11 March 2008

Cold Hard Times

Just got home from seeing Chicago 10, which was pretty good, apart from the severe and somewhat annoying animation. Otherwise the documentary had some pretty cool archival footage from the anti-war protests of the 1968 democratic convention.. with Alan Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, bunch of other hippies.

Random bit of Abbie Hoffman history:
At Woodstock in 1969, Hoffman interrupted The Who's performance to attempt a protest speech against the jailing of John Sinclair of the White Panther Party. He grabbed a microphone and yelled, "I think this is a pile of shit! While John Sinclair rots in prison. . ." The Who's guitarist, Pete Townshend, unhappy with the interruption, cut Hoffman off mid-sentence, shouting, "Fuck off! Fuck off my fucking stage!" He then struck Hoffman with his guitar, sending the interloper tumbling offstage, to the approving roar of the crowd.

There's actually a clip of the incident included on The Who's 30 Years of Maximum R&B box set. Kind of funny:
MP3: Abbie Hoffman Incident - The Who (YSI)

So anyway, new Duke Spirit album? not half bad, literally- about half the songs I actually like. For some reason I always have second thoughts when listening to a band led mainly by a girl vocalist, probably because all of my favorite vocal artists are all essentailly boys (Davies, Dylan, Drake, Cohen, Hazlewood, Moore, etc, etc) Not that it matters, because the vocals consummately fit the sound. Indie-power-pop is what it is, I'll take it- half of it at least.

From their February 2008 release, Neptune:
MP3: Sovereign - The Duke Spirit (YSI)
MP3: The Step And The Walk - The Duke Spirit (YSI)
MP3: Into The Fold - The Duke Spirit (YSI)

Speaking of Lee, from 1970's Cowboy in Sweden:
MP3: Cold Hard Times - Lee Hazlewood (YSI)
MP3: Leather & Lace - Lee Hazlewood (YSI)

As for something else new, Foals new album Antidotes comes out April 1st. I won't exactly say I'm let down, however I've heard most of the songs prior to, perhaps a bit lacking of new material? Bonus Disc doesn't really include much of anything new either, although I will say I enjoy the live recordings from Liars Club (even though they were recorded more than a year ago). Buy the 30 dollar import from Amazon. From the upcoming:

MP3: Big Big Love (Fig.2) - Foals (YSI)
MP3: Electric Bloom - Foals (YSI)

From the bonus disc:
MP3: XXXXXX (Live at Liars Club, Nottingham, Feb 10th 2007) - Foals (YSI)

Alright, that's it, later.
Cool that people are finally paying attention to MGMT? Where was everyone 5 months ago?!?!



Blogger Phil said...

yeah electric bloom is great! My mate has remixed it though, have a listen! It's genuinely good.


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