30 September 2008

It's called love

Before I go on another month long blog seclusion, here's some Thieves Like Us and some New Order, and Thieves Like Us by New Order.

MP3: Theives Like Us - New Order (YSI)

Play Music For You :
MP3: Headlong Into Night - Thieves Like Us (YSI)
MP3: Love Lets Down - Thieves Like Us (YSI)
MP3: Sugar & Song - Thieves Like Us (YSI)

Wait, litte extra:
MP3: Blue Monday - New Order (YSI)
MP3: Ceremony - New Order (YSI)

Here's something a bit softer and acoustic and a bit random for this particular post, from Annuals Wet Zoo EP, released this past April.

MP3: Just Stay In - Annuals (YSI)


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