21 June 2007

Still, a broken computer/Sportsday Megaphone

S'been a week or so since the tragedy. My laptop is still broken.. I called apple care since the genius bar deemed useless, presently waiting for repair cds in the mail. I might have to send it in to apple if the repair cds don't resolve my dilemma. I've been enjoying the extra time spent away from my computer though. For instance, now, I go jogging as oppose to sitting around staring at my blog that no one really... well, reads. I can't post any MP3s. I can however, post this M4A that I was sent via G-mail. Hope you enjoy it, a pleasing remix of The Rumble Strips' Alarm Clock. Hugh Frost of Sportsday Megaphone has given me hope and purpose, even with a broken laptop. Think Crystal Castles mixed with We Smoke Fags mixed with a nintendo game-preferably Mario Cart mixed with Matt and Kim mixed with computerized keyboard snipets. something like that. Order SM's upcoming 7" @ Sunday Best.

MP3: Alarm Clock (Sportsday Megaphone's Stereo Adventure Remix) - The Rumblestrips (YSI)



11 June 2007

Sorry everyone

My laptop is broken. I brought it to school, it fell off of my desk, and it's now experiencing quite the variety of technical difficulties.. (Including a chronic freezing itunes, disabled microsoft word, F'd up Ableton, it won't connect to any networks.. etc.) I assure you this won't last for long (although I think I'm just trying to comfort myself.) A week at most, I already have my reservation made at a Mac genius bar. Til then just keep reading my other posts, over and over again, and then like, comment them over and over again, with a different name, disagreeing with whatever you commented last. I'll have to make use of my parent's windows system.. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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06 June 2007

I like ze vhite stripes

Have got this MP3 vinyl rip from The White Stripe's exclusive NME 7" release, Rag and Bone. Fantastic verses/fantastic guitar. Songs like Rag and Bone make me feel like learning how to play the admirable instrument. At least there's always.. well.. at least there's always guitar hero. It's easily become one of my favorite White Stripes songs.. maybe. Icky Thump seems extra promising as of now.. Pre-order @ Insound.

MP3: Rag and Bone - The White Stripes (YSI)

"Look at my Technics turnables to Gramaphones.."



04 June 2007

two weeks until I never step foot in high school ever again.


Transsexual (Ed Banger) is a'coming. You already knew, but in case you were day-dreaming when you read my Mr. Oizo mega post, let this be a reminder.. let this also be a threat that if you voluntarily skip on picking it up I'll punch you in the- yeah right, I can't punch. A bit different from his earlier stuff, if you're into his earlier stuff, but still obviously cooler than everyone else's stuff. Get it @ Bleep. So then. Act like Gary's Gang and Do It At The Disco with Quentin Dupieux.. Blind Concert is crazy.

From the Transsexual EP:
MP3: Blind Concert - Mr. Oizo (YSI)
MP3: Ovoma - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

Also, I've been listening to The Lovely Feathers very much lately, especially their 2005 album My Best Friend Daniel. It was sort of a "well, I have this album in my itunes library, but have never really listened to it thoroughly.. perhaps I will listen to it thoroughly" sort of thing. Last year's Hind Hind Legs was the bearer of some other awesome tracks too.. though it was mostly just a rendition of My Best Friend Daniel, which is why I like that one better. Very Unicorns-esque.

From My Best Friend Daniel:
MP3: Orchids - The Lovely Feathers (YSI)
MP3: Laurenceville Blazer - The Lovely Feathers (YSI)

And then, this one's on both Hind Hind Legs and My Best Friend Daniel, only on My Best Friend Daniel it's called Like You and on Hind Hind Legs it's called:
MP3: I Really Like You - The Lovely Feathers (YSI)
with slower vocals.


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01 June 2007

What I've Been up to..

Working, finding (er.. attempting to find) more work because I don't have any $$$$$, listening to:

1. Justin Jesus - Antelope (YSI)
2. If You're A Wizard Then Why Do You Wear Glasses? - Liars (YSI)
3. Dead + Rural - Handsome Furs (YSI)
4. Oceans - Deerhunter (YSI)
5. You're Gonna Miss Me - The 13th Floor Elevators (YSI)
6. Saddest Vacant Lot In All The World - Grandaddy (YSI)
7. Wish You Were Here - Sparklehorse (nice cover) (YSI)
8. Yucatan (Saturn Version) - Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra (YSI)
9. Paco - Shellac (YSI) (from the upcoming Excellent Italian Greyhound)
AND, have got this cool 12" live edition vinyl rip from Foals @ Liars Club in Nottingham.
From the vinyl rip:
10. Balloons - Foals (YSI)

Then, I'm really just reading stuff on 20th century dictators for fun, trying to successfully pass Government class, getting ready for my high school career to finally end, skipping prom because I'm cool, watching Soft Tiger's new video for Karate, you know. That's about it.