29 April 2007

Sundays sundays sundays

are overhwelmingly boring when the weather is bad. There's only one thing to do.. and that's make a post.

I love live stuff, for a few reasons which I probably have already mentioned in previous posts.. I like live stuff especially when driving home from work at 11:30 at night, because then when I'm driving on a vacant road, I can listen to Dylan crack subtle jokes between songs.. I came across Bob Dylan's 1964 double vinyl live LP, Halloween Mask earlier this week, recorded at NYC's Carnegie Hall. It was released in '88 simultaneously on CD format. Of course- I'm talking about the European version (pictured). The domestic version Halloween Masque was also released in '88 on both formats- with supposedly better sound quality, though I only have the Euro version, so I wouldn't know first hand. Dubbed one of the last live recordings of Dylan pre electric. A few songs near the end of the recording include Joan Baez, amazin'. Enjoy.

MP3: If You Gotta Go, Go Now - Bob Dylan (YSI)
MP3: I Don't Believe You - Bob Dylan (YSI)
MP3: It Ain't Me, Babe - Bob Dylan & Joan Baez (YSI)

Coming back to present, I just got this in the mail a few days ago. My favorite e-mails are from bands that I haven't heard of, that I think are great when listening. One More Grain would be one of those bands. They make weird phycadelia that should be recognized, if you haven't recognized it already. The song titles automatically promote the idea of "There's something a bit different about this band.."

Taken from their April 2nd release, Pigeon English:
MP3: Tropical Mother In Law - One More Grain (YSI)


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28 April 2007

pfffsh, schedules

Between stupid community service for school and work, I've found time to post..

Firstly and most importantly, Nick Drake's covers/early recordings album, Family Tree is due out in June. Just to express how excited I am, here are a few tracks from the album/man himself. Nick Drake and his lo-fi 60's aesthetics make the album perfect. Yes. It is a perfect. perfect. perfect, compilation album. The tracks with Molly Drake are amazing, though I didn't post those tracks. Molly Drake is Nick's mom.. in case you were wondering. Pick up the album when it comes out.

Taken from the upcoming Family Tree:
MP3: Cocaine Blues - Nick Drake (YSI)
MP3: Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Nick Drake (Bob Dylan) (YSI)
MP3: Blues Run The Game - Nick Drake (Jackson C. Frank) (YSI)

Speaking of the 60's, pick up this.

You'll like Wink, as Josh Wink is Wink. Poker Flat released Thick as Theives a few days ago. It's nice. The other track on the album, Acid Tonic is nicer, and surpasses Thick as Thieves in my opinion. But whatever.. name the 12" after the lesser track.. I don't care. Pick it up @ Juno.

MP3: Acid Tonic - Wink (YSI)

Whenever I think of Claude Vonstroke, I think of a huge blue bird. The intention of Beware of the Bird's album cover must've been to have that visual automatically pop-up every time you think of him. Though Claude's latest release, Chimps goes sans any birds, it's still absolutely awesome. (A monkey with grillz!? pffshh, obviously).. along with some awesome remixes- one by Jochen Trappe, one by Alland Byallo. The best part of all, is that the amazon can be heard on the orignal and on the remixes! Out via Dirty Bird. Get it @ Turntable Lab.

MP3: Chimps (Alland Byallo Remix) - Claude Vonstroke (YSI
MP3: Chimps (Original Mix) - Claude Vonstroke (YSI)


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25 April 2007

Happy Endings

Probably my last post for the week, working a lot. So, here's a 14 song mix, sort of post-punk inspired. My intent was to make it a combination of b-sides, only I failed- just slightly. Enjoy.

CLICK: band for band info; song for mp3.

