20 April 2008

And so

The benefit party begins..

at 10 tonight.

Too bad I don't have any mp3's for the hype machine to catch and re-direct me some readers... damnit!

See you there?



13 April 2008

blue sunday

My laptop has disappeared into the dark, oversized, New York metropolis (more specifically, the Lower East Side).

It's a black 13" Macbook.
It has a huge "Technics" sticker. A few "The Films" stickers, a few "The Cribs" stickers, a Guitar Hero sticker, and my blog written on it, with stickers..

Or, you can just be a good person and return it and not expect me to pay you. In that case maybe I'll buy you a few drinks...

Send info here:

For Mewzick readers:
Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you want to help, tell your friends about my craigslist ad:

Sellin' the turntables

Yours truly,

02 April 2008

ou t ther e on the i ce

New Cut Copy album In Ghost Colours comes out the 8th of April, which reminds me of how good a month April is for releases: Les Savy Fav's After the Balls Drop, Shout Out Louds' Impossible EP, Islands' Arm's Way, Tapes 'N Tapes' Walk It Off, The Brian Jonestown Massacre's My Bloody Underground- which I'm really looking forward to, etc.
About Cut Copy's new album: I think In Ghost Colours doesn't surpass Bright Like Neon Love, but is a suitable follow up album. It's lacking a Going Nowhere-type song, an album definer so to speak. I think it's decent though- number one on the Aussie charts right now anyway..

From the album:
MP3: Midnight Runner - Cut Copy (YSI)
MP3: Far Away - Cut Copy (YSI)
MP3: Out There on The Ice - Cut Copy (YSI)

Also- If you enjoyed a band called Black Wire a while back, (who eventually broke up) you might also like Televised Crimewave, the singer and bassist might look a bit familiar..

Some demos:
MP3: Convenient Fiction - Televised Crimewave (YSI)
MP3: Objects of Desire - Televised Crimewave (YSI)


MP3: You Can Have It All - Yo La Tengo (YSI)