20 November 2007


TWO DAYS! Because I probably won't post anything in a week, here's a somewhat large post, compiled of somewhat old and somewhat new things. Enjoy:

MP3: Merrymaking At My Place (Mr. Oizo Remix) - Calvin Harris (YSI)
MP3: Rollerdisco - Black Moth Super Rainbow (YSI)
MP3: ABAG (Leif's Acid Blowing In Wind rmx) - Todosantos (YSI)
MP3: We Have Explosive (Mantronix Plastic Formula #1) - The Future Sound Of London (YSI)
MP3: Penetration - Iggy & The Stooges (YSI)
MP3: Sound of Silver (c2 Remix Rev.3) - LCD Soundsystem (YSI)
MP3: P.O.P.S.O.N.G. - Objects (YSI)
MP3: Anyway You Choose To Give It (Playgroup Remix) - Black Ghosts (YSI)
MP3: Gameover: Thanks for Playing - Aqueduct (YSI)

Went sightseeing yesterday in midtown/chinatown. Saw some lighting thing at Saks. Pics:

More here.
I asked for the Wii for Christmas.
And also that Link Wray shirt (see a few posts down).

Happy Thanksgiving:
MP3: Holidays In The Sun - Sex Pistols (YSI)
MP3: Holiday In Waikiki - The Kinks (YSI)
MP3: Holiday - The Subways (YSI)
MP3: Tommy's Holiday Camp - The Who (YSI)
MP3: Kids on Holiday - Animal Collective (YSI)
MP3: Holiday On Ice - Le Knight Club (YSI)


18 November 2007

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

What I've been listening to lately: Portishead and Mazzy Star, specifically Portishead's 1994 debut Dummy and Mazzy Star's 1990 debut She Hangs Brightly. Classic albums if you're anywhere near interested in the Trip Hop/Dream Pop-centric weird 90's obscure sound with girl vocals.. a slightly ambiguous movement of the 90's, which I'm slowly but surely learning about since in 1990 I was actually only 2 years old, impossible to know about She Hangs Brightly then. For something similair I'd check out (if I were you) The Long Blondes, The Jealous Girlfriends, Cat Power, Blonde Redhead, you know, etc.

From 1994's Dummy.
MP3: Sour Times - Portishead (YSI)
MP3: Glory Box - Portishead (YSI)

From 1990's She Hangs Brightly:
MP3: Ride It On - Mazzy Star (YSI)
MP3: Ghost Highway - Mazzy Star (YSI)

So that's what I've been listening to. What I've been watching is The Big Lebowski. Here's what I've been listening to that relates to The Big Lebowski.

MP3: Lujon - Henri Mancini (YSI)
MP3: Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In) - The First Edition (YSI)
MP3: Dead Flowers - Townes Van Zandt (YSI)
MP3: My Mood Swings - Elvis Costello (YSI)

Okay. Later.
and just because it's Saturday (technically Sunday.. whatever):
MP3:Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week) - Frank Sinatra (YSI)
MP3: Saturdays - Cut Copy (YSI)
MP3: Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) - The Who (YSI)
A little bit of The Cribs Arigato Cockers goodness:
MP3: Saturday Night Facts Of Life - The Cribs (YSI)

I could do so much with the word Saturday. SO MUCH.

16 November 2007

So, you like The Beatles? Part 2

Finishing up UK Studio albums (1965-70)
Starting off with:

Revolver (#1 for 7 weeks – debut at #1, plus another 6 weeks at #2; 46 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 7009 (Mono)/PCS 7009 (Stereo)
Released: 1966-08-05

MP3: Taxman - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Here, There and Everywhere - The Beatles (YSI)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (#1 for 27 weeks, plus another 5 weeks at #2; 201 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 7027 (Mono)/PCS 7027 (Stereo)
Released: 1967-06-01

MP3: She's Leaving Home - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles (YSI)

(US RELEASE) Magical Mystery Tour (#1 for 8 weeks; 91 weeks on chart) (12/30/1967+) (1/6/1968-) {The Movie Soundtrack & 1967 singles}
Label: Capitol MAL 2835 (Mono)/SMAL 2835 (Stereo)
Released: 1967-11-27

