28 February 2007

If only everyone made perfect music.

But then, there wouldn't be music blogs. This track came out February 19th on Hope Recordings. If you're unfamiliar with Hope Recordings Nick Warren is in control of Hope's A&R.. and if you're unfamilair with Nick Warren, you might know him from his DJ/Producer fame.. or from his Way Out West fame. So, then, who is Shiloh? Other than having an unappealing album cover, they are two Canadian brothers, signed to both Baroque and Hope, who make elaborate progressive dance music.. and upon hearing Cafe Del Mariachi, apparently wonderful basslines too. Get it @ Juno.. when it comes back in stock..

MP3: My apologies to Hope Recordings, who requested Cafe Del Mariachi (Nick Warren Mix) to be removed.

I was utterly pissed yesterday when I wrote a whole post on Dr. Dog's new album We All Belong then deleted it on accident. If I can remember what I said correctly, and I probably won't because my memory is far from good, I'd like to quote myself. I said that the album was amazing, was exceptional, I said that the lyrics were familiar, whilst the melodies had more than the average chance of getting stuck in your head. I said that the weighty reverbs went perfectly with the style that the songs address. And I also said that if there was a We All Belong Club for the We All Belong album, I would belong to that club. The Kinks meet The Beach Boys meet The Zombies meet The Shins meet the.. etc.

from We All Belong out on Park The Van:
MP3: Ain't It Strange - Dr. Dog
MP3: Die Die Die - Dr. Dog

Also! Kavinsky has a new EP out on Record Makers titled 1986. The 1986 I have at present is encrypted. (this is what happens when you settle for itunes.. unfortunately..) But! what I can give you encryption-free is this song that you probably already have:

MP3: Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix) - Kavinsky

and my two personal favorites from his Teddy Boy EP:
MP3: Arpanet Nightdrive (rework) - Kavinsky
MP3: Mr Oizo Autodrive T42 - Kavinsky

hope all's well.

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26 February 2007

This is a lucky post..

Seven already! That means well over 20-something e-mix tapes have been put up for your listening pleasure! I'm in an electric sort of mood this week. Semi anyway, I did go through a Nick Drake phase yesterday evening, but I always go through musical phases (as you might already tell by the genre-jumping). Beethoven was actually fourth on my last.fm this week. I'm not lying. Ludwig helps me sleep.

The songs aren't in a zip file, and the mixes probably won't be for now on (this way I can take down a track if need be, plus the Leni track took up like 13 MB's worth of space.. pfffshh, like I was going to zip that) You can sort of sift through them. Trust me, they're all good though. I'd never give you anything bad or worth sifting over.

Elec #7:
No More Conversations (Subliminal Kid Remix) - Freeform Five
Leni (Caucasian Dub Disco Mix) - GoodBooks
Something Good - Van She Tech vs Utah Saints
Alice Practice - Crystal Castles
Love Ya (Herve Remix) - Unklejam
It's Magnetic (Luke Smith/Clor Remix) - Assembly Now
Let Me Dance (Sebo K Remix) - Martin Landsky
Nice Bird - Les Petits Pilous
Reply (Phage and Daniel Dreier Remix) - 3 Channels
Return of Zombie Bikers (Hrdvision remix) - Midnight Operator

Teens seem to be who everyone's depending on these days. For trends, for inspiration, for remixes..
Anyway a wonderful wonderful set of teens from London, Xerox Teens, have gotten these two songs permanently stuck in my head.

MP3: Ba (Ba-Ba Ba) - Xerox Teens
MP3: Darlin' - Xerox Teens

ba ba ba ba.. ba-ba ba...


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25 February 2007

A proclamation of love.

I love that Sneaky Sound System love's it, and I love that they've created many meanings for the word it. I love that Bag Raiders and Riot in Belgium love Sneaky Sound System's I love It enough to remix it, because the original is one of those songs better remixed. It's a song made perfectly for hedonistic parties, and for making girls and boys with bright outfits dance and mingle endearingly. The best part about the I Love It CD single though, is that it's out on WHACK records. The Whack as in, "that's whack" "the color of your jacket is whack" "I don't like you because you are whack", whack? That can't be possible. I wonder if the record label was titled WHACK for the purpose of reverse psychology. You know, like if I tell you not to go here.

