31 December 2006

happy 07.

well.. almost. I'm really excited. I have next week's mix done already. It beats all the other mixes, I swear. If you don't believe me, don't bother checking it next week. I have no sympathy for those who doubt the power of mewzick. First of all, it's got James Brown. Secondly, it's got two off of Kitsuné Masion Compilation 3.. for obvious reasons. It has Le Tigre mixing The Gossip. And for the spanish speakers, Juana Molina. No, I'm not giving out the rest.

We haven't been posting really, and I apologize. It's the Christmas/Chanukah season. We're busy doing holiday things, like baking, and making snow angels. I know Joey's probably slaving around in the kitchen, making santa cookies. Ah, it's tough running a blog.

Since I won't make this post entirely pointless, here are a few MP3's:

Because I watched Walk The Line twice this weekend:

MP3: Johnny Cash - Cocaine Blues

Because I like Johnny Cash and DJ Paparazzi:

MP3: DJ Paparazzi - Johnny Cash - Get Rhythemz

Because I like Kill Rock Stars:

MP3: Deerhoof - +81

MP3: Erase Erratta - Tax Dollar

enjoy your eve. get your drink on.


28 December 2006

We're getting lazy.

But not that lazy.

Mix 8

When You Go Out - Sebastien Grainger
Knife (Grizzly Bear Cover) - Born Ruffians
How Soon is Now - The Smiths
Tonight - The Ivories
Diamonds In The Dark (Dusty Cabinets Mix) - Mystery Jets
Walking Machine (Simian Mobile Disco Efficiency Remix) - Revl9n
What Goes on - The Velvet Underground
Winter Sun - Rah Rah
I Love You But... - The Research
Jackson (Live) - Johnny Cash
Say Something - Komakino
Twentieth Century - Pet Shop Boys
Dimensions And Verticals - Say Hi To Your Mom
Pretty Vacant - The Sex Pistols
Rave Dave - Trash Fashion
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be - The Magnetic Fields
Me and Mia - Ted Leo & the Pharmacists


25 December 2006

Our Top 30 Albums of 2006.

Yes, 30. We couldn't decide easily. After an hour or so, this is what we managed to come up with:



MP3: Lylas - Miss Halloween 1953








MP3: Cat Power - Where Is My Love?







MP3: Islands - If




MP3: Yo La Tengo - Daphnia


MP3: The Long Blondes - Separated by Motorways




MP3: The Whitest Boy Alive - Above You




MP3: Guillemots - Redwings


5. OH NO! OH MY! – "S/T"

MP3: Oh No! Oh My! - Walk in the Park



MP3: Belle & Sebastian - Dress Up in You


MP3: Peter Bjorn and John - Paris 2004

1. is a tie between:


MP3: Beirut - Postcards From Italy


MP3: Cold War Kids - Robbers

until December 2007.


21 December 2006

And so, the tradition begins.

here we have our first official thursday night mix. I doubt we'll keep up with it. But then again, we might.. The anticipation kills you! I know. Even more of a reason to check back next week.

Mix #7


You're So Pretty - Brakes
Four Three - All India Radio
Bouncy Ball (Bloc Party Remix) - Ladyfuzz
Eat, Sleep - Prinzhorn Dance School
Fashion - The Lovemakers
Behind The Bushes - The Knife
Boxe - The Prototypes
Getting It Wrong - Sparklehorse
Severed Lips - Dinosaur Jr.
NY Excuse (Justice Remix) - Soulwax
Alfie - Lily Allen
New Light of Tomorrow - Husky Rescue
On a White Lake, Near a Green Mountain - M83
Streamside - The Album Leaf & Sigur Rós
Dreamer - Supertramp
A Is for Action - Ima Robot
Junior - Poney Poney
Frantic (Roman Polanski Version) - Aqueduct

I figured I'd link some bands. Enjoy.
Or don't, and just delete the songs you don't want. the wonderment of .zip files!


Dance? Certainly.