MP3: I Am The Walrus - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Penny Lane - The Beatles (YSI)

The Beatles ("The White Album") (#1 for 8 weeks – debut at #1, plus another 2 weeks at #2; 24 weeks on chart)
Label: Apple/Parlophone PMC 7067-7068 (Mono)/PCS 7067-7068 (Stereo)
Released: 1968-11-22

MP3: Julia - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Happiness is a Warm Gun - The Beatles (YSI)

Yellow Submarine (#3; 11 weeks on chart)
Label: Apple/Parlophone PMC 7070 (Mono)/PCS 7070 (Stereo)
Released: 1969-01-17

MP3: Yellow Submarine - The Beatles (YSI)
Side two (Instrumental, conducted by George Martin)
MP3: Sea of Holes - The Beatles (YSI)

Abbey Road (#1 for 17 weeks – debut at #1, plus 1 week at #2; 92 weeks on chart)
Label: Apple/Parlophone PCS 7088 Albums in stereo only from this point on.
Released: 1969-09-26

MP3: Oh! Darling - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Something - The Beatles (YSI)

Let It Be (#1 for 3 weeks – debut at #1, plus another 4 weeks at #2; 60 weeks on chart)
Label: Apple/Parlophone PXS 1 (Box Set) /PCS 7096 (Regular LP)
Released: 1970-05-08 (Box Set)
1970-11-06 (Regular LP)

MP3: Two of Us - The Beatles (YSI)
And from Let It Be... Naked (a remastered and remixed version of the original session tapes from 1970's Let It Be
MP3: Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles (YSI)

Sort of ridiculous, but, there you have it.
The Beatles.



15 November 2007

So, you like The Beatles? Part 1

It's only fair that I post this up: a compilation of my favorite Beatles songs, one (perhaps two) from every album, and every b-side from every single they've ever produced. I've already done this with The Who (excluding singles), and somewhat with Radiohead, though not officially. It's going to take more than one post I'm sure. Let us begin.. we'll start with UK studio albums.

Please Please Me (#1 for 30 weeks, plus another 20 weeks at #2; 74 weeks on chart)
Label: (Parlophone PMC 1202 (Mono)/PCS 3042 (Stereo)
Released: 1963-03-22 and 1963-04-26 (Mono and stereo respectively)

MP3: Boys - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Love Me Do - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Misery - The Beatles (YSI)

With the Beatles (#1 for 21 weeks, plus another 10 weeks at #2; 53 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1206 (Mono)/PCS 3045 (Stereo)
Released: 1963-11-22

MP3: All My Loving - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Money (Thats What I Want) - The Beatles (YSI)

A Hard Day's Night (#1 for 21 weeks; 43 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1230 (Mono)/PCS 3058 (Stereo)
Released: 1964-07-10

MP3: If I Fell - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Things We Said Today - The Beatles (YSI)

Beatles for Sale (#1 for 11 weeks, plus another 11 weeks at #2; 48 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1240 (Mono)/PCS 3062 (Stereo)
Released: 1964-12-04

MP3: Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby - The Beatles (YSI)

Here's where we get into familiar territory..

Help! (#1 for 9 weeks – debut at #1, plus another 6 weeks at #2; 41 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1255 (Mono)/PCS 3071 (Stereo)
Released: 1965-08-06

MP3: Another Girl - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Tell Me What You See - The Beatles (YSI)

and, stopping at UK Studio albums in 1965 for Part 1..

Rubber Soul (#1 for 8 weeks, plus another 11 weeks at #2; 47 weeks on chart)
Label: Parlophone PMC 1267 (Mono)/PCS 3075 (Stereo)
Released: 1965-12-03

MP3: Michelle - The Beatles (YSI)
MP3: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - The Beatles (YSI)

Tomorrow (perhaps tonight, if I'm bored) we'll continue with UK Studio albums of 1966, starting with Revolver, then we'll dive into compilations, then singles, or singles then compilations. Damn The Beatles for being so goddamn great.
Just kidding. Good for you I'm an extremist.