MP3: I Love It (Bag Raiders Remix) - Sneaky Sound System
MP3: I Love It (Riot In Belgium Forest Rave Mix) - Sneaky Sound System


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It's my last day

Working at the pizza shop I've been working at for two years. A sad occasion, as now I won't be able to have my customary free pizza leaving and going home each Sunday night after working.. Which is a good thing, calorie wise. I'll be working at a clothing store now. I've come to notice that they really are the coolest places to be seen working in. Besides Hooters, of course. Or Burger King- clothing stores are a close third in line. I'll be getting discounts well over 10 percent. (whether that beats free pizza or not, I'm rather unsure.) This probably means more hours folding clothes and appeasing customers and less hours spent blogging and appeasing you. Although, I could be lying again..

(chi caaa chi caa go..) ONE by producer, DJ, and label (Systematic) owner Marc Romboy, and TWO by Tuomas Salmela aka Phonogenic. Both fresh sounding, cool sounding, tech-y and both excellent remixes of an already excellent track by the two talented Mazi (Gourmet) & Duriez (Brigue Rouge). Buy it @ Phonica.

MP3:Wake Up Call (Marc Romboy Remix) Mazi & Duriez
MP3: Wake Up Call (Phonogenic Remix) - Mazi & Duriez

Just because my blog is all about variety, and I'm very varied with the variety of music I Iisten to. Also, because Mazi sounds like Mazzy. I like relating things in this way.
From Mazzy Star's 1991 Album, She Hangs Brightly. I was two years old then, I remember quite accurately how intense the album was as a tot. I'm kidding..

(is it possible Grizzly Bear used the same house for their album cover?! a mystery.. I think the railings are different.)

MP3: Halah - Mazzy Star
MP3: Before I Sleep - Mazzy Star


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23 February 2007

Only 2 more months.

Until Blonde Redhead's new album 23 comes out April 10th on 4AD. The amiable semi-veterans aren't done yet... then again, a band retiring after six albums is far from a reality. 23 sounds like it will be satisfying. I mean, I've only heard one song thus far, and predicting anything definite would be a ridiculous thing for me to do. Though if the additional songs on the upcoming album are comparable with their first single, '23', expect less Sonic Youth-esque sounds, and more Mazzy Star/Mono-esque sounds, a lot like their 2004 album, Misery is a Butterfly. Of course, as I said, only if the songs sound anything like this..

MP3: '23' - Blonde Redhead

here's bringing it back a few years.. (10, actually) to Fake Can Be Just as Good:

MP3: Symphony of Treble - Blonde Redhead

So, what do you get when you alter something minimal and make it sound unique, just a bit brazen, and delightfully gritty? You would get Audiofly's remix of Claude Vonstroke's The Whistler. Liking the remix seems so effortless. It's too simple to dislike. Get it @ Go Deeva Records.

MP3:The Whistler (Audiofly Remix) - Claude VonStroke

And last but not least, another pleasing-pleasurable-uncluttered-minimalistic-effortless-to-listen-to-track, here is Heartthrob's Baby Kate nicely remixed by Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman. Out March 7th on M_NUS.

MP3: Baby Kate (Plastikman Remix) - Heartthrob


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22 February 2007

Say whaaa

New UNKLE, maybe? Well, not quite yet. Expect their upcoming album War Stories out sometime later this year (I heard Fall), but until then.. you can purchase Self Defence: Never, Never, Land Reconstructed and Bonus Beats which has a pretty impressive tracklisting here.

from the 10" promo Slam vs UNKLE - Narco Tourists:
MP3:Narco Tourists (Slam Album Mix) - Slam vs UNKLE
MP3: Narco Tourists (UNKLE V.I.P. Mix) - Slam vs UNKLE

this track, from the forthcoming album features Ian Astbury of The Cult. So purchase it on War Stories, when it does come out. Whenever that is.
MP3: Burn My Shadow (Junkie XL 12" Remix) - UNKLE


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10 songs that I like very much.

They're the kind of songs made to listen to on repeat and put on driving playlists. I apoligize in advance if I've posted them already.. I do like them, very much.

