15 November 2007

So, you like The Beatles? Part 1

It's only fair that I post this up: a compilation of my favorite Beatles songs, one (perhaps two) from every album, and every b-side from every single they've ever produced. I've already done this with The Who (excluding singles), and somewhat with Radiohead, though not officially. It's going to take more than one post I'm sure. Let us begin.. we'll start with UK studio albums.

Please Please Me (#1 for 30 weeks, plus another 20 weeks at #2; 74 weeks on chart)
Label: (Parlophone PMC 1202 (Mono)/PCS 3042 (Stereo)
Released: 1963-03-22 and 1963-04-26 (Mono and stereo respectively)

MP3: Boys - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Love Me Do - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Misery - The Beatles (YSI)

With the Beatles (#1 for 21 weeks, plus another 10 weeks at #2; 53 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1206 (Mono)/PCS 3045 (Stereo)
Released: 1963-11-22

MP3: All My Loving - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Money (Thats What I Want) - The Beatles (YSI)

A Hard Day's Night (#1 for 21 weeks; 43 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1230 (Mono)/PCS 3058 (Stereo)
Released: 1964-07-10

MP3: If I Fell - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Things We Said Today - The Beatles (YSI)

Beatles for Sale (#1 for 11 weeks, plus another 11 weeks at #2; 48 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1240 (Mono)/PCS 3062 (Stereo)
Released: 1964-12-04

MP3: Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby - The Beatles (YSI)

Here's where we get into familiar territory..

Help! (#1 for 9 weeks – debut at #1, plus another 6 weeks at #2; 41 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1255 (Mono)/PCS 3071 (Stereo)
Released: 1965-08-06

MP3: Another Girl - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Tell Me What You See - The Beatles (YSI)

and, stopping at UK Studio albums in 1965 for Part 1..

Rubber Soul (#1 for 8 weeks, plus another 11 weeks at #2; 47 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1267 (Mono)/PCS 3075 (Stereo)
Released: 1965-12-03

MP3: Michelle - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles (YSI)

Tomorrow (perhaps tonight, if I'm bored) we'll continue with UK Studio albums of 1966, starting with Revolver, then we'll dive into compilations, then singles, or singles then compilations. Damn The Beatles for being so goddamn great.
Just kidding. Good for you I'm an extremist.




Anonymous Dan said...

Don't let me down. I mean, Don't Let Me Down.

7:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

good man,keep it up.cheers

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