29 June 2008

Questions For Puerto Montt

Last day in California.

Victor Jara: A Chilean teacher, theatre director, poet, singer-songwriter, and political activist. Jara's like Nick Drake meets Devendra Banhart or something, combined with a less hippie-ish Donovan, and a more Spanish/less French Peter Sarstedt. Awesome!

MP3: Cuando Voy Al Trabajo - Victor Jara (YSI)
MP3: Te Recuerdo Amanda - Victor Jara ( YSI)
MP3: Preguntas Por Puerto Montt - Victor Jara (YSI)

New Photo blog:
Flight Reaction/Part Deux

Nothing posted on it yet. Name is sort of random.. Part Deux though, since it is, after all, my second blog.

Picture up top: À bout de souffle.



23 June 2008

The time has come!

MP3: Music for Money - Nick Lowe (YSI)

Alas, I have a new computer. A sweet, dark, handsome machine. Complete with 250 gigs worth of space, Leopard, fancy photobooth options, et cetera.

What better way to celebrate than to post plenty of magnificent, futuristic, euro-wonderful italo disco by none other than Scotch? I suppose I could also post a few things from Deerhunter's latest... not quite the kind of music I'd like to listen to on account of a celebration.. but, you know. Solely coming back with Scotch isn't that interesting of a "comeback" post..

MP3: Disco Band - Scotch (YSI)
MP3: Penguins' Invasion - Scotch (YSI)
MP3: Take Me Up - Scotch (YSI)

From Microcastles, an album that I feel somewhat indifferent about- in comparison to the earlier Fluorescent Grey EP and Cryptograms- which I thought were amazing.
MP3: Nothing Ever Happened - Deerhunter (YSI)
MP3: These Hands - Deerhunter (YSI)

In LA at present. Sunny, dry, West-Coast-easy and enjoyable. Beats New York, especially since I go sans an a/c there.. Have some good pictures coming up. Keep an eye out.

If you haven't noticed the new blog look has been lightly influenced by 70's/80's movie classics... Blade Runner the inspiration for my new banner.


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