1: Let's Go - The Pigeon Detectives (YSI)
Romantic Type CDS
2: No One Loves You - Black Wire (YSI)
Smoke & Mirrors CDS
3: Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees (YSI)
Released in 78 as a single, later included on Once Upon A Time, a compilation album.
4: Do You Remember The First Time? - Pulp (YSI)
His 'n' Hers
5: May Lannoye - Good Shoes (YSI)
We Are Not The Same
6: Feelin' It! - The Cribs (YSI)
Arigato Cockers EP, What About Me CDS and 7"
7: Dancehall Deceit - Theoretical Girl (YSI)
Red Mist CDS
8: Tissue Soldiers - The Maccabees (YSI)
Colour It In
9: Yuko And Hiro - Blur (YSI)
The Great Escape
10: Idiot - Duels (YSI)
Pressure On You CDS
11: Tonight - The Ivories (YSI)
Reduce The Temperature 7"
12: Car Jamming - The Clash (YSI)
Combat Rock
13: Aphrodisiac - Bow Wow Wow (YSI)
Wild in the USA
14: Put Me On The Cover Of Your Magazine - Parva (Kaiser Chiefs, before they were the Kaiser Chiefs) (YSI)

Goddamn. I need to start hosting.. eventually, eventually.
now, to bed.



22 April 2007

Long days at work..

..call for longs lists of music. I mean, ehhem, mewzick. Working at a clothing store means one definate thing, and one definate thing only: you hear the same horrible songs over, and over, and over, and. Here goes..

Firstly, I need not tell you about Paris' Teenage Bad Girl, but I will anyway. The electroclash duo released Cocotte the 16th via Citizen, packed with a balanced mix of tracks light and heavy- all worthy acclaim, and all worthy of talking about and playing. Over, and over, and over, and over.. a nice fusion of electro and guitar. I'm sure you recall the Hands of a Stranger EP that included Ghost House, it was rather nice. If you don't remember, it's no matter, because here's some new stuff. Get Cocotte @ Juno.

from Cocotte:
MP3: Franz Schubert - Teenage Bad Girl (YSI)
MP3: Du, meine Sonne - Teenage Bad Girl (YSI)

White Rabbits are a band i've recently taken an interest in. From Bushwick, NYC, they're certainly interesting.. and very good, which becomes obvious when you listen. I remember about a year ago I saw this broadway show entitled, "Avenue Q". The cast reviews them here. The cast are puppets. Weird. Anyway, their upcoming album Fort Nightly is to be released May 22nd on Say Hey Recordings. Get it when it comes out.

from the upcoming album, Fort Nightly:
MP3: Navy Wives - White Rabbits (YSI)
MP3: Take A Walk Around The Table - White Rabbits (YSI)

A whiiiile ago I posted a Curtis Vodka edit of Kid Sister's Damn Girl in one of my e-mixtapes. Look in the archives if you want that. Though, if you want Curtis Vodka's Ga Ga Remix of Kid Sister's Ying Yang, look no further than just a few lines down. Kid Sister (actual younger sister of Chicago's Flosstradamus) is defnitely getting there, assuming there is being internet popular and being one of the Next 1000 in URB. And no, I'm not posting a Curtis Vodka remix just because he's from Alaska, even though that is really cool.

MP3: Ying Yang (Curtis Vodka Ga Ga Remix) - Kid Sister (YSI)

Somethin' else:
MP3: Sound Of Silver (Curtis Vodka Remix) - LCD Soundsystem (YSI)

You know the The Horrors, of elaborate hairstyles fame, of dark eye makeup fame, of Stolen Transmission fame. If you don't know them, just pick up a copy of the NME and you'll be set, because obviously if The Horrors were popular a year ago, the NME are so on top of it right now. May I present you with a brand new Horrors remix from The Dirt Lab (who are also brand new, so new that they don't have a myspace yet). The Dirt Lab are New York's Spencer Product (Black Moustache, Ruff Club) and Jake Sinclair (The Films). Enjoy it, because as of now, you're practically the only ones who possess it.

MP3: Death At The Chapel (The Dirt Lab Remix) - The Horrors (YSI)

MP3: I Saw Yer Video - Black Moustache (YSI)

MP3: Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones Cover) - The Films (YSI)

Got this in the mail earlier today, really liking it. You might know Lorn, mentioned his Oizo remix a few posts down. New from him, new to my ears, and new to yours is this track. So, D.A.N.C.E. and feel the B.E.A.T. with Justice, and then afterward realize everything is just a:

MP3: T.R.E.N.D. - Lorn (YSI)

take care,

F you Laz, and your new awesome track that can be found on your myspace.


