10 August 2008

Then again, there's nothing wrong with remixes

Had a pretty crazy, pretty overwhelming weekend at work (Opening Ceremony). If you know about the store you probably know why.. Came home a few hours ago to a bunch of 12 year olds screaming and running around on the street, must be some kind of holiday.

From Late of the Pier's Fantasy Black Channel.. give it 2 minutes and 25 seconds:
MP3: The Bears Are Coming (Emperor Machine Remix) - Late of the Pier (YSI)

From Bloc Party's Mercury. CSS remix is sweet, Herve kinda choppy:
MP3: Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix) - Bloc Party (YSI)
MP3: Mercury (CSS Remix) - Bloc Party (YSI)

Ratatat's LP3 is great. Enjoy it especially because of Flynn and Mi Viejo in particular, reminds me of being on an island somewhere far, far away from New York.

MP3: Gipsy Threat - Ratatat (YSI)
MP3: Flynn - Ratatat (YSI)

A little something from Eric Prydz & Fred Falke, feelin' the whole 80's intro:
MP3: Pjanoo (Fred Falke Mix) - Eric Prydz (YSI)

Extra- from Erlend Oye's DJ Kicks.

MP3: Rubicon - Alan Braxe & Fred Falke (YSI)



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