSI)
MP3: Friday Night - Girl Talk (YSI)
MP3: Kiss - Prince & the Revolution (YSI)

The reason why I haven't been posting that much lately is simple really. I've been overwhelmed by how insanely good Bad Seeds Vol 1 & 2 are. They're so good that the two words so and good are all I can come up with as a concrete description. They're two essential peices that you, as a Nick Cave fan, should own, if you you do in fact call yourself a Nick Cave fan. I would thank me so much if I were you for putting the original Long Time Man up. Click here to buy and for tracklisting.

MP3: Katie Cruel - Karen Dalton (YSI) (pictured above with Dylan)
MP3: Cat Man - Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps (YSI)
MP3: Long Time Man - Tim Rose (YSI)
MP3: Did You Hear About Jerry? - Harry Belafonte (YSI)

Jake and I did end up breaking into that ski lodge (more pics are here):

The rental room was only slightly creepy...

Before we went upstate to investigate the lodge however, we were at this party:

Which is also tonight:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice to see you throwing some hip hop in the mix. you should check out mantronix shit is ill! holla.

3:41 PM

Anonymous DJ Paul V. said...

Hey - can anyone confirm if that's WHITEY on vocals, on the SMD "Piggy In The Middle" track? Sure sounds like it....

3:57 PM


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