I've come to realize that Danz sounds like Dance if you say it fast... which is cool. Prinzhorn Dance School are probably cool-er though. They have 3 demos, they've hardly had any gigs, are named after a psychiatrist, and go sans a myspace page. Yes, a band without a myspace page! It's a pity, though I'm sure they'll get one eventually. Their music sounds stripped, they're shouty, think ¡Forward, Russia! but better.. from what I can tell. They've just been signed with DFA and should be putting an EP together as I'm writing to you. If we had of list of bands to watch out for in 2007, consider them number.. um.. 5.

MP3: Eat, Sleep/Monsters

back to school.


19 December 2006

What to do..

I’m having trouble placing Writer’s Block somewhere in our ‘Best Albums of 2006’. I mean, it has to go there somewhere, I just haven’t quite figured out where exactly. Joey and I will be completing two lists: our Top 25 Albums of 2006.. and our Top 25 Songs/Singles of 2006. Anyway, if you haven’t heard anything off of Writer’s Block yet, or from Peter Bjorn and John, it’s a shame.. especially since this is their third album already. Sweden never sounded so elegant and pretty. And yes, songs can be pretty too.

MP3: Roll the Credits - Peter Bjorn and John


17 December 2006

Oh, Uffie!

Are you.. ready to Uff-ie? Heavy electronic beats. Brash vocals. Crisp, fresh, new, easy rhymes, womenly, wonderful! Everything a girl should hope to be. And especially now, with her new vinyl 'Hot Chick'/'In Charge' 12". And to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of my own, may I present to you this fine number.

MP3: Hot Chick (Bonus Beat)

Get the record here.

thas it. short post today. the beach awaits.


16 December 2006

Blah Blah Blasé

Blasé is a word full of meaning. Blasé can be a term used for someone with a casual, nonchalant attitude. It can be used to determine someone’s lack of interest. It can be used to portray certain sophistication, or it can be the third word in a demiurgic punk band from the UK.

Blah Blah Blasé are an odd blend of unconcerned kids, who, according to their myspace, sound like sweet french girls and a naughty englishman.. finally! I’ve only been waiting for that combination. They are in no way “blah”. In fact, the electric youth group are pretty loud and unnerving for a band with the words that make up their title. If anything I’d say their title describe’s their attitude more so then their sound. Raucous accents, good beats, at least check them out. They even list willy wonka as an influence. Now, if that isn't seriousness, I don't know what is. Come on.. sweet French girls and a naughty Englishman? Doo it.

MP3: Misunderstood


15 December 2006

The Elitist's Guide to the Best Albums of 1966.

Tack another one onto the number of years we've spent in the doldrums of 'ruck' music. This time around, the year of oure Lourde, 2006. But what if it wasn't? What if we wound the clock back forty years. What then? We'd find ourselves in 1966; a strange time I wasn't privileged enough to experience. Peace, love & understanding. So, for the sake of killing time before next week when I ramble on about how terrible music is today and stubbornly write out a list of the albums I thought were almost decent this passing year, I'm going to ramble on about how good music can be and was. This is the condensed version of 'The Elitist's Guide to the Best Albums of 1966' by Joseph T. Miller.

Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde.
Almost a year after the infamous Newport Folk Festival incident, Dylan came back with his seventh full-length LP [Blonde on Blonde] and he's got new friends - Al Kooper and bassist Harvey Brooks, both of whom played on Highway 61 Revisited, and new additions Robbie Robertson and Levon Helm, both of whom were members of the Hawks (later to be known as The Band). Easily one of the most influential albums of all time, despite being met with mixed reviews, Blonde on Blonde is an important album to own and appreciate and maybe even worship. Bob Dylan was the figurehead on the crest of a magic wave that no one thought would ever break. Until it did, of course.

