28 October 2008

A bit ridiculous.

Not quite sure if this has ever been done before. Also- not quite sure whether or not anyone has ever wanted it to be done before.. .

The following are from some of my favorite (and least favorite) parts in the first three films- including the Cantina scene (yes!). The scores were composed by John Williams. Buy the soundtracks from Amazon. Enjoy.

Episode IV: A New Hope:
MP3: Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Imperial Attack - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Cantina Band - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
MP3: The Asteroid Field - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Lando's Palace - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Carbon Freeze/Darth Vader's Trap/Departure of Boba Fett - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
MP3: The Droids Are Captured - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Parade Of The Ewoks - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI
MP3: The Battle Of Endor III (Superstructure Chase & Darth Vader's Death & The Main Reactor) - London Symphony Orchestra (YSi)





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