03 March 2008

walking spanish

Moby's latest album comes out March 31st (his 9th studio album) It's called Last Night.

Moby says:

"Last Night is basically a love letter to dance music in New York City. What I love about the New York approach to dance music is the eclecticism and the open minded-ness on the part of the musicians, the DJ's, and the people in the bars and clubs. In making Last Night, I essentially tried to take a long 8 hour night out in New York City and condense it into a 65 minute long album."

From Alice (the first single- there are two as of now, this and the second Disco Lies):

MP3: Alice (General Midi Remix) - Moby (YSI)
MP3: Alice (Noisia Remix) - Moby (YSI)

The single also features the Radio edit, Acapella remix, and Drop The Lime Heavy Bass Remix, which Palms Out Sounds posted this past Sunday. HMV / Amazon.

Had to do this:
MP3: Alice - Tom Waits (YSI)
MP3: Poor Edward - Tom Waits (YSI)
MP3: Reeperbahn - Tom Waits (YSI)

From Tom Wait's Alice.


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Blogger SUN said...

Cool! just added the juke box with Alice Moby videos and more in my

7:58 AM

Anonymous 徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..


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