MP3: Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (live)

The Beatles - Revolver.
Number one on both the US and UK charts, the Beatles tapped into a secret vein no one ever knew existed leaving many with one simple thought: "Recorded music is a wonder." To this day, if you put on Revolver you will find that every note still rings true; every word still agleam and seemingly perfect; and that George was easily much cooler than Paul. Maybe evenly matched with John. Ringo isn't even around.

MP3: Taxman (demo)

The Yardbirds - Roger the Engineer.
Roger the Engineer
is often referred to as the precursor hard rock thanks to guitarist Jeff Beck's experimentation with distortion and Eric Clapton's distinct vocal style. It's no wonder that the hard rock juggernaut that was Led Zeppelin was formed in the ashes of the Yardbirds. Roger the Engineer takes off like a bullet train on the wings of Lost Woman, a funky, upbeat tune with (probably) one of the best bass lines I've ever heard. Is it any wonder that Roger the Engineer was ranked number 349 in 2003 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time? It sure is. Rolling Stone never likes good music.

MP3: Lost Woman

I'd better stop now before I start to ramble. See you next week for things new and used.

14 December 2006

Mark Bolan..

Has cooler hair than all of you.

Mix #6

I think I should start slowing down with these.
Every thursday night is now a Danzie's mix night.
(as opposed to every other night being a mix night)
.. and of course I mean Thursday night/Friday morning.


Once, Twice, Again! - DARTZ!
Emotional Retard - Pink Grease
Control This - The Dead 60's
Vending Machine - Parva
Analyse (Various Remix) - Thom Yorke
The Equalizer - Junior Boys
I Can't Touch You Anymore - The Magnetic Fields
Tuff Luff - The Unicorns
Where Have All The Good Times Gone - The Kinks
Ended It Tonight - Teenagers in Tokyo
Clap Hands - Tom Waits
You're Just a Baby - Belle & Sebastian
Six - ¡Forward, Russia!
Sitting in my house - The Spectacular Fantastic
Sgavidda - HelloSpiral
All That Empty Space - The Hong Kong
Life's A Gas - T.Rex

And this, would be NME's Top 10 Tracks of 2006:

1. Hot Chip — "Over and Over"
2. Peter Bjorn and John ft. Victoria Bergsmen — "Young Folks"
3. The Gossip — "Standing In The Way Of Control"
4. Muse — "Supermassive Black Hole"
5. Gnarls Barkley — "Crazy"
6. CSS — "Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above"
7. Amy Whinehouse — "Rehab"
8. The Horrors — "Sheena Is A Parasite"
9. The View — "Wasted Little DJ's" (get it) (watch it)
10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs — "Cheated Hearts"

Everything is decent. Except numbers 1,4,5, and 10.. and maybe number 8. Number 1 would've been alright, if it wasn't actually #1. Numbers 10 and 5 could've totally been replaced by like.. (insert overblown and repetitious band and song here) what happened to NME's dire and obvious Arctic Monkeys manifestation!? oh well. (that wasn't a Monkeys-bash by the way.. more of a "NME stop being so dull and predictable"-like bash)

Our top ten albums, along with top ten other things will be posted sometime next week.


Maximum Black !!!

The Mooney Suzuki have always reminded me of the Stooges - full of swagger & filth. I could stop right there. Any other words from here on in are going in one ear and out the other. . . because that's all you really need to know. But that doesn't matter, let's get to this damned thing.

The once rare & out-of-print The Black EP has been reissued with five bonus tracks for your listening pleasure along with a hearty new title: The Maximum Black EP. Now let's kick out the jams, motherfucker.

MP3: Half of My Heart
MP3: I Can Only Give You Everything


12 December 2006

Crystal Castles

High on Skydancer Mountain, lies the Crystal Castle. Princess She Ra's solitary home for refuge. She goes here to seek one boy and one girl from Toronto. Wait, I have this mixed up.

Crystal Castles are one boy and one girl from Toronto. They are named after She Ra's home. (an obvious confusion) They make good music. The kind of music you don't need to switch from relentlessly and and use 'shuffle' for. That's a horrible setting anyway. Shuffle is for the lazy.

check Crystal Castles out here.
play Crystal Castles here.
check out Casanova here.
and his blog out here.

because he made this:
MP3: Air War (Casanova Remix) - Crystal Castles

whoah. links.


