29 August 2007

Catching Up

Nice that the Justice track went over relatively well.. Yelle's Pop-Up comes out September 3rd. Even if you aren't French, nor understand a word of French, even if you hate 80s homage entirely, EVEN if you can't stand the idea of hearing a french-american-80s-pop inspired integration, I would still, even then, recommend listening to the album in it's entirety before you go off judging it and calling it bad names. Give it a chance. I did.

MP3: Les Femmes - Yelle (YSI)
MP3: 85A - Yelle (YSI)

Other than jamming out to/trying to understand Yelle's new album, however, I've been busy getting overly excited for Radiohead's new album/ep/whatever it's going to be that's due out sometime in 08. Rather than celebrating by putting up yet MORE Radiohead tracks, I've decided to post a few live recordings from Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood. Intricate songs like Lucky and Knives Out sound amazing sans all of the extra production. Enjoy the Mp3's, savor them, take them in and give them their own playlist on iTunes.

MP3: Lucky (9/29/03) - Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood (YSI)
MP3: Knives Out (9/29/03) - Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood (YSI)

A couple more things. One is that These New Puritans are awesome. If you've got the time (I understand you want to give the Yorke & Greenwood tracks your absolute attention, be patient) You can watch them on a new episode of Practice Space on VBS. You can also go their myspace page, and listen to them even more. And then, when you're finished with all of that you can download these:

MP3: En Papier - These New Puritans (YSI)
MP3: C16th - These New Puritans (YSI)

I'm DJing this Friday @ The Annex. So is Jake. I'll be playing awesome stuff. Like maybe:

MP3: Legal Tender - The B-52's (YSI)
MP3: One Hundred Years - Nancy Sinatra (YSI)

Ehh, maybe not. I know for sure that I'm playing a Clor Love + Pain b-side that I just recently found purely on accident. So, so good.


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Blogger i am said...

Hey! look what i've just found in the network http://www.scanmessenger.com to find out who deleted you from MSN without noticing it.

7:46 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

those programs are creepy...and yr creepy for wanting it...and being deleted must be a continuous problem for you....

anyway...all i wanted to say is that Yelle would be THE SHIT if everything sounded like that Sta remix of "A Cause Des Garcons"

"Je Veux Te Voir" was ill too, I suppose..

9:46 AM

Blogger Doyle said...


To Anonymous... where are the links to...THE SHIT?

And to the Radiohead part of the post, I looked back to the link of your mix, is it a mix mix or just the playlist of tracks? I've got a copy of all the individual tracks...awesome, but if you've mixed them in together it would be interesting to here. Just wanted to know before i used my bandwith.

Cheers, from Australia,

5:50 AM

Anonymous Danz said...

I put all the tracks in a .zip file a while back, uploaded it to zshare. Don't think you'll have to worry about your bandwidth as the zshare 'mix' link is down! too many downloads.. or not any in a while. A Radiohead mix mix in the near future.. maybe.

8:00 AM

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