31 October 2008

Phantom Other

So, tis Halloween. I put up an "official Halloween" post a few days ago (few down). It's not very scary.

The Department of Eagles don't really have anything to do with the holiday at all. (besides the semi-frightening and woodsy album artwork, which I think is great). However, might as well post up something good whilst I'm posting the flyer for tonight's party at Ruff Club. Should be a fun night.. see it here.

The following tracks are from Department of Eagles new In Ear Park, which could very well be one of my favorite albums of 2008. It came out the beginning of October. One of those dark, terrific, every song is amazing albums that you're still listening to 5 years later. Get it!

From In Ear Park:
MP3: Teenagers - Department of Eagles (YSI)
MP3: No One Does it Like You - Department of Eagles (YSI)
MP3: Balmy Night - Department of Eagles (YSI)

On my way to get a Jedi outfit, solely because I'd rather be carrying around a Lightsaber rather than a blaster. And besides, I don't think I fit in very well with the dark side anyway.

Happy Halloween,

28 October 2008

Here Come the Rubber Cops

Firstly and foremost, here's a little something from the new Sexual Objects (Dave Henderson from the Fire Engines) 7", which was produced by Boards of Canada. Love the track below. If The Strokes ever covered Kiss Me, this is what it might faintly sound like. A genuine feel good song. Buy the 7" here.

From the 7":
MP3: Here Come the Rubber Cops - The Sexual Objects (YSI)

Upon first listen, you might expect The Fireman to be some kind of weird new indie band from California or New Zealand. You might give them a few plays or more, not really anticipating all that much because after all, you hear an excess of indie bands nowadays, it's difficult to give every new band an actual shot. You might even ponder quietly to yourself "They sound a bit like Radiohead mixed with The Beatles...".

The thing is, what's behind The Fireman IS Paul McCartney. Yes! (and Youth). The album Electric Arguments flaunts Paul's more experimental and serious side, that most people (including myself) are somewhat oblivious to. The Fireman have had two albums prior to Electric Arguments, I suggest you give them a listen as well. That Paul. He just keeps 'em coming. Pre-order @ Amazon.

From Electric Arguments:
MP3: Dance 'Till We're High - The Fireman (YSI)
MP3: Two Magpies - The Fireman (YSI)

Off to play Wii and watch movies.
Rainy days are my favorite.

MP3: It's Rainy - The's (YSI)


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A bit ridiculous.

Not quite sure if this has ever been done before. Also- not quite sure whether or not anyone has ever wanted it to be done before.. .

The following are from some of my favorite (and least favorite) parts in the first three films- including the Cantina scene (yes!). The scores were composed by John Williams. Buy the soundtracks from Amazon. Enjoy.

Episode IV: A New Hope:
MP3: Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Imperial Attack - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Cantina Band - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)

Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
MP3: The Asteroid Field - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Lando's Palace - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Carbon Freeze/Darth Vader's Trap/Departure of Boba Fett - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)

Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
MP3: The Droids Are Captured - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI)
MP3: Parade Of The Ewoks - London Symphony Orchestra (YSI
MP3: The Battle Of Endor III (Superstructure Chase & Darth Vader's Death & The Main Reactor) - London Symphony Orchestra (YSi)




24 October 2008

Think I'm Thinkin' 'Bout

The following few tracks are from a band called Harlem out in Texas. Garage rock via 2008. Click on them for their myspace page and more info. I kind of like it.

MP3: Beautiful & Very Smart - Harlem (YSI)
MP3: Think I'm Thinkin' Bout - Harlem (YSI)

Actually I really like it..

Here's a mini winter mix:
MP3: Cold, Cold Night - White Stripes (YSI)
MP3: Winter Lady - Leonard Cohen (YSI)
MP3: The Throat of Winter - T.Rex (YSI)
MP3: Cold Hands - The Black Lips (YSI)
MP3: Early Morning Cold Taxi - The Who (YSI)
MP3: The Fox In The Snow - Belle & Sebastian (YSI)
MP3: The Freeze - Link Wray (YSI)
MP3: Fallen Snow - Au Revoir Simone (YSI)
MP3: In the Cold I'm Standing - M83 (YSI)
MP3: Abominable Snow - Islands (YSI)

Starflyer 59 have had a number of releases already.. they've made about 10 full length albums prior to now. Was never really that much into them, for no reason I can quite put my finger on. Kind of blasé vocals, easy to listen to. Their newest album Dial M comes out the 28th on Tooth & Nail. Buy it here.

From Dial M:
MP3: Automatic - Starflyer 59 (YSI)
MP3: The Brightest of the Head - Starflyer 59 (YSI)

So I haven't really done much of anything or seen much of anything this week for CMJ. The 40 degree temperature in New York kind of makes you lack the motivation to leave your apartment and hop on the subway for anything. However, I am DJing Ruff Club tonight.. hope it's not that cold.

This is the flier:


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21 October 2008


Took some pics the other day roaming around Bushwick. Check 'em out. Not that many, worth a look.. maybe.

You probably already know about Fleet Foxes. If you don't already know about them, I think I could describe them as.. Guillemots meets The Shins? Yeah? Sounds decent to me, more than. From their S/T debut.

MP3: Isles - Fleet Foxes (YSI)
MP3: Your Protector - Fleet Foxes (YSI)

Oizo post got deleted. No idea what happened. Really blogger? Really? Again?!

MP3: Two Takes It - Mr. Oizo (YSI)
MP3: Positif - Mr. Oizo (YSI)


20 October 2008


A little something from this band called Wavves out in California. Kind of ran into them on myspace randomly, the influences on on their page kind of describe them perfectly. They're like.. a beach-y Lightning Bolt meets Sonic Youth and Spacemen 3. Distorted pulsating rock.

MP3: Vermin - Wavves (YSI)
MP3: The Boys Will Love Us - Wavves (YSI)

Here's something completely opposite of Wavves that my roommate left on my computer. From Nico's 1967 release Chelsea Girl.

MP3: The Fairest Of The Seasons - Nico (YSI)
MP3: I'll Keep It With Mine - Nico (YSI)

Now, off to enjoy what's left of today. And hey, found my charger.


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17 October 2008

Love Can Be So Mean

YES! Sebastian Grainger's new album Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains comes out the 21st. It's so great that I truly feel obliged to blog about it. Like DFA1979, kind of, but fuzzier, lighter and with guitars.. makes you feel good. The vocals are the best part of everything though, which you already knew would be. A solid, very solid album. Every single song I like and wish I could post. Pick it up when it comes out or pre-order it from amazon.

MP3: I Hate My Friends - Sebastien Grainger (YSI)
MP3: American Names - Sebastien Grainger (YSI)
MP3: Meet New Friends - Sebastien Grainger (YSI)

Zshare isn't working yet.. I should probably start hosting the mp3's anyway. We'll see..

Bonus. The guitars kind of sound like the guitars in I Hate My Friends a little in the beginning.
MP3: Severed Lips - Dinosaur Jr. (YSI)



06 October 2008


Just posted some Oasis/Kings of Leon tracks up a few days ago.. and it got deleted.. (see my recent hype machine tracks.. on the sidebar) If you're wondering where the post went, I'm about as clueless as you are.

Perhaps a password change is necessary? If you're getting redirected here from hypem and are let down, I'll post the tracks again soon.. ish. Not on my computer right now.