14 March 2008

Morning Sun?

Yes, it's coming up at this very moment, as I sit here idle on ichat, sans sleep, and write about a band called: The Ruby Suns.

So, they hail from New Zealand. Island-inspired psychedelic rock meets cosmic-inspired chaotic niceness. So good! Especially their second album Sea Lion, and especially Morning Sun, particularly because 3:20 in, the first half of the song leaks into the second half, and the second half sounds completely different than the first half. (The same goes for Blue Penguin about 1:45 in, or is that where the song starts?). If you're not into experimental sanctuary-esque chants, or Panda Bear, or anything bizarre and crooning, you probably won't be into The Ruby Suns. But- if you're willing to listen and give them a chance: don't fret and be patient, the muted humming eventually leads into vocals and.. some kind of beat.

MP3: Morning Sun - The Ruby Suns (YSI)
MP3: Blue Penguin - The Ruby Suns (YSI)



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