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19 April 2007

Matthew, Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear has done well with his upcoming Deserter, out May 8th via Ghostly on 10" and digital format. The single will be released on an EP that also features the lovely track remixed by Four Tet. While normally I'd go on to explain the song thoroughly, I'm quite tired. Easygoing vocals combined with a surplus of keyboard use makes for success.. something like that. Reminds me of this man. Here it is:

MP3: Deserter (Four Tet Remix) - Matthew Dear

Sorry, had to be taken down. Get it @ Beatport when it's out.

Some mo' remixing: something new, something especially good, and perhaps my favorite version of this track.. Guns 'n' Bombs remix Chromeo's Fancy Footwork.

MP3: Fancy Footwork (Guns 'N' Bombs Remix)

had to take 'er down too.


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18 April 2007

Hump Dayz

No one likes Wednesdays.. at least I don't. This Wednesday is especially crappy, one reason being that I'm no longer basking in the glory that is my last spring break as a senior. Another reason being that I can't decide on what college I want to go to.. and I'm looking for an apartment in NYC.. which is another crappy feat to accomplish. Wednesdays. Crappy crappy crappy.
So. Moving on..

... to something that isn't crappy, Mr. Oizo. I was going to post Mr.Oizo's latest Transexual since it's awesome.. but you can already get that track here and here. Then I thought I'd post the Lorn remix of Transexual.. but, you can already get that here and here. I figured my posting would be pretty much pointless no matter the route of Transexual; so instead here's Patrick122 - a re-working of 1979's Do it at the Disco by Gary's Gang, featured on the EP that's out via ED BANGER in May.

MP3: Patrick122 - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

Bringing it back:

from 1999's Flat Beat
MP3: Monday Massacre - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

from 1998's M-Seq
MP3: Breakdown - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

from 2000's Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog:
MP3: Last Night a DJ Killed My Dog (Chien de Fusil Mix) - Mr. Oizo (YSI)

Last track is amazing, just when you think Chien de Fusil nearly murders the song with.. hawks? 2 minutes in, you realize they actually make it sound awesome.

Just because I haven't stopped listening to Poni Hoax recently. Olga Kouklaki's vocals in Budapest? WHAT THE F?! so great.

MP3: Budapest (feat. Olga Kouklaki) - Poni Hoax (YSI)
MP3: Carrie Ann - Poni Hoax (YSI)

Got a nice remix in the mail yesterday from Berlin's Napsugar of Rio's Race is Set. Dancey electro-pop that you'll probably like if you're into.. well.. dancey electro-pop and/or late 80's techno tracks. I'm impressed. Released in Germany on Beautycase Records.

MP3: Race Is Set (Napsugar Remix) - Rio (YSI)


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17 April 2007

Oh my god. OH MY GOD

New sinlge from The Cribs, and new awesome video to go along with the new single (which I'm assuming...) is going to be on their new album (which I'm hoping..) is going to be out shortly. Pre-order the single on 7", CD format, or download it here.

MP3: Men's Needs - The Cribs

"Girls needs just don't agree with mens needs"..



16 April 2007

Life is a beach.

At least, life is for Sweden's Studio. I haven't really heard that much of Studio prior to today.. but I'm liking what I hear.. at least somewhat anyway. A bit more subdued than what I'd normally consider an awesome track, but nice if you're wanting something tasteful and toned down. There's another remix of Life's a Beach done by Prins Thomas, although I can't say I like his as much as Todd Terje's. Get it @ Beatport.

MP3: Life's A Beach! (Todd Terje House Mix) - Studio (YSI)

..nearly reminds me of a Long Blondes album cover.. New from Kaos, and remixed by DFA's Shit Robot comes... Panopeeps! Awesome techy track with an unhurried vibe, much like Studio's track above. Catchy and simple. Get the the Shit Robot mix and original @ Juno.

MP3: Panopeeps (Shit Robot Remix) - Kaos (YSI)


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15 April 2007

Remember when..

Remember when I used to post mixes? Those were the days..
This would've been Mix 16.
In chronological order. Click the song for the song. Artist for the artist.

MP3: Here She Comes Now - The Velvet Underground (YSI)
1968 White Light/White Heat

MP3: Take Me I'm Yours - Jobriath (YSI)
1973 S/T

MP3: She's Hit - The Birthday Party (YSI)
1982 Junkyard
Check out Nick Cave's new band Grinderman while you're at it.

