28 March 2007


Gravity's Rainbow. I haven't finished the Thomas Pynchon novel yet, but I will. It's a personal goal. I have about 100-something pages left to go. Not too shabby..

Speaking of the song though, as if there weren't enough remixes already, here is Kavinsky remixing the Klaxons' very popular tune. I think it's what Gravity's Rainbow would sound like if it was specifically made for a Miami Vice episode.
The track will be featured on the Gravity's Rainbow single, out April 9 via Polydor. Get it when it comes out. Do it.

MP3: Gravity's Rainbow (Kavinsky Remix) - Klaxons

New from SMD, here is the Masseymix edit of 'It's The Beat', found on the It's The Beat single. Luke Vibert also does some fancy work on the track, which you can get here. It came out two days ago on Wichita. Niiiiiiiice.

MP3: It's The Beat (Masseymix Edit) - Simian Mobile Disco


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26 March 2007


So, Deerhunter's LP Cryptograms got proper recognition. If you're a blogger or a blog-reader or a myspace-r.. whatever, Deerhunter=what's up. I got tired of hearing about them, actually. That doesn't mean I'm not going to promote their upcoming EP/epilogue to Cryptograms, Fluorescent Grey, though. Pfffsh. It's great! It's also out in April . I'm sure that it will get proper recognition too. Like New reminds me of the Arcade Fire.

off of the Fluorescent Grey EP:
MP3: Dr. Glass - Deerhunter
MP3: Like New - Deerhunter

Staying on the topic of bands that have mammels incorporated in their names..Washington D.C.'s Antelope release Reflector tomorrow via Dischord. It's a lovely album, effortless, simple.. sometimes boring. But who cares. I'm tired. Here's some music.

Off of Reflector:
MP3: Mirroring - Antelope
MP3: Dead Eye - Antelope


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24 March 2007

I've got these beats

Hypothetically.. let's say you took five good electronic producers. You sat them down. You told them to generate something deep without specifying what you meant by deep. You told them to make something semi-electro, something house, something fresh, something old-school. You emphasized old-school, and you emphasized house. Well, what would you get? If those producers you sat down were Andrew Macari, Dan Lye, Jason Cowley, Steve Walker, and Andy Riley, you would get ToKa Project's newest EP, I've Got These Beats. Good work. Came out March 12th via Robsoul. Get it @ Juno.

The EP is great. The track titles are perfect for ad-libbing. For instance, I can create this sentence:
People, I Gotta Go, I've Got These Beats.
or I could make:
I Gotta Go, People, I've Got These Beats.
I've Got These Beats, People, Leave Me Alone You Bastards, I Gotta Go

well.. I can't actually make that last one without improvising.. you understand.

off of the I've Got These Beats EP:
MP3: I've Got These Beats - Toka Project
MP3: People - Toka Project

I've also got.. some B-sides from The Long Blondes. The single Once and Never Again came out on CD format, and 7" vinyl last October. There are two versions of the vinyl single- one blue version and one orange version. If you can recall, trendy fellow Erol Alkan does some producing for The Long Blondes. Here are some of the b-sides he produced for the single Once and Never Again. Coincidentally, one can be found on the orange 7", the other on the blue.

MP3: The Whippet Fancier - The Long Blondes
MP3: Who Are You To Her - The Long Blondes

Ever wonder what snippets of Sisqo's Thong Song would sound like, if it was better? Since we're touching on Erol, and Erol does in fact make the kids dance, here is Mustapha 3000 (aka Erol Alkan) doing the thong song kongo style.

MP3: Kongo Thong - Mustapha 3000


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21 March 2007


No, no. Not DDR for DS. Even though that is pretty amazing..
These tracks are off of Digitalism's Pogo EP.. which should be out in May sometime. I'm posting these for three reasons. (One) My post earlier was short. (Two) they would make a polite person want to dance rudely.. and (Three) both are audibly.. pretty damn good.

MP3: Pogo (Mentalism Remix) - Digitalism
MP3: Pogo (On The Road To Paris Version) - Digitalism

kind of a big deal. Head on over to Flou Kids and get The Teenagers' remix of Simian Mobile Disco's 'It's the Beat', because after all, it is all about the beat, especially when The Teenagers are remixing it. They also have the radio edit of Pogo. So, get on over there.

until something else happens,
off to watch 'The Departed'.


Remixes Compiled

I love compilations, particularly remix compilations. Two piece Telefon Tel Aviv will release Remixes Compliled May 1st via Hefty.. This is more than excellent, if you like them and intelligible dance music. Compiled things are always nice because they tend to save you from finding things on your own. While I'm not much into the subdued duo, I still think the album is noteworthy. Buy it when it does come out.

