02 March 2008

point that thing somewhere else

So, The Clean. One of the first influential punk bands to come from New Zealand (1978). If you've ever listened to them you already know that their songs are short but awesome. I usually don't go for the Whirlwind Heat-esque style of making 2-minute-something long songs, and only 2-minute-something long songs. (I'd rather listen to 17 minute long Sister Rays.) However, the 70's garage rock feel totally makes up for the lack of song length. Plus, I love a band with plenty of lo-fi goodness and organs, think Yo La Tengo meets Galaxie 500 and Wire. Their Anthology is huge and came out a few years ago on non other than, Merge.

From the Anthology:

MP3: Beatnik - The Clean (YSI)
MP3: Anything Could Happen - The Clean (YSI)
MP3: Slug Song - The Clean (YSI)
MP3: Point that Thing Somewhere Else - The Clean (YSI)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing, I love this sound.
Thanks Danzie, hope you're good!

5:04 AM

Blogger ellen frances idontlikeit said...

I was given that Noisia remix a few mo ago. I don't commonly listen to a lot of D&B day to day but I put it in a play list on my ipod and its grown on me big time. I like Luca's remix too.. good post - with adding in the Tom Waits and everything. See you soon!

12:08 PM

Anonymous Disco Finger said...

Thanks for this post! i really got in to their sound, somehow i cant really get over the fact that they are from new zeeland, cant say im to familliar with the music scene over there but i reckon its striking how euro they sound. cheers!


11:26 AM

Blogger ellen frances idontlikeit said...

woops i just realized i left that on the wrong post.

2:13 PM


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