MP3: Severed Lips - Dinosaur Jr. (YSI)
1985 Dinosaur

MP3: Let Me Lie to You - The Afghan Whigs (YSI)
1992 Congregation

MP3: Strange Love - The Cramps (YSI)
1994 Flamejob

MP3: Moby Octopad - Yo La Tengo (YSI)
1997 I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One

MP3: Hoarfrost - Sonic Youth (YSI)
1998 A Thousand Leaves

MP3: Green Fields - The Good, The Bad & The Queen (YSI)
2007 S/T

MP3: The World I Love - Papercuts (YSI)
2007 Can't Go Back



12 April 2007


As you can tell, I'm very creative when it comes to thinking up post titles. I have indeed found something very nice though. I'd go as far as to say it's niiiiice, as my post title portrays it to be.

Sex in Dallas & Billadol have created something excellent with the release of Hit Back Bow. I'd describe it as cute electroclash, with awesome downbeat dance rhythms and charming vocals. Berlin meets France meets.. Dallas, perhaps? The EP houses some fancy remixes, including a muffled one from Isoleé that I'm going to give you. It came out on Record Makers in March. Their newest Perpetual Emotion Maschine LP came out April 9th. Get them @ Juno

MP3: Hit Back Bow (Isolée remix) - Sex in Dallas & Biladoll (YSI)
MP3: Digital Memory (Aysam 'Digit Code' remix) - Sex in Dallas & Biladoll (YSI)

Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlbäck have teamed up to create Chronicle of the Urban Dweller; a CD loaded with genuine minimal house-esque tracks and devious manly vocals. It seems as if everyone is teaming up- which isn't a bad thing. It's always better to do things in pairs, whether it's making music or rock climbing. The 13 tracks came out March 21st via Hearthouse. Get it here.

MP3: I Like You Doing - ADJD (YSI)
MP3: Parallel Issues - ADJD (YSI)

Also, this would be Mewzick's 101 post.
Which is, to say the least:

MP3: Too Marvelous For Words - Billie Holiday (YSI)


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11 April 2007

Airports are booooring

Feeling a bit bored sitting in Tampa International waiting for my flight back to snow-stricken New York, I'll tell you about a few things.

Apparat releases Walls next month. This should appeal to you for a few reasons, especially if you're into ambient electro. Walls is a perfect listen for someone who doesn't want to be murdered by harder more overpowering sounds. When I think of ambience, I think of a certain aura, I think of emanation, openess. Apparat IS ambience. The german artist does light music rightly. Pick up Walls when it comes out on the label partly owned by Apparat himself, Shitkatapult.

taken from the upcoming, Walls:
MP3: Arcadia - Apparat (YSI)
MP3: Over and Over - Apparat (YSI)

This is a bit random.. If you can remember, Justice Vs. Simain's We Are Your Friends was quite the hit a few months back thanks to Ed Banger. The original 2003 track - Never Be Alone was featured on a 12"; sharing territory with Espion's Anything is Possible on the flipside of the record. Anyway, getting to my point, I wish Justice Vs. Gambit's Steamulation would've been redone too. If not because it's a great simple track, because the title seems something like an awesome concept.

From the Never Be Alone EP:
MP3: Steamulation - Justice Vs Gambit (YSI)
MP3: Anything is Possible (Chateau Flight Remix) - Espion (YSI)

BY THE WAY: Good Weather For Airstrikes has an awesome Breakbot remix of Justice's Let There Be light.

Also, today I was sent some choice MP3's from Live Wire Recordings, home to the band I mentioned a few posts down, The Winter Sounds. One of the tracks that stuck out most to me was by these guys, Warm in the Wake. They remind me of a more western influenced Grizzly Bear or Papercuts. Superb vocals. Lovely keyboard. Gold Dust Trail was released this past February. I'm a fan.

From Gold Dust Trail:
MP3: Tame Thoughts - Warm in the Wake (YSI)

Back to New York.. and off to happily watch, for the 5th time..

MP3: Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey (YSI)


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08 April 2007


So.. here are the Arctic Monkeys. Only a slight preview of what the late April release Favourite Worst Nightmare will sound like. Of course, I'll review more when I'm able to buy the skip-free not leaked version. Which you should buy too. Keep in mind, this would be one of those albums where I'd like to post every song but can't.

