11 December 2007

I'm a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm

It's that time again. You know, for a genuine Christmas post. While you're going Noooooo not more christmas music! or Damnit Danzie!, keep in mind that this isn't just ordinary Christmas music I've posted below, but rather Christmas music via the Arcade Fire. It was recorded some time before the band's first EP and Funeral. Wikipedia explains it well. The album was recorded at a party (hence the quality), supposedly given out amongst friends, and eventually ended up on the internet. Ah, yes. The good ol' internet.

MP3: Oh Holy Night - The Arcade Fire (YSI)
MP3: Chestnuts Roasting - The Arcade Fire (YSI)
MP3: A Very Arcade Xmas - The Arcade Fire (YSI)

Since I'd rather be spending Christmas on an island covered with warmth and palm trees, the kind with coconuts protruding from them, and presents of course, here are some tracks that remind me of being in such a place. From 70's Jamaican Reggae band, the Revolutionaires. And yes, Christmas Island is a real place, with a flag and everything.

From 1976's Vital Dub Well Charged:
MP3: Roof Top Dub - Revolutionaires (YSI)
MP3: Total Dub - Revolutionaires (YSI)

Total Dub actually sounds a bit X-mas-y.
When I think of Christmas I think of shiny toys, which in turn makes me think of Shiny Toy Guns. Since I've just given you some essential 70's dub-goodness, it's only fair to incorporate the 00's. Which leads me to these:

MP3: Rainy Monday (Paul Emanuel Dub) - Shiny Toy Guns (YSI)
MP3: Rainy Monday (Bimbo Jones Master Dub) - Shiny Toy Guns (YSI)

And since every now and then I like to throw in a little something that's got absolutely nothing to do with anything relating to the first part of the post, here are some songs from a band called The Iguanas. The Iguanas you ask? Iggy Pop's first band, when Iggy was a drummer and he went by Jim Osterberg and he was in high school. They opened for the obscure (awesome) girl group called the Shangri-Las back in '65, broke up in '67, have a few surviving demos. Here are some of them:

MP3: Tequila - The Iguanas (YSI)
MP3: Mona - The Iguanas (YSI)
and, the first Osterberg original:
MP3: Again & Again - The Iguanas (YSI)

Then about 10 years after The Iguanas broke up, Iggy collaborated with Bowie for the second time to release Lust For Life.

From 1977's Lust For Life:
MP3: The Passenger - Iggy Pop (YSI)
MP3: Tonight - Iggy Pop (YSI)

Next track is something that should have been in the last post. Thanks, Alex.

MP3: Looking From a Hilltop (Megamix) - Section 25 (YSI)

If you're bored I went to Tarrytown, NY a few days ago. Check out my pictures here.
Alright that's it.



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being that you have rather excellent music taste if you haven't before you should check out kay kay and his weathered underground they are pretty brilliant and happy holidays cheers!

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