I'm Here to Get This Baby Dancin'.

Devendra Banhart is one of my few heroes under the age of thirty. In a world gone to fear and noise pollution, Banhart is one of the few shining lights at the end of the long plastic hallway. A guiding voice if you will. Behind the scenes in a sense. Banhart possesses that sort of mystique Bob Dylan once emanated and it's obviously by accident. You just can't touch him.

"It would be very different if I felt comfortable with those terms like 'freak folk,' 'avant-folk,' 'New Weird America,' all that shit," remarks Banhart. "If I felt comfortable with those terms, it would be different. It would perhaps be something I felt responsible for or nervous about or the weight of. But I'm so turned off by – and want to have SO little to do with - these stupid and tacky and horrible terms that they mean nothing to me." (Devendra to Jam Base)

MP3: Old Thunderbird

Be careful.


The boys of Black Wire

Once three, now four, getting rid of a faulty drum machine, meet the boys of Black Wire. Of course, you should have met them already, since they’ve been around for nearly four years now. They produce their own albums. They create their own flyers. They dress nicely. What a band. Like a better, younger, sounding Joy Division. Or Cramps, with more civilized song titles..

MP3: (sans drummer) The Face
MP3: (sans drummer) Brain Dead

Thier myspace.

Alas, someone who can draw. Dan Wilson's Hee Haw.

and just because:

MP3: The Cramps - Let's Get Fucked Up


11 December 2006

Free things are the best things.

So, some T-Shirts came in the mail today. Erase Errata, Bikini Kill, and Deerhoof. Deerhoof's is best. I'm now the proud owner of this fabulous number.

Along with the shirts, I got a a complimentary burned mix.
How generous of Kill Rock Stars! and, only because I'm generous too,

here is the Kill Rock Stars Winter Holiday Album.

and here is the tracklisting:

The New Year - Imaad Wasif
Winter Kills - Gold Chains & Jillian Iva
Wonderland - The Robot Ate Me
Hapi Holidaze - Many Timony Band
Everyday is Christmas With You - Beth Ditto
Hannukah Snowman - Phrance
Young Man - Thao Nguyen
Little Drummer Boy - Excepter
2000 Miles - Everyothers
The War is Over - Paperchase
In-Between Carols- Sport Murphy
J.C. is Born - Slumber Party
Chrissthym - Octis



The Flaming Lips - Live At Hammerstein Ballroom '06

Do you realize that the Flaming Lips are probably one of the most interesting groups to ever take the stage? A traveling musical circus. Guest appearances by Batman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, a large group of aliens, and the list goes on. Let us not forget their incredible ability to translate their records for a live setting without missing a blip. That's why I had to grab this bootleg - I need the Flaming Lips live in my house. This is the closest I think I can get. Someone needs to make a phone call for me.

Grab The Flaming Lips - Live At Hammerstein Ballroom '06
  1. A Spoonful Weighs a Ton
  2. Do you Realize?
  3. Free Radicals
  4. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion
  5. Race for the Prize
  6. She Don't Use Jelly
  7. The W.A.N.D.
  8. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
  9. Vein of Stars
  10. Yomishi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1
  11. Yomishi Battles the Pink Robots Part 2
  12. You Have to be Joking (Autopsy of the Devils Brain)
Be safe.


10 December 2006

Mix #5

has arrived.

