08 October 2007

monday nights/tuesday mornings

Are the worst because I can't sleep and I have class at 8 AM. Instead of sleeping, here's an e-mix tape. Like a mini one. That begins nicely with Guns 'n' Bombs, and ends awesomely with Duke. White Room.. one of those songs that had to be blogged eventually. Enjoy it.

1. Get To Know You (GUNS'N'BOMBS JAK THE TAB REMIX) - Junior Senior (YSI)
2. You Really Got Me - Oingo Boingo (YSI)
3. Nazi Girlfriend - Iggy Pop (YSI)
4. White Room - Cream (YSI)
5. Love (Duke Dumont Ode To Todd Mix) - Simian Mobile Disco (YSI)

That's all.. Oh! Coney Island pictures:

more here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try get your hands on some Blood Red Shoes tracks.
The debut album is pretty damn impressive.

4:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your pictures are whats impressive !! cheers !!!

4:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pull your head out of her ass Michael.

6:07 AM

Anonymous keely said...

amazing pictures.
love the blog.

9:55 PM


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