16 December 2008

Mewzick's 2008 Gift Guide & E-Mix

Yes, I believe it is time for this:

1. Can I Interest You In Hannukah? - Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart (YSI)
2. Last Christmas - Wham! (YSI)
3. Winter Wonderland - Perry Como (YSI)
4. Merry Christmas, Baby - Otis Redding (YSI)
5. Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys (YSI)
6. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) - John Lennon (YSI)
7. Christmas In New Orleans - Louis Armstrong (YSI)
8. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Dean Martin (YSI)
9. Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time - Paul McCartney (YSI)
10. Christmas Dreaming- Frank Sinatra (YSI)

So, this year for Christmas I asked for the Wiikey 2 and this coat. I'm almost positive I won't get the coat, so I'm hoping for the Wiikey. This, my friends, is Mewzick's 2008 semi-music-related gift guide. Click on the links to direct you to buy the items.

#10: The Flaming Lips' Christmas on Mars. Like A Space Odyssey, but by The Flaming Lips. Includes the movie and soundtrack. About $20.

From the soundtrack:
MP3: The Distance Between Mars And The Earth-Part Two - The Flaming Lips (YSI)

#9. The Wowee Rovio. Be in another room, never moving a leg muscle. Spy on people. About $300.

#8. Bob Dylan - S/T (Extremely rare 1962 US original STEREO issue 12-track LP) I own this, in an extremely parallel universe. HIs first record. About $1,482.55.

#7. Super Mario Galaxy. If your friend has a Wii and doesn't have this game, then this is most definitely what you should get them. If you receive Christmas money and have a Wii, then this is most definitely what you should get yourself. I had my doubts when I started playing, until I got 120 stars only to find that I could now use Luigi as a fully functional character (something that Super Mario 64 lacked) About $50.

#6. The Indy hat from Pendleton, in brown. Be Harrison. About $52.

#5 Limited Edition: Factory Records: Communications 1978-1992 Box Set For someone who plays True Faith, over and over and over again. About $66.

#4 KP3 Touchpad Dynamic Effect Sampler
This is (or looks like it might just be) the coolest way to use effects touchpad style. About $400.

#3 Collector's Movie Sets, Documentaries, or Classics. Listed below are ten ideas:

1. Blade Runner (Limited Edition Collector's Set) One of my favorite movies of all time. $30-$80.
2. Stanley Kubrick Collection, which includes: (2001: A Space Odyssey / Dr. Strangelove / A Clockwork Orange / The Shining / Lolita / Barry Lyndon / Full Metal Jacket / Eyes Wide Shut) Perfect movie box set, and surprisingly cheap. $60.
3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Criterion Collection About $30.
4. The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter. A very very good documentary on the Stones' legendary performance at The Altamont Speedway. About $25.
5. DiG! If you read my blog regularly, or at all, you know why I've listed this. $23.
6. Nosferatu (1929) An old scary silent movie with weird, semi-upbeat symphonic music. $7.
7. James Bond Collection 20 Disc Box Set If you live in the US, this is roughly $304.
8. All Four Lost Seasons. Season 1. Season 2. Season 3. Season 4. For someone who needs to catch up before January 21st. Works out to be about $180.
9. The Office Seasons 1-4. An easy gift. About $95.
10. One Million Years B.C. and Barbarella. 70's Raquel Welch and Jane Fonda. Buy both for $14, or either one for $7.

#2. In Rainbows Box Set
Nothing shows how much you care like giving that special/lucky someone a limited edition Radiohead boxset. The link above directs to Ebay. Good luck. (and if you want to get me the boxset, just let me know) About $200 to $300.


#1: A Carbon Chassis Velocipede. Because if you can, you should. About $14,000.

And there it is.
It's snowing in Brooklyn.
Happy Holidays.