28 March 2008

tired of this banner already

Time for a mix tape, an e-mix tape.

1. Danse En France (D.I.M. Remix) - Fischerspooner (YSI)
2. Bodycrash (Burns Remix) - Buy Now (YSI)
3. DVNO (Les Petits Pilous Remix) - Justice (YSI)
4. Me Bota Pra Dancar (Original Mix) - Edu K (YSI)
5. We Are All Animals (Statik Remix) - The Rakes (YSI)
6. My Condition (Original Mix) - The Count Of Monte Cristal (YSI)
7. Sweaty Wet / Dirty Damp (Ooe Remix) - Gameboy/Gamegirl (YSI)
8. For Your Love - Hail Social (YSI)
9. Aurora (Cajuan Remix) - Alex Gopher (YSI)
10. Instone (Get Shakes Remix) - Dk7 (YSI)

Man, haven't put together one of those in a while, feels niace. Get them all @ Phonica, Amazon, Beatport, Pure Groove, etc.


MP3: Most Likely You'll Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine - Bob Dylan (YSI)

annex tonight-

14 March 2008

Jesus of the Moon

From the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' album. (their 14th album..) Not as weird as I like to hear Nick and the Seeds, but if Tom Waits can be subtle once in a while, so can Nick. Best song/lyrics/story on the album.. More News From Nowhere? From Dig Lazarus, Dig!!!:

MP3: Jesus Of The Moon - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (YSI)
MP3: Midnight Man - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (YSI)

DJing RUFF CLUB @ The Annex later tonight if you're in New York. Orchard between Stanton & Rivington.



Morning Sun?

Yes, it's coming up at this very moment, as I sit here idle on ichat, sans sleep, and write about a band called: The Ruby Suns.

So, they hail from New Zealand. Island-inspired psychedelic rock meets cosmic-inspired chaotic niceness. So good! Especially their second album Sea Lion, and especially Morning Sun, particularly because 3:20 in, the first half of the song leaks into the second half, and the second half sounds completely different than the first half. (The same goes for Blue Penguin about 1:45 in, or is that where the song starts?). If you're not into experimental sanctuary-esque chants, or Panda Bear, or anything bizarre and crooning, you probably won't be into The Ruby Suns. But- if you're willing to listen and give them a chance: don't fret and be patient, the muted humming eventually leads into vocals and.. some kind of beat.

MP3: Morning Sun - The Ruby Suns (YSI)
MP3: Blue Penguin - The Ruby Suns (YSI)


11 March 2008

Cold Hard Times

Just got home from seeing Chicago 10, which was pretty good, apart from the severe and somewhat annoying animation. Otherwise the documentary had some pretty cool archival footage from the anti-war protests of the 1968 democratic convention.. with Alan Ginsberg, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, bunch of other hippies.

Random bit of Abbie Hoffman history:
At Woodstock in 1969, Hoffman interrupted The Who's performance to attempt a protest speech against the jailing of John Sinclair of the White Panther Party. He grabbed a microphone and yelled, "I think this is a pile of shit! While John Sinclair rots in prison. . ." The Who's guitarist, Pete Townshend, unhappy with the interruption, cut Hoffman off mid-sentence, shouting, "Fuck off! Fuck off my fucking stage!" He then struck Hoffman with his guitar, sending the interloper tumbling offstage, to the approving roar of the crowd.

There's actually a clip of the incident included on The Who's 30 Years of Maximum R&B box set. Kind of funny:
MP3: Abbie Hoffman Incident - The Who (YSI)

So anyway, new Duke Spirit album? not half bad, literally- about half the songs I actually like. For some reason I always have second thoughts when listening to a band led mainly by a girl vocalist, probably because all of my favorite vocal artists are all essentailly boys (Davies, Dylan, Drake, Cohen, Hazlewood, Moore, etc, etc) Not that it matters, because the vocals consummately fit the sound. Indie-power-pop is what it is, I'll take it- half of it at least.

From their February 2008 release, Neptune:
MP3: Sovereign - The Duke Spirit (YSI)
MP3: The Step And The Walk - The Duke Spirit (YSI)
MP3: Into The Fold - The Duke Spirit (YSI)

Speaking of Lee, from 1970's Cowboy in Sweden:
MP3: Cold Hard Times - Lee Hazlewood (YSI)
MP3: Leather & Lace - Lee Hazlewood (YSI)

As for something else new, Foals new album Antidotes comes out April 1st. I won't exactly say I'm let down, however I've heard most of the songs prior to, perhaps a bit lacking of new material? Bonus Disc doesn't really include much of anything new either, although I will say I enjoy the live recordings from Liars Club (even though they were recorded more than a year ago). Buy the 30 dollar import from Amazon. From the upcoming:

MP3: Big Big Love (Fig.2) - Foals (YSI)
MP3: Electric Bloom - Foals (YSI)

From the bonus disc:
MP3: XXXXXX (Live at Liars Club, Nottingham, Feb 10th 2007) - Foals (YSI)

Alright, that's it, later.
Cool that people are finally paying attention to MGMT? Where was everyone 5 months ago?!?!


03 March 2008

walking spanish

Moby's latest album comes out March 31st (his 9th studio album) It's called Last Night.

Moby says:

"Last Night is basically a love letter to dance music in New York City. What I love about the New York approach to dance music is the eclecticism and the open minded-ness on the part of the musicians, the DJ's, and the people in the bars and clubs. In making Last Night, I essentially tried to take a long 8 hour night out in New York City and condense it into a 65 minute long album."

From Alice (the first single- there are two as of now, this and the second Disco Lies):

MP3: Alice (General Midi Remix) - Moby (YSI)
MP3: Alice (Noisia Remix) - Moby (YSI)

The single also features the Radio edit, Acapella remix, and Drop The Lime Heavy Bass Remix, which Palms Out Sounds posted this past Sunday. HMV / Amazon.

Had to do this:
MP3: Alice - Tom Waits (YSI)
MP3: Poor Edward - Tom Waits (YSI)
MP3: Reeperbahn - Tom Waits (YSI)

From Tom Wait's Alice.


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02 March 2008

point that thing somewhere else

So, The Clean. One of the first influential punk bands to come from New Zealand (1978). If you've ever listened to them you already know that their songs are short but awesome. I usually don't go for the Whirlwind Heat-esque style of making 2-minute-something long songs, and only 2-minute-something long songs. (I'd rather listen to 17 minute long Sister Rays.) However, the 70's garage rock feel totally makes up for the lack of song length. Plus, I love a band with plenty of lo-fi goodness and organs, think Yo La Tengo meets Galaxie 500 and Wire. Their Anthology is huge and came out a few years ago on non other than, Merge.

From the Anthology:

MP3: Beatnik - The Clean (YSI)
MP3: Anything Could Happen - The Clean (YSI)
MP3: Slug Song - The Clean (YSI)
MP3: Point that Thing Somewhere Else - The Clean (YSI)

Take care.