20 October 2008


A little something from this band called Wavves out in California. Kind of ran into them on myspace randomly, the influences on on their page kind of describe them perfectly. They're like.. a beach-y Lightning Bolt meets Sonic Youth and Spacemen 3. Distorted pulsating rock.

MP3: Vermin - Wavves (YSI)
MP3: The Boys Will Love Us - Wavves (YSI)

Here's something completely opposite of Wavves that my roommate left on my computer. From Nico's 1967 release Chelsea Girl.

MP3: The Fairest Of The Seasons - Nico (YSI)
MP3: I'll Keep It With Mine - Nico (YSI)

Now, off to enjoy what's left of today. And hey, found my charger.


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