Redwings - Guillemots
Through The Window Pane
To Jackson - The Cribs
Hey Scenesters! CDS
Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
Something Else by The Kinks
Lofty Skies - T.Rex
A Beard of Stars
Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground
Mary Please - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective
The Stars Of Track And Field - Belle & Sebastian
If You're Feeling Sinister
Place To Be - Nick Drake
Pink Moon
Gifted - Clor
Snare Girl - Sonic Youth
A Thousand Leaves

I told you this year would be a 90's throwback year! Stop waiting for Shellac's album to drop and convert your attention toThe Sea and the Cake, who release their 7th album Everybody May 8th. It's 1997 meets 2007. It's crafty and new. It's usual and traditional. You'd have to expect some type of rooted tradition already though, the boys (men actually) have been together for nearly 15 years. Pick Everybody up May 8th when it hits shelves.

Off of Everybody:
MP3:Coconut - The Sea and the Cake
MP3: Lightning - The Sea and the Cake



21 February 2007

I lied..

I'm not that busy. Thomas Koch is though, being DJ T. If you're lacking nice subtle electro in your music collection, or lacking something new and inspiring in your music collection, these remixes might just fill that niche. If the remixes don't fill your subtle electro niche, maybe they'll fill another niche, and I'm all about filling niches. Pick up the Lucky Bastard EP when it comes out the 26th here.

MP3: Lucky Bastard (Disaster Dub Mix) - DJ T
MP3: Lucky Bastard (Prosumer Remix) - DJ T



20 February 2007

I hate work.

And college applications. And everything work and college application related. At least sleep was invented so I can occasionally get away from both. I'll be pretty busy for the next few days. Since I'm overwhelmed with academics, here's some Hella. (get it?... academics...math rock..)

MP3: Madonna Approaches R&B Blonde Wreckages - Hella
MP3: Hand That Rocks The Cradle - Hella

take care til Thursday.



19 February 2007

It's my birthday.

Well, in a few hours. I'll be 18. I don't feel like I'm going to be 18. I hardly feel 17; though I'm sure that will all change once I buy my first legal lottery ticket, because I do try to buy them illegally quite often..

Here is a mix which I'm hoping ENVRNMNTL will eventually fuse together and make cooler. If they do, I'll post it. If they don't, then I won't post it because it won't exist. Either way I still like them.

'Electric Mix 6' Tracklisting:

Slammin' (Axwell Remix) - Eric Prydz
Listen Man - The Bulgarian
Limousine - Vicarious Bliss
Shorts and Heels - Lazaro Casanova
Da Hype (feat. Robert Smith) - Junior Jack
Nazis (Justice Remix) - Mr. Oizo
Girls In Hats (Kissy Sell Out Mix) - The Loose Cannons
Drumtrax - Joakim
The Magnificent Romeo (Basement Jaxx vs The Clash) - Soulwax
Radio Fireworks (Riot In Belgium Remix) - Surkin

one last thing: http://catsinurstuffdoingthings.ytmnd.com/.


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18 February 2007

Ah, Ponys and Teenagers

A lovely combination. So, I gave you the Phones edit of 'The Bomb' by the New Young Pony Club, but what I didn't give you was the original or the new Teenager's remix. I like the Phones edit better than both. You decide.

MP3: The Bomb - New Young Pony Club
MP3: The Bomb (The Teenagers Crush LOU Remix) - New Young Pony Club

Just because I like The Teenagers... and Scanners, a little.

MP3: Lowlife (The Teenagers Remix) - Scanners


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16 February 2007

Oh My,

Recall a few posts down when I told you about being the 11th person to listen to Guitar Wolf's new album on Last.fm? (well, almost new) You'll be thrilled for me even more when I tell you that I am the 1st person to listen to Frog Eyes' 4th LP Tears of the Valedictorian as well!! I don't mean to boast, but finding new albums, getting new albums, and listening to these new albums before everyone else does (everyone else, meaning the Last.fm population..it's really the only way I can gage myself. That, and what's on the Hype Machine) is a big thing for me. If you're unfamiliar with Frog Eyes, it should be obvious already that they're a curiously different band. (I mean, come on, like Frog Eyes is a normal name..) As far as their music goes, Tears of the Valedictorian is very experimental and folk rock, and doesn't define the band as an amazing band but defines what an experimental band should and does sound like. If you're into Swan Lake you might like Frog Eyes, Carey Mercer's in both. Pre-order Tears of the Valedictorian @ Absolutey Kosher, out May 1st.

