06 August 2008

Why are all the most popular tracks on the hype machine remixes?

From 1969's Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere. I think of Neil Young as a more emotional Bob Dylan, who probably smoked less cigarettes. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere- My favorite album of his. (2nd Studio album):

MP3: Down By The River - Neil Young & Crazy Horse (YSI)
MP3: Round And Round (It Won't Be Long) - Neil Young & Crazy Horse (YSI)
MP3: Cinnimon Girl - Neil Young & Crazy Horse (YSI)

It's too sunny and hot to spend any time walking around, need something to do that takes up a lot of time, like uploading. So, here's a nice mini Sonic Youth discog compilation. If you don't have an idea of what every Sonic Youth album sort of sounds like, here's your chance. Just an easy click on the links below. Get all of the albums at Amazon.

My favorite Sonic Youth albums were all released in the mid 90's. Solid tracks, somewhat traditional style, a bit of a chorus or returning melody. Their early stuff was too weird and experimental for my taste (maybe Sister and Daydream Nation holding some exceptions). The early stuff wasn't hard to listen to or anything- I just prefer Washing Machine to Bad Moon Rising. Anyway, not great at explaining, here it is:

In order of my favorites- not chronological.

1998 A Thousand Leaves
MP3: Sunday - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1995 Washing Machine:
MP3: Unwind - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1988 Daydream Nation:
MP3: Teenage Riot - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1987 Sister:
MP3: Beauty Lies In The Eye - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1986 Evol:
MP3: Star Power - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1990 Goo:
MP3: Tunic (Song For Karen) - Sonic Youth (YSI)

2000 NYC Ghosts & Flowers
MP3: NYC Ghosts & Flowers - Sonic Youth (YSI)

2002 Murray Street:
MP3: Rain On Tin - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1992 Dirty:
MP3: Chapel Hill - Sonic Youth (YSI)

2004 Sonic Nurse:
MP3: Dripping Dream - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1994 Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star (not one of my favorite albums..):
MP3: Self-Obsessed And Sexxee - Sonic Youth (YSI)

1985 Bad Moon Rising (eh):
MP3: Halloween - Sonic Youth (YSI)

Left out 1983's Confusion is Sex because I don't like it much, and their latest because I think I've already posted about it..

Something extra.
From the Dirty Boots EP:
MP3: The Bedroom - Sonic Youth (YSI)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that the most popular tracks list is comprised of 99% remixes with some regularity IS strange. Are there really that many eagerly waiting Ratatat fans? Honestly?

3:26 PM

Anonymous Neil Cake said...

I don't know. I find remixes incredibly uninteresting. Maybe they are so popular because they take all the diverse genres and styles and convert them into one style - that way people who like that style will like pretty much any remix, but wouldn't bother listening to all the different types of music that "inspired" them.

I put "inspired" in speech marks because I'm trying to say something abstract and general about the creative worth of remixes. I would prefer to listen to the original track any day.

4:31 AM


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