17 October 2008

Love Can Be So Mean

YES! Sebastian Grainger's new album Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains comes out the 21st. It's so great that I truly feel obliged to blog about it. Like DFA1979, kind of, but fuzzier, lighter and with guitars.. makes you feel good. The vocals are the best part of everything though, which you already knew would be. A solid, very solid album. Every single song I like and wish I could post. Pick it up when it comes out or pre-order it from amazon.

MP3: I Hate My Friends - Sebastien Grainger (YSI)
MP3: American Names - Sebastien Grainger (YSI)
MP3: Meet New Friends - Sebastien Grainger (YSI)

Zshare isn't working yet.. I should probably start hosting the mp3's anyway. We'll see..

Bonus. The guitars kind of sound like the guitars in I Hate My Friends a little in the beginning.
MP3: Severed Lips - Dinosaur Jr. (YSI)




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love love love it.

5:54 PM


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