08 November 2007

I'm tired

It's a good thing that someone invented the blog so I can tell you about Link Wray, essentially an electric guitar genius. He's got some intense distorted sounds that are worth listening to, over and over again, in complete admiration. Think: Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Dick Dale- except maybe cooler. He was the first to really poineer overdrive and fuzz distortions with the electric guitar; so when someone refers to something as gritty 60's they're probably referring to Link without realizing it. Also the first to use the power chord. Impressive. No vocals in his first album with the Raymen. Who cares. It's awesome.

From 1960's They're Outta Here Says Archie:
MP3: Oddball Aka Rumble - Link Wray & The Raymen (YSI)
MP3: Drag Race - Link Wray & The Raymen (YSI)
MP3: I'll Be So Good To You - Link Wray & The Raymen (YSI)

It's about 9 am and I just got back from class. I'm going TO BED.

Someone buy me this t-shirt for X-mas.


05 November 2007

Let us take a trip

Before Eric Clapton in Cream, there was Eric Clapton in The Yardbirds. Before Jeff Beck in the Jeff Beck Group, there was Jeff Beck in The Yardbirds. Before Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin, there was Jimmy Page in The Yardbirds. Everyone already knows all of this. Given the incredibly famous/talented fusion, you would imagine that The Yardbirds would have to be exceptional. Which they are. Candor is important when you're talking about a band with some of rocks most dominant guitarists..

MP3: What Do You Want - The Yardbirds (YSI)
MP3: I Ain't Done Wrong - The Yardbirds (YSI)
MP3: For Your Love - The Yardbirds (YSI)
MP3: He's Always There - The Yardbirds (YSI)

A little bit of Janis since I'm bringing up the mid-60's. Even though she sort of reached her career high in the early to mid 70s. Also, just because I feel like putting these up I'm going to. Here you go:

MP3: Little Girl Blue - Janis Joplin (YSI)
MP3: Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin (YSI)
MP3: Down On Me - Janis Joplin (YSI)

A little bit of obscure 60's/70s. I always thought of the Pebbles and Nuggets volumes as amazing because none of the songs ever make any sense worth considering. Not that the songs aren't good, they are, the lyrics are just crazy. About 500x's more confusing than I Am The Walrus. Although If I were on something I'm sure I could create some kind of relevent meaning.. then again, maybe not.

MP3: Swami - William Penn V (YSI)
MP3: Anxious Color - Painted Faces (YSI)
MP3: Like A Dribbling Fram - Race Marbles (YSI)

I read a book a while ago titledWhite Bicycles by Joe Boyd, I'm sure I mentioned this to you already. Boyd once ran a club in the UK, and he mentions in his book a band that played at his club a number of times called the Soft Machine. (also a Burroughs book.. if you're into Burroughs any.. the book is what the band is actually named after. Amazing really how many bands are named after books) There's not much of any vocals on Bundles, the album which the following tracks are from. There are some decent guitar riffs. I imagine the Soft Machine's earlier stuff (early 60s) has to have more substance to it. Will post on that once I get into it.. They supporeted Pink Floyd at Joe's club. Go read about it..

MP3: Hazard Profile, Pt. 2 - Soft Machine (YSI)

That's it.
I'd still reccomend checking out the post I put up the day before yesterday. Flashing Lights Lights Lights Lights. Damn that song for being stuck in my head. All the goddamn time.

Actually one more :

MP3: Let's Take A Trip - Godfrey (YSI)

No, wait, maybe just three more, a little Hendrix:
MP3: Electric Church Red House - Jimi Hendrix (YSI)

a little Zombies:
MP3: I Want Her She Wants Me - The Zombies (YSI)

a little more Zombies, and a nice song to dissappear with.
MP3: Leave Me Be - The Zombies (YSI)


03 November 2007

lights lights lights lights

An immense concoction of electronic goodness.