MP3: Only Ones Who Know - Arctic Monkeys
MP3: 505 - Arctic Monkeys
MP3: If You Were There, Beware - Arctic Monkeys

Sorry. Had to be taken down. Buy the album.

Also.. here in Florida I've been emersing myself in the first season of SNL. I love the 70's- If not because of great music, because of great television, and because of Richard Pryor. Leon Redbone was a regular music act on much of SNL during that period. Of course after hearing him on the show, I went sorting through much of his albums. I've thought long and hard about what Leon sounds like, and I've come up with the perfect description. There is this 1946 Disney movie entitled Song of the South, and there's this part where actor James Baskett (Uncle Remus) sings 'Zippity-do-dah'- that, combined with a New Orleans jazz instrumentalist portrays Redbone to a tee.

Plenty of artists have redone and altered this song. Billie Holiday for example, being one of them.
Leon does it best. From 1978's Champagne Charlie:
MP3: Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Leon Redbone (YSI)

from Leon's first album On The Track released in 1975:
MP3: Sweet Mama Hurry Home Or I'll Be Gone - Leon Redbone (YSI)


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06 April 2007

I'm Listening To..

I promised that my sidebar would be updated every 2 weeks with new releases that I like. It's been 3 weeks. I think I'll start doing the updates monthly.. another way to prolong laziness.

So then. Last month's sidebar albums/singles/surprisingly good releases were:

Ten New Messages - The Rakes
Rainbow Man - Busy P
Dumb Luck - Dntel
The Magic Position - Patrick Wolf
Action Replay - Surkin
Turn The Lights Out - The Ponys
1986 - Kavinsky
Trompe-L'Oeil - Malajube
Technicolour - The Loves
I'll Sleep When You're Dead - El-P

This month, from top to bottom, I'm listening to (but not limited to listening to):
Muzzle No. 1 - The Whip
Porcelain Empire - The Winter Sounds
The Twelve Inches EP - Digitalism
Reflector - Antelope
I Believe In You. Your Magic Is Real - YACHT
Our Earthly Pleasures - Maxïmo Park
The Book of Lists - The Book of Lists
Unbreakable: A Retrospective (Compilation) - Afghan Whigs
Friendly Fires EP - So So Modern
Ma Fleur EP - The Cinematic Orchestra

I can't just list without some explaining. That would be too easy, and would make my blog seem simple and unappealing.

The Whip. Southern Fried might just be my new favorite label, solely because of The Whip and The Black Ghosts. I'm going to be like everyone else and tell you that The Whip are on the breaking point of becoming huge. Now, if they don't become huge, I'll just go; "Hey, I only went by everyone else." I'm kidding. The Whip are wonderful..

.. as are The Black Ghosts remixing them:
MP3: Muzzle No. 1 (Black Ghosts REMIX) - The Whip (YSI)

Next up, Athens band, The Winter Sounds managed to make my list. One strange thing though, is that I find their name unnerving. Are they titled The Winter Sounds, because they sound like various winter sounds? Are they reffering to slush? Because I know what slush sounds like when I drive through it. But they don't sound like slush.

Here's a song from their upcoming album (which is very good, and is out June 26.. so what if I'm early) Porcelain Empire:
MP3: You Can't Give Up - The Winter Sounds (YSI)

Digitalism's newest 'The Twelve Inches' is a 7-track CD single. That's right, twelve inches of compact-disc goodness. So if I purchased Digitalism's CDS, I could go around asking people to check out my new awesome 12"- but.. it would be a CD! How weird! That's like dubbing your fish "Parrot".. or like introducing your Aunt Julia as your Uncle Julia! Alright.. maybe I shouldn't be that excited over the single's title, but rather more excited over the single itself. If you can recall, which I think that you can, Zdarlight came out last September on French label Kitsune. The Twelve Inches came out on Virgin March 12th. Quite the difference. The single has two new editions of Zdarlight, and two mixes of Idealistic.

Have a listen:
MP3: Zdarlight (Discodrome Edition) - Digitalism (YSI)
MP3: Idealistic (Voyage Mix) - Digitalism (YSI)

The Book of Lists need hardly an introduction. They're that flawless candidate for a Brit-pop 90's comparison; disarrayed grunge meets rock meets psych meets subtle arrangement. Pet Politics, a one-man band from Sweden, reminds me of them, which I know is really random, but what I thought upon first listening. The vocals remind me of The Ponys' vocals, Dandy Warhol-esque. They're an easy band to compare with other bands.. which may or may not be saying much..

