28 October 2008

Here Come the Rubber Cops

Firstly and foremost, here's a little something from the new Sexual Objects (Dave Henderson from the Fire Engines) 7", which was produced by Boards of Canada. Love the track below. If The Strokes ever covered Kiss Me, this is what it might faintly sound like. A genuine feel good song. Buy the 7" here.

From the 7":
MP3: Here Come the Rubber Cops - The Sexual Objects (YSI)

Upon first listen, you might expect The Fireman to be some kind of weird new indie band from California or New Zealand. You might give them a few plays or more, not really anticipating all that much because after all, you hear an excess of indie bands nowadays, it's difficult to give every new band an actual shot. You might even ponder quietly to yourself "They sound a bit like Radiohead mixed with The Beatles...".

The thing is, what's behind The Fireman IS Paul McCartney. Yes! (and Youth). The album Electric Arguments flaunts Paul's more experimental and serious side, that most people (including myself) are somewhat oblivious to. The Fireman have had two albums prior to Electric Arguments, I suggest you give them a listen as well. That Paul. He just keeps 'em coming. Pre-order @ Amazon.

From Electric Arguments:
MP3: Dance 'Till We're High - The Fireman (YSI)
MP3: Two Magpies - The Fireman (YSI)

Off to play Wii and watch movies.
Rainy days are my favorite.

MP3: It's Rainy - The's (YSI)


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