MP3: Time Is Running Out (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - Phil Ranelin
MP3: A Genuine Display (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - Midwest Product
MP3: Komponent (Telefon Tel Aviv Remix) - Apparat



19 March 2007

But doesn't everyone.

I wish I was alive in the 80's when Stipe, his blue eye mask, and R.E.M. were cooler than everyone else. I mean, maudlin post 80's stuff is still alright, but I'd rather have been around for the real deal.. Oh well. If you like John Lennon, you'll especially like this track off of Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur.
Learn more about the album here. - 20 John Lennon songs covered by the likes of Regina Spektor, The Postal Service, etc.

MP3: #9 Dream - R.E.M.

Also, I've taken the random liberty of giving you my five favorite BJM tracks, in order. Albums next to tracks. It had to be done eventually.

5. MP3: Mary Please Take It From The Man!
4. MP3: Nevertheless Bravery, Repetition and Noise
3. MP3: Stars Thank God For Mental Illness
2. MP3: That Girl Suicide Spacegirl & Other Favorites
1. MP3: Open Heart Surgery Bravery, Repetition and Noise


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17 March 2007

I see you..

..dancin'. As I write this I'm in Panera Bread, happily eating a toased poppy seed bagel, drinking black coffee, with two equals. I'm here because my internet is busted. Apparently the 20 inches of snow upstate New York got last night effects dsl...

Here's Junior Jack's See You Dancin', the Copyright Dub Remix and the Sergio Flores Lapdance Remix. The orignal mix came out last October, I liked the orignal, but the remixes are nice nice.

MP3: See You Dancin' (Sergio Flores Lapdance Remix) - Junior Jack
MP3: See You Dancin' (Copyright Dub Remix) - Junior Jack

Also, here's Peter Rauhofer remixing Nelly Furtado's Say It Right. There are three parts to the remix. I've taken the courtesy of giving you parts II & III. You're welcome. I have to run because I'm not at Panera alone and the person with me is getting very angry.

MP3: Say it Right (Peter Rauhofer Remix Part 2) - Nelly Furtado
MP3: Say it Right (Peter Rauhofer Remix Part 3) - Nelly Furtado

back to my bagel..


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16 March 2007

Rix del Rio

Rix del Rio from Denmark just supplied me with this lavish mix. What an awesome name to have. Rix. I like it. It's more impressive than Danzie. I also like his mixtape. You'll figure out why. It goes a bit special like this:

The Chemical Brothers 'Electronic Battle Weapon 8' vs. Mikael Weill 'Silmarions' (Claude Von Stroke Mix)
Trash Fashion - 'It's A Rave Dave' (JE2 Grade 8 Mix)
SebastiAn - 'Greel'
The Martin Brothers - 'Stoopit' (original mix)
Napsugar - 'Somebody got lucky'
Jurgen Paape - 'Take This'
Andrea Doria - 'Yaoo' (Original Mix)
John Dahlback - 'Blink'
Findlay Brown - 'Losing The Will To Survive' (Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Remix)
Headland - 'Love Hate' (Blamma! Blamma! remix)
Justice - 'Phantom' (CFCF's Six Pack Remix)
Does It Offend You, Yeah? - 'We Are Rockstars' (Kissy sell out Remix)
Sneaky Soundsystem - 'UFO' (Vanshe Tech)
Motor - 'Bleep #1'
Heavy D & Friends - 'In Living Color Theme' (Sta Remix)
Les Petits Pilous - 'Jolie Fille'
Digitalism - 'TVTV'
Tetsuo - 'Disco Team' vs. dancechic99 from YouTube
Busy P - 'Rainbow Man' (K. Christmon's Slight Tamper)
The Gossip - 'Jealous Girls' (New Young Pony Club 12" remix)
Le Film - 'Call Me Up'
The Rakes - 'We Danced Together' (SebastiAn Remix)

Rix Del Rio - March 2007 Mix


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I hope that everyone..

likes my new layout. I really didn't alter that much, apart from changing my neon colors to the LSU colors (which wasn't on purpose), and now I'm on my own banner.. which is sort of weird.. I might replace that. The coolest part about the renovation, is that now on my sidebar I have listed my 9 current favorite albums with links (because I couldn't think of 10.. excect maybe Wilco's Blue Sky Blue or Les Petits Pilous Hello, We Are.. maybe I'll put 10 up later) The albums from top to bottom are as follows:

Ten New Messages - The Rakes
Rainbow Man - Busy P
Dumb Luck - Dntel
The Magic Position - Patrick Wolf
Action Replay - