02 April 2008

ou t ther e on the i ce

New Cut Copy album In Ghost Colours comes out the 8th of April, which reminds me of how good a month April is for releases: Les Savy Fav's After the Balls Drop, Shout Out Louds' Impossible EP, Islands' Arm's Way, Tapes 'N Tapes' Walk It Off, The Brian Jonestown Massacre's My Bloody Underground- which I'm really looking forward to, etc.
About Cut Copy's new album: I think In Ghost Colours doesn't surpass Bright Like Neon Love, but is a suitable follow up album. It's lacking a Going Nowhere-type song, an album definer so to speak. I think it's decent though- number one on the Aussie charts right now anyway..

From the album:
MP3: Midnight Runner - Cut Copy (YSI)
MP3: Far Away - Cut Copy (YSI)
MP3: Out There on The Ice - Cut Copy (YSI)

Also- If you enjoyed a band called Black Wire a while back, (who eventually broke up) you might also like Televised Crimewave, the singer and bassist might look a bit familiar..

Some demos:
MP3: Convenient Fiction - Televised Crimewave (YSI)
MP3: Objects of Desire - Televised Crimewave (YSI)


MP3: You Can Have It All - Yo La Tengo (YSI)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

lovely post, i've now got six new songs to listen to!

9:01 PM

Blogger steven said...

Cut Copy is that authentic shit! Great stuff.

And this marks my 2nd comment, so that anonymous guy needs to make some room on here

5:46 PM

Anonymous bruno p said...

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8:31 AM

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