14 March 2008

Jesus of the Moon

From the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' album. (their 14th album..) Not as weird as I like to hear Nick and the Seeds, but if Tom Waits can be subtle once in a while, so can Nick. Best song/lyrics/story on the album.. More News From Nowhere? From Dig Lazarus, Dig!!!:

MP3: Jesus Of The Moon - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (YSI)
MP3: Midnight Man - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (YSI)

DJing RUFF CLUB @ The Annex later tonight if you're in New York. Orchard between Stanton & Rivington.




Anonymous rzzn said...

thanks man

10:35 PM

Blogger steven said...

Danzie is the best!! She knows more about music than I could ever dream of.

By the way Danzie, I'm that guy who told you I love your blog and that no one comments but I said I would go comment and here I am finally commenting really late but hey I never said I was going to be a punctual commenter but I've been busy, ok more lazy than busy, but I just want to show you some love for doin what you do so don't stop!

You are the cutest DJ in new york and I like your boyfriends' shirt he always wears at ruff club, at least I think it's your boyfriend

9:07 PM


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