MP3: Check (Losers Rhymix Remix) - Goose (YSI)
MP3: Marina Gasolina (Fake Blood Remix) - Bonde Do Role (YSI)
MP3: Sexual Sportswear - Sébastien Tellier (YSI)
MP3: Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Approach) - Depeche Mode (YSI)
MP3: Literatura (Lovely Chords Remix) - Friday Bridge (YSI)
MP3: Glock Nines (Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z) - Ratatat (YSI)
MP3: Mal Poli - Yelle (YSI)
MP3: Flashing Lights (Mano Uptempo Remix) - Kanye West (YSI)
MP3: It's A Rave Dave (JE2 Grade 8 Mix) - Trash Fashion (YSI)
MP3: A Track Called Jack (Jahawi's Jackin' Off Remix) - Armand Van Helden (YSI)

flashing lights lights lights lights


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01 November 2007

The best part of this post are the last two mp3s.

I can't sleep. Which means, I must post. I've already watched two movies. (this and this), read 3 chapters of this, and I still feel not in the least bit tired. Maybe drowsy, but not tired. Definitely not tired. So, then. What I've been listening to this week.

MP3: Nude - Radiohead (YSI)
MP3: Debbie - Architecture in Helsinki (YSI)
MP3: Future Reflections - MGMT (YSI)
MP3: Royal Gregory - Holy Fuck (YSI)
MP3: Smithereens - Annie Lennox (YSI)
MP3: Trees Outside The Academy - Thurston Moore (YSI) (picture)

I've been listening to In Rainbows, over and over, still.. as I'm sure everyone on the planet pretty much is. Architecture In Helsinki's Places Like This a whole lot. MGMT's Oracular Spectacular, still, and Holy Fuck's LP. I've especially been listening to Annie Lennox's newest Songs of Mass Destruction, and Thurston Moore's Trees Outside the Academy. All very good albums, all highly reccommended, all worth your while. Also a lot of Sonic Youth's somewhat old stuff in light of Thurston Moore's somewhat new stuff.

MP3: The Ineffable Me - Sonic Youth (YSI)
from A Thousand Leaves and like:
MP3: No Queen Blues - Sonic Youth (YSI)
from Washing Machine.

And here's a mix tape book by Thurston Moore that I once literally paid 25 dollars for. Not so much a good read.. the cassette artwork is fantastic, however.

Songs that have to do with the word Goodbye. Not that I'm going anywhere after this post besides to bed. This is just another way of proving how uneventful my Thursday nights are..

MP3: Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye - Leonard Cohen (YSI)
MP3: Goodbye Little Darlin' - Johnny Cash (YSI)
MP3: Goodbye? - Grandaddy (YSI)
MP3: Goodbye - Clor (YSI)
MP3: So This Is Goodbye - Junior Boys (YSI)
MP3: How To Say Goodbye - The Magnetic Fields (YSI)
MP3: I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes - Tom Vek (YSI)
MP3: Hello, Goodbye - Beatles (YSI)

By the way, new Magnetic Fields album called Distortion comes out January 08.

I'm posting this next MP3 because in Gus Van Sant's Last Days, (one of the movies I just finished watching if you clicked the link in the beginning of the post) The character Scott puts on Venus in Furs, which is also an interesting book I once read, which also happens to come 7 tracks before:

MP3: The Black Angel's Death Song - The Velvet Underground (YSI)

On the album The Velvet Underground & Nico. I would've posted Venus in Furs if I hadn't already posted it (think I did..). Scott does a horrible job at singing along with Lou Reed's vocals if you've ever seen the movie. If you're bored the Venus in Furs wikipedia entry is pretty interesting.. if you don't have the novel in hand.

And one last thing..

MP3: Strawberries (The Whip Remix) - Asobi Seksu (YSI)
MP3: Strawberries (CSS Remix) - Asobi Seksu (YSI)

I don't understand any of the vocals but I love Asobi Seksu so much right now. Strawberries will be released via two red-vinyl 7"s, a four-track CD, and digitally via UK retailers.

See you tomorrow at the Annex. Unless you're going to see Rogue Wave at Maxwell's. In which case you can still probably make it to the Annex.