13 January 2008

Money for nothing

A definitive 80s/Disco/Punk/New Wave post, designed especially for your Sunday morning enjoyment, a bit like reading the newspaper, except that it's not a newspaper, more like a sunday morning mewzickpaper, filled with dancy, fantastic tracks that you can play whilst you sip coffee and simultaneously read comics from an actual newspaper. Before I begin the 80s-disco-punk-new wave segment however, here are things that I've been taking pleasure in that came out more recently.

If you took the time to read the bottom half of my TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2007 post, my favorite compilation choice of this year was Soulwax's Most of the Remixes. (Also Afghan Whigs' Unbreakable: A Retrospective).

From the compilation:
MP3: Dominator (Soulwax Edit) - Human Resource Vs 808 State (YSI)
MP3: Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (Soulwax Shibuya Re-Remix) - LCD Soundsystem (YSI)

Asobi Seksu are a band that you should already know about. Citrus (their second album) has been out for over a year. I've hardly mentioned them in the blog, although a while ago I posted the CSS and Whip remix of Strawberries. If you missed it.. well, then you can probably just dig into the archives and find it somewhere. From Citrus, a bit Beach House-y:

MP3: Exotic Animal Parade - Asobi Seksu (YSI)

Here we go..

MP3: Money for Nothing - Dire Straits (YSI)
MP3: Irish Blood, English Heart - Morrissey (YSI)
MP3: Promised Land - Glaxo Babies (YSI)
MP3: Love In A Lift - The Members (YSI
MP3: The Look - Roxette (YSI)
MP3: Arabian Knights - Siouxsie and the Banshees (YSI)
MP3: I'm Your Man - Richard Hell & The Voidoids (YSI)

I like The Look so much.



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