17 February 2008

you goddamn doppelganger

So, I've been having an unpleasant few couple of weeks. I haven't had internet in my apartment since the start of January, my Mac double clicks everything when I hold the mousepad button down, (which in turn makes my windows dissappear when I don't want them to, I can't highlight anything, I pause my itune tracks when I want them to play, etc) one of my screen hinges are broken as well. Also- in Chinatown there have been parades every morning - with drums - on my street. Which I don't mind, except they start around 9 am.

But enough complaining on my part, because hey, These New Puritans' new album came out, and it's called Beat Pyramid (beat pyramid..? note tavern? chord obelisk?), and it's 15 tracks in total. I suppose there are so many tracks because each one is only about a minute and a half long. I've already sort of described their sound a few months ago: Joy Division meets The Horrors- something like that. I think the album sounds really great, but I can't tell if I feel this way solely in contrast of the bad early Björk/Sugarcubes-esque music that's playing quietly in the background of the cafe I'm presently at. Could be so- and although I'd like to think the former, the latter might make more sense. I'll leave that for you to decide. Get it here.

MP3: Infinity Ytinifni - These New Puritans (YSI)
MP3: Doppelganger - These New Puritans (YSI)
MP3: Swords of Truth - These New Puritans (YSI)

Just because it's better than anything I've listened to all day long besides The Kinks' There's Too Much On My Mind.. ah, what a good one.. Nick and his Seeds' new single, Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! - Which I'd upload myself, if the cafe's wireless speed was better. Get it at Sixeyes*.

Take care, stay warm;



Blogger Daman said...

Thanks for those TNP songs...so flippin awesome!

10:09 AM


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