04 October 2007


Holy Fuck's new LP is decent, not enough vocals for my taste to call the album fantastic or recommend it. Mgmt's Oracular Spectacular is spectacular; the same goes for The Ssion's Oppurtunity Bless My Soul, an album that came out a few years ago (before they dropped "the" and became simply Ssion.. also before Street Jizz) an impressive album for such a trivial band. Anita Ward is classic. Tears for Fears are classic. The Birthday Party are classic. I can't help but wonder if Nick Cave would be pissed at me for me putting his track after Tears for Fears'.. although it's really just a matter of random selection. KOL are sort of classic.. at least The Bucket is anyway. Put the Boy 8 Bit remix on there solely because of how good the Any Way You Choose To Give It remix was (Black Ghosts). Track #9 serves as the best song on this enjoyable October e-compilation. Brandy Alexander is my favorite Feist song (and Walkman song..) Was tempted to put a Styx song up here tonight (cough.. Renegade..cough) very tempted. I saved you. I've not posted any Styx on Mewzick yet what so ever. Impressive! Next post expect a write-up on a band called The Vaselines, 1980's punk-rock band. Opened for Nirvana in the 90's. Odd, not known, pretty cool, etc.

Go for it:
1. Milk Shake - Holy Fuck (YSI)
2. Pieces of What - Mgmt (YSI)
3. What Makes a Man Start a Band - SSION (YSI)
4. I'm Ready For Your Love - Anita Ward (YSI)
5. Mad World - Tears for Fears (YSI)
6. The Dim Locator - The Birthday Party (YSI)
7. The Bucket - Kings of Leon (YSI)
8. Back at the Club (Boy 8-bit Remix) - Pomomofo (YSI)
9. Rump Shaker - Wreckx N Effect (YSI)
10. Brandy Alexander - Feist (YSI)



Blogger dalston shopper said...

you are writing an excellent blog here. I put you into my list of top ten blogs in the latest P.I.X mag when asked :)

But where's the Vaselines writeup?

3:58 AM

Blogger Biscuit said...

hey, you're posting some really interesting music here, thank you.

I'm trying to set up posting music on my own but either due to a huge amount of bad luck or tiny brain, I suspect the latter, I can't. I ve created a zshare free account and I know youre not a helpdesk but would really be grateful if you can help out. Erm, thanks.

3:39 PM

Anonymous major iTunes said...

Boy 8 Bit @ iTunes: http://bit.ly/2XUapB

4:30 PM


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