MP3: Idle Songs - Frog Eyes
MP3: The Policy Merchant, the Silver Bay - Frog Eyes
MP3: "Stockades" - Frog Eyes


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15 February 2007

Hello Mom!

No, I'm not givng a random shout out to my mother, even though she might feel cool if I did that. Hello Mom is the name of Modeselektor's album that came out two years ago. I'm not going to cover up the fact that I'm just getting into it now, because then I'd be lying to you and if I did that, what would be left of my honesty? Nothing. Then my blog would become useless if you discovered all I was doing was lying to you. You might not look at it anymore, and I'd be very, very upset... anyway, it's a very good album and I truly am ashamed it's been on my itunes so long sans listening. It's one of those albums where everything is varied yet fits together. I suggest if you don't have the album, to get it, and if you don't feel like getting it, to download these MP3's anyway so you can at least say that you attempted to do something today.

I see they're taking tips from P.Diddy as well..

MP3: Vote or Die - Modeselektor
MP3: Kill Bill Vol. 4 - Modeselektor

If you want something not from 2005, datA just released this remix (thanks to Floukids):

MP3: J'aime pas l'art remix - datA

buy their album with J'aime pas l'art here.


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While Obama tries to quit smoking..

I'm busy listening to Guitar Wolf, and loving that I'm only the 12th person on last.fm to listen to Dead Rock. Somewhat a defining moment as a fan.

MP3: Asian Explosion - Guitar Wolf
MP3: Dead Rock - Guitar Wolf



14 February 2007

It'sa snowin'

Very hard. I mean, my car is buried beneath a blanket of snow well over 2 feet. I'm not at my house (and won't be until I dig my car out... which won't be for a while) But! Thankfully, I uploaded this yesterday. I wrote this entire post yesterday.. just added the part about it snowing. So instead of building a snowman, download this elaborate mix of new Dr. Dog, new Guitar Wolf, new Dinosaur Jr., and an impressive Bedouin Soundclash cover.

'Mix 15' Tracklisting:
La Russe - Malajube
We All Belong - Dr.Dog (off of We All Belong out Feb 27th)
Rose - Menomena
Wild Bikini Girl - Guitar Wolf
John Brown - The Papercuts
When The Night Feels My Song (Bedouin Soundclash Cover) - Jamie T
Friend of the Night - Mogwai
Dismissed - Uffie
Dancing - David Bowie & Mick Jagger
Who Cares What The Question Is? - The Bees
Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs - The Cramps
I Wanna - The Video Nasties
Crumble - Dinosaur Jr. (off of Beyond, out May 1st... May 1st?!)



13 February 2007

Valentine Addition

No actually, there's nothing Valentine about it. This mix is just like every other mix that I've posted, only I photoshopped a cool picture for it.

'Electric Mix #5' Tracklisting:

Fersengeld - Housemeister
Testarossa Autodrive (SebastiAn Remix) - Kavinsky
How Not To Be A Biscuit (Original Mix) - Ost & Kjex
You've Got The Time - Kaos
Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover) - Glass Candy
Worry About It Later (Switch Remix) - The Futureheads
The Bomb (Phones Edit) - New Young Pony Club* (new, and quite nice)
I Got So Much Love To Give - Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon
In the City - Chromatics
Diamonds In The Sky (Emperor Machine Dub Mix) - Husky Rescue

Happy V-Day.


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12 February 2007

Prove Yourself

There aren't many bands that have many albums that I like equally. Radiohead, an exception though. I was making up playlists from random bands' discographies when I realized how hard it is. I ended up making a Radiohead Mix, because that was wonderfully easy, aside from making a Beatles playlist, probably easiest. Besides a few, all of the songs are basically b-sides, the ones that aren't, well.. they're just as cool anyway.


