08 November 2007

I'm tired

It's a good thing that someone invented the blog so I can tell you about Link Wray, essentially an electric guitar genius. He's got some intense distorted sounds that are worth listening to, over and over again, in complete admiration. Think: Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Dick Dale- except maybe cooler. He was the first to really poineer overdrive and fuzz distortions with the electric guitar; so when someone refers to something as gritty 60's they're probably referring to Link without realizing it. Also the first to use the power chord. Impressive. No vocals in his first album with the Raymen. Who cares. It's awesome.

From 1960's They're Outta Here Says Archie:
MP3: Oddball Aka Rumble - Link Wray & The Raymen (YSI)
MP3: Drag Race - Link Wray & The Raymen (YSI)
MP3: I'll Be So Good To You - Link Wray & The Raymen (YSI)

It's about 9 am and I just got back from class. I'm going TO BED.

Someone buy me this t-shirt for X-mas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for introducing me to some awesome music...

1:24 AM

Blogger Jamshh said...

Not in pertinence to this particular post, but great blog.
I like it.

5:48 AM


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