21 November 2008

Every once in a while, you have to touch mainstream.

At least Day & Age is better than Sam's Town.

From Day & Age:
MP3: A Dustland Fairytale - The Killers (YSI)
MP3: This Is Your Life - The Killers (YSI)

Anathallo's Canopy Glow came out the 18th. Like it, although it's a bit waning. A nice array of instruments and vocals nonetheless.. something to be interested in..

From Canopy Glow:
MP3: Sleeping Torpor - Anathallo (YSI)

Zomby's album Where Were You in '92? is for everyone still preoccupied with 90's samples. Where was I in '92? I was three years old then.

MP3: Hench - Zomby (YSI)

Off to finish A Brief History of Time. Quite the read..

Ruff Club is tonight,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, this is great

4:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, i drop by here at least every month to check out new music. its really great. thanks!
now i got a tip for you. the swedish indie band, marching band. they are really great, you should check them out.

3:55 AM

Blogger DJ Justin Johnson said...

Where was I in '92? I was fucking RAVING hard in San Francisco. This album brings back soooo many memories. Thanks for posting. :)

1:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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