God, Make Up Your Mind - Cold War Kids
Anorak Christmas (Dyylan Remix) - Sally Shapiro
Done With You - The Whitest Boy Alive
Street Justice - MSTRKRFT
Captain Caveman - Lightning Bolt
Sado County Auto Show - The Cramps
Separated By Motorways - The Long Blondes
Before I Sleep - Mazzy Star
Hand Clap - Girl Talk
You And I (Squirrel Records Version) - The Cribs
Teachers - Daft Punk
You Can't Steal my Love - Mando Diao
Happy Endings - Pulp
Labrinthian Pomp - Of Montreal
Sad Eyes - The Ponys
All Sparks (Phones Remix) - Editors


09 December 2006

Beach House

This should’ve been Joey’s post..
What good can come from Maryland you ask, besides David Hasselhoff’s very manly physique? Well, besides the Hoff, there are plenty of other good things.. Camp David… the Orioles.. Beach House. No, not an actual ‘Beach House’, but the band called 'Beach House' that Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand make up. They aren’t just another common band with another arbitrary name, but something like a dim, lo-fi indie rock band that can easily blow Cat Power out of the water.. okay, not entirely, but maybe a few inches; it’s a tough call. Beach House combine languid with powerful, creating a certain depth that’s better heard than read about. The songs are delicate, they’re meaningful, and even if you can’t understand the lyrics through the profound haziness, Beach House just nearly create their own obscure-indie-atmosphere.. relating to good music almost as well as the Hoff relates to KITT in Knight Rider.

MP3: Auburn And Ivory
MP3: Apple Orchard

Get the album here.


Joanna Newsom - Live at the Earl '04

You'll quickly come to realize during the course of our relationship that I'm always late. . .with everything. But don't be angry with me, I have the best intentions. I don't want you to be lonely. That's why today I thought you should have a lovely performance by Ms. Joanna Newsom to keep you company. Recorded sometime in April of 2004, Newsom gives a lovely, hushed performance sure to cure any illness you may be suffering from. Sure, it's not brand new, but it is worth having if you don't already.

Download Joanna Newsom, Live at the Earl '04.
  1. Yarn and Glue
  2. Bridges and Balloons
  3. The Book of Right On
  4. Sprout and the Bean
  5. Swansea
  6. Three Little Babes
  7. En Gallop
  8. Sadie
  9. Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie


08 December 2006

Your mother dresses you funny.

No, not you Sonic Youth, you dress yourselves quite nicely. Where has the youth gone? Certainly not away, or into retirement, that's for sure. If anything they're busier than ever... touring Europe, Kim Gordon releasing Chronicle number 2.. "The Destroyed Room: B-Sides and Rarities" is even available on Dec. 12th... whoah. wait, what? A compilation b-side album?! Oh, yes! Don't worry, your eyes didn't just play a dirty trick on you. The band has picked it's previously vinyl only gems, and other unreleased treasures to coexist on one perfectly spherical disk.. ah, if only a vinyl addition would present itself before the holiday season sadly ends, or at least before I spend all of my holiday-related earnings.. Oh well. Expect the vinyl LP, double vinyl LP, that is, in 2007.

'The Destroyed Room'

Fire Engine Dream - (2003) outtake from "Sonic Nurse;" previously unreleased
Fauxhemians - (2001) from The Noho Furniture Sessions; originally released on the "All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1" compilation ATP Records.
Razor Blade - (1994) b-side from the "Bull in the Heather" single
Blink - (1999) from the "Pola X" soundtrack
Campfire - (2000) from the "At Home With The Groovebox" compilation originally released on Grand Royal Records.
Loop Cat - (2003) from the "You Can Never Go Fast Enough" compilation originally released on Plain Recordings.
Kim's Chords - (2003) Japanese bonus track from "Sonic Nurse"
Beautiful Plateau - (2003) Japanese bonus track from "Sonic Nurse"
Three Part Sectional Love Seat- (2001) from The Noho Furniture Sessions; previously unreleased
Queen Anne Chair - (2001) from The Noho Furniture Sessions; previously unreleased
The Diamond Sea - (1995) LP version with alternate ending, b-side from The Diamond Sea CD single

and of course,
MP3: The Diamond Sea


07 December 2006

Cake On Cake

I was blindly roaming around the net a few days ago (as I so often do) when I stumbled across Ms. Helen Sundin (Cake On Cake), a pretty Swedish born lass of 25 who just so happens to record some of the most mesmerizing toy-pop I've ever heard. Complete with toy pianos, a hint of flute, and other simplified arrangements often centered around one train of thought, Cake On Cake is almost childlike. If you ever feel the need to turn on, tune in, and drop out, have a listen to this . . .