Dollars And Cents Amnesiac
Bishop's Robes Street Spirit (Fade Out) (CD1)
I Am Citizen Insane Go To Sleep (CD1)
A Reminder No Surprises/Running From Demons [EP]
Morning Bell Kid A
2+2=5 2+2=5 (CD1)
Gagging Order Com Lag (With 6 Bonus Tracks)
The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy Pyramid Song (CD1)
There There Hail to the Thief
Pearly* Paranoid Android (CD1)
Banana Co. Itch
Fog Knives Out (CD1)
India Rubber Just For College (CDS)
Thinking About You Pablo Honey
How Can You Be Sure? Fake Plastic Trees
Punchdrunklovesick Singalong My Iron Lung (CD1)
Polyethylene (Parts 1&2) Airbag/How Am I Driving? [EP]

And these, just because:
MP3: We Suck Young Blood (Solcofn Mix) - Radiohead
MP3: Missing Links (Feat. Radiohead) - Plan B



Ten New Messages

Ten New Messages might be older news (I mean.. the albums not even out yet.. leave it to the internet to ruin releases), but I just had my first listen to the new Rakes album in its entirety yesterday. I'd claim that it's a relatively standard follow up album for a band like The Rakes- not incredible, but not disappointing, not great, or lack there of. Not very interesting either, but rather something you'd almost expect from them. Of course, The Rakes couldn't let you down; they're still catchy as ever, the songs are still bright and spirited, they still make you want to throw on a business suit and perform a savory presentation of odd dance moves in an office full of hot secretaries. Regardless of what dance the songs make you want to do, what you should do is listen to the songs I present you with, and then pre-order the album here when you're finished. Perhaps even visit Lazaro's blog and read about how The Rakes do Tom Cruise being a baby. (being, Anonymous, not "making", I never wrote making. moron.)

MP3: Little Superstitions - The Rakes
MP3: Leave The City And Come Home - The Rakes



10 February 2007


Goose are a four-piece from Belgium brilliantly named after Maverick(Tom Cruise)'s wing man in Top Gun, though don't let the name fool you. Goose create good electronic rock fused with funk that will surely make you dance, even if you're not in a dancing mood, and even if you hated Top Gun. I'm willing to bet their bandwagon will be jumped on soon. Their debut album 'Bring It On' was released on Skint (home to Midfield General and Fatboy Slim) a few days ago. Oh, and they are unquestionably bringing it on... assuming it is good dance music.

MP3: British Mode (Jester Mix) - Goose

MP3: Bring It On (Tronik Youth Re-Edit) - Goose


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09 February 2007

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club

The name should automatically promote the idea of excellence and obscene notions. The Victorian English Gentlemens Club have it. They're fashionable, post-punk, and apparently very arty. I mean, they'd have to be; all three members graduated from art school. They're like Franz Ferdinand's distorted replica, belting out that certain lo-fi staggered goodness that made Alex Kap. and his boys so famous. I'm very into Ban The Gin on their myspace. G-go listen.

MP3: A Hundred Years Of The Street - The Victorian English Gentlemens Club



08 February 2007

Bringing it b-b-back

I promise, this is the last post t-t-that I do t-t-this.
What a lovely month for releases. Actually, what lovely month(s) for releases. Especially for bands that were cool 10+ years ago. I assure you, 2007 is all about emersing your ears and ipod with the 90's. Wilco's Blue Sky Blue comes out in May, Dinasour Jr.'s Beyond comes out in May too, The Apples in Stereo released New Magnetic Wonder two days ago, their first album release in five years. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists release Living with the Living in March (okay, well, they're almost 90's). High Llamas release Can Cladders in a few weeks. I heard Shellacs releasing a new one too, it's titled Excellent Italian Greyhound, though exactly when I'm unsure, and also too lazy to look into..

I'm not posting a new mix tonight, but if you're feeling hopeless as far as new music goes, check out Deerhunter (whom of which everyone and their mother are going crazy over). They just released Cryptograms a few days ago. The Papercuts are sounding more than excellent... as are the Noisettes, who are releasing What’s The Time Mr Wolf? the 12th.

Good god. Music is impossible to keep up with.

I would never leave you empty handed!
Get your flannel on. Put your hat backward. Because here's Shellac doing The Sex Pistols live back in '98:

MP3: God Save The Queen (Live) - Shellac

MP3: Anarchy in the UK (Live) - Shellac

bringing it b-b-back even further to 1985:

MP3: Does it Float? (Live)- Dinosaur Jr.


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07 February 2007

From me, to you.

Wednesdays are electric.

