07 October 2007


Are probably my favorite kind.. my most prized vinyl is a split Cribs/Chiefs special edition UK tour only copy.. with The Cribs covering t'Chiefs Modern Way, Kaisers covering Another Number. Anyway.. just recently acquired Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem's split tour EP, comprised of two tracks. May I present you with the Arcade Fire's version of Poupée de Cire/Poupée de Son which was originally composed by Serge Gainsbourg, covered by Belle & Sebastian on the Fans Only DVD.. etc. LCD covers Joy Division's No Love Lost. This track is if you (unfortunately) didn't get to see them live and grab hold of a copy.

From a ripped version of the 7":
MP3: Poupée de Cire/Poupée de Son - Arcade Fire (YSI)

Something from Serge, from Bonnie & Clyde, an album I recently posted about..
MP3: Docteur Jekyll And Monsieur Hyde - Serge Gainsbourg (YSI)

Just heard Louis XIV's new digital release, The Distances From Everyone To You EP. It's not too bad, though they still sound like an eccentric mixture of T.Rex and The White Stripes. The best part of the EP is most definitely their bonus track- a cover of Queen's Flash. Not sure if they sampled Queen's actual version of the song and just added vocals.. (for the Flash.. savior of the universe.. Flash he's a miracle part). Either way it's a pretty impressive cover, supposedly for the Flash Gordon television series on SCI FI.

MP3: There's A Traitor In This Room - Louis XIV (YSI)
MP3: Flash's Theme (Bonus Track) - Louis XIV (YSI)

Queen's Flash (in M4A, sorry):
M4A: Flash - Queen (YSI)

Off to Coney Island to take some pictchas.


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