MP3: Wish Upon A Star
MP3: My Melody


What Kramer Meant to Say..

I'd like to quote:
"They had afros.."

this guy is hilaious.

and, only because this is a music blog:

MP3: Devotchka - You Love Me


Mix #4

thursday night..
is a mix night.

well, this week it is anyway.

mix #4


Rrrrrrright (Miou Miou remix) - Deerhoof
Between the Lines - Sambassadeur
Knife - Grizzly Bear
Love Punch - The Chalets
Charlemagne - Oneida
Far From Home (Digitalism Remix) - Tiga
Satan Said Dance - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (off Some Loud Thunder)
Sickos - The Harlem Shakes
Saltwater - Beach House
So Easy - Röyksopp
UnGodly Hour - Black Wire
Animal House - Simian Mobile Disco
Sunfed Shapes - Inlets
Girlkillsbear (Lo-Fi-Fnk Remix) - Softlightes
Antarctica - Antarctica Takes It!


06 December 2006

Clap yo Hands.

New Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, off their upcoming Some Loud Thunder. Sound a bit different.. chasmal like. but obviously still sounding a whole lot cooler than all the other signed bands. pfffsh.
Album comes out in January. Buy buy buy! mp3’s don’t have artwork!! Or that unusual disklike shape..

MP3:Love Song No. 7

MP3:Underwater (You and Me)

A cool chanukah present:

click here to buy it.


05 December 2006

More Canadians.

Yes, if I could design CD cases, I'd make everyone's look as cool as MSTRKRFT's The Looks. With no exaggeration I probably spent at least a good 15 minutes messing with the cool pullout pieces and staring at the artwork. I haven't bought an actual CD in ages. I'm happy I had the extra 16 bucks.. even though I already had the tracks on itunes.. and needed that same 16 bucks later for gas. My entire mp3 record collection (that I'm not too lazy to burn) resides on orange memorex discs.. it's sad. I miss the 90's. Anyway, since I'm bored:

MP3: Community Revolution in Progress(off Work on You CDS)
Get the album.


The T-Shirt is pointless. I just kind of want it.

MP3: Listen Up! (MSTRKRFT remix) - The Gossip

Born Ruffians

What is a Ruffian exactly? I personally wanted to know, so I turned to Wikipedia. Apparently, Ruffian was once an exceptional female racehorse.. disappointing. Then I turned to Princeton, the word “Ruffian” is another term for bully.. after that, I got bored with being a loser and looking at online encyclopedias. I’m not exactly sure what a "Ruffian" is, but I do know that Born Ruffians are an awesome band out of Toronto, and have been a band since 2002. If you’re into the hyper high-pitched vocal bands (think Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Cloud Room, Clor) then you might like Born Ruffians. They’ve just released a six-track EP. It’s an enjoyable 15 minutes; jagged but pleasing guitar riffs, cascading drums, and somewhat simple lyrics. The songs are bouncy, not much varied, but six tracks I could definitely listen to more than a few times.. (maybe scattered throughout the week, not in one day.) I’d give them a try.

MP3: Hedonistic Me


03 December 2006

PFFR/Wonder Showzen!

My weekend consisted of Wonder Showzen torrents. Borat on YouTube, and watching Michael Richards go insane more times than I can remember.. poor Kramer, the apology on Letterman was so sincere.. it's sad, really...

pffsh. I also limited myself to PFFR's ep, which was cooler than watching Kramer lash out. With no season three of Wonder Showzen, what's to become of them!?

So you too can share in my weekend's enjoyment:
Japoney Appoe DL/PFFR
The coolest homepage I've ever seen in my life