Elec 4

Berlin Rocks (Manix Rmx) - Sex in Dallas
No More Conversation (Mylo Remix) - Freeform Five
Dogging Sisters (BLAMMA! BLAMMA! Mix) - Headland
Club Action - Yo Majesty
Damn Girl (Curtis Vodka DJ Edit) - Kid Sister
Little Dirty Trip (Vicarious Bliss Remix) - Yuksek
Let Me Back Up - Don Rimini
Smoke & Mirrors (James Noble & Mark Robinson Remix) - The Magnetic Fields
I Am Somebody Feat Chromeo (Montreal Version) - DJ Mhedi
Baby Kate (Sascha Funke Remix) - Heartthrob

you love it.




So what do you get when you combine bubblegum pop with 60's garage (MP3: Let's Take A Trip - Godfrey) and just a bit of 70's glam (MP3: Lean Woman Blues - T. Rex)?

The Bicycles. Yes, that's right. And you thought bicycles were only a transportation device.. Their album The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly came out last year.. if I could say one thing about the album, just use one sole word to describe the entire thing, I'd say that it's a happy album. I'm not exactly saying that the album is emotional and actually feels happy, because albums are objects and objects can't feel happy. I am saying that it's an album that makes you feel very happy. If you're grumpy after listening, it's either because you just don't care for things warm and cuddly, or it's likely bicycles just aren't for you.

Perhaps then you could stick with:

MP3: Moving in Stereo - The Cars

But, if you're willing to try Bicycles out..

MP3: B-B-Bicycles - The Bicycles


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04 February 2007

You've Been Flirting Again

As if you don't already have them.

Björk Remixes

You've Been Flirting Again (Kekelandic Mix)
Play Dead (Tim Simanon 12 inch Remix)
The Anchor Song (Black Dog Mix)
Human Behaviour (Bassheads Edit)
Hyberballad (Over the Edge Mix)
Isobel (Deodato Mix)
Army of Me (Aba All Stars Mix)
Come to Me (Sabres of Raradise)
One Day (Springs Eternal Mix 105bpm)
Violently Happy (Vox Dub)

There's an amazing Björk discography here.



My Favorite Song

off of the melodramatic Neon Bible is, in fact, 'Neon Bible'. Neutral Milk Hotelesque. The same can be said for 'The Well And The Lighthouse' and 'My Body Is a Cage', but unfortunately, I can't post every song. Well. I could, but I'd feel bad about doing that.

MP3: Neon Bible - Arcade Fire

I've come to like Neon Bible a lot. I made the mistake of not listening thoroughly the first time 'round. It's a 'heavy' album. A good, creative, heavy album, and I've fallen for this one very differently then I fell for Funeral. Think of Neon Bible as... a Radiohead album post The Bends, only more extravagant, less electric, and with the organ... okay, one more.

MP3: My Body Is A Cage - Arcade Fire

the picture of all that lightning is from Tucson, AZ..
..ahh, how I love New York.


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03 February 2007

I'm going skiing.

Air. I never really liked the French duo, apart from their remixes. Their new album Pocket Symphony isn't too bad, just sort of.. well, boring. It reminds me of music I'd hear at a Japanese restaurant. Specifically, a sushi restaurant. And I'd be going "My God, I don't like this sushi" simply because I never really liked sushi either. Now, Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping. That's something I do like. Pocket Symphony comes out March 6th.

MP3: Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping - Air


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02 February 2007

Who doesn't like..

Creepy punk glam bands from Germany that wear sailor caps? Pfffsh, I know I do. The World Domination: A joke, with leather pants, musically enabled by Kitsuné.

MP3: Galactic Lover - The World Domination Vs Adam Sky


01 February 2007

Don't Stop Me Now

The best part in 'Don't Stop Me Now' is when Freddy Mercury makes the reference to being like an atom bomb, and being ready to reload and whoah whoah whoah explode.. waaaaait a second...

'Mix 13' Tracklising:

This Is Your Last Chance To Be Famous My Love - The Mint Chicks
Easy Way To Be Cruel - Pants Yell!
Paper Cuts - The Boy Least Likely To
Silent Movies - Peter And The Wolf
Stadiums And Shrines II - Sunset Rubdown
In The Valley - The Lovely Feathers
The Reflection - Sparrow House
Don't Pass On Me - Woods
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Moon River - Audrey Hepburn
Aderol - Cuckoo Canoe
I Love You All The Time - Oh No! Oh My!
Did I Step On Your Trumpet? - Danielson