Taken from their S/T April 10th release:
MP3: Journey East - The Book of Lists (YSI)

I ran into a little problem when including So So Modern's EP on the side bar. Friendly Fires is undoubtedly awesome, but I couldn't find an actual album cover jpeg. If you travel on over to their myspace and play Fire Fights though, I'm pretty sure the image shown is what the album cover is going to look like.. So So Modern are crazy-good. Experimental electro combined with a rock-like twang isn't easy to come by nowa'days, So So Modern are a rare breed.
Off of Friendly Fires:

MP3: Synthgasm - So So Modern (YSI)
MP3: The Love Code - So So Modern (YSI)

That's all I'm going to review for now. This is probably my longest post to date. You can tell I'm enjoying my time in Florida very, very much. The rest of what "I'm Listening to.." are sort of obvious picks so to speak. Paul Smith and the rest of Maxïmo never let down.. Afghan Whigs are classic (plus, I love compilations), Antelope's new album I mentioned a few posts down. YACHT-another awesome one-man band, and The Cinematic Orchestra perhaps I'll touch on later this week, or later this month. Regardless, all bands are linked. Buy the music. Or else..


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05 April 2007

Lonely Hearts

I'm in Florida now. As you know, I live in New York, and as you would subconsciously know, living in New York means that I have absolutely no tan. Coming to Florida, this deems quite the problem.. My concerns aren't yours though.

Moving onward. You might know Joakim. If Joakim doesn't ring a bell, perhaps you might know him from his other, more ingenious alias, Jimi Bazzouka. Joakim has completed plenty of remixes over the past years- including this one of Air's 'Surfing on a Rocket'. Joakim makes the sport sound so effortless.

MP3: Surfing on a Rocket (Joakim Remix) - Air (YSI)

Continuing to the title of this post, Joakim's Lonely Hearts EP out on Versatile deserves much obsessing over, as it captures that 80's pop electro gist beloved at the moment. Think: The Megatrons meet Clor (who aren't exactly 80's, but still). Lonely Hearts isn't as upbeat or as dancey as you might expect from Joakim. I love the vocals though, as weird as they may be. The Tim Goldsworthy remix has some awesome organ-esque sounds about 2 minutes and 6 minutes in. The dub version is crazy depressing, but in a good way.

MP3: Lonely Hearts (Dub Version) - Joakim (YSI)
MP3: Lovely Hearts (Loving Hand Remix by Tim Goldsworthy) (YSI)

for those of you who want to play around..
MP3: Lonely Hearts (Vocals) - Joakim (YSI)

Get the Lonely Hearts EP at Phonica and Juno.
Get Surfing on a Rocket @ Clone.


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01 April 2007

Shall We?

Get.. ehhem, physical? Yes we shall. Everyone is. To see what I mean, visit WESC.com. Olivia just got suddenly very appealing. Maybe everyone realized how nicely her purple tights and headband in the video now fit in with our present 80's retro phase - thus, making Olivia hip! The Black Ghosts bring Newton's 1982 hit ions of justice. Listen, and feel the burn.

MP3: Let's Get Physical - The Black Ghosts


Oh my, my, my. More Black Ghosts.
Right, so I just stumbled upon these remixes that came out today via Southern Fried- home to The Whip (who I promise to touch on later this week), Armand Van Helden, and Grandadbob (who I don't like very much at all). The two tracks are from the Any Way You Choose To Give It CDS. Both are really great. Labelmates, The Whip, give the track an abrasive formality that is, in fact, perfect; while the Boy-8-Bit Version is a little more bouncy, a little more pop, a little less gritty, and a little less perfect.. but still great.
Perhaps I'm too excited about the track(s).. although then again, I would be excited for just about anything because I'm on... wait for it.. Spring Break.

MP3: Any Way You Choose To Give It (The Whip Remix) - The Black Ghosts
MP3: Any Way You Choose To Give It (Boy-8-Bit Version) - The Black Ghosts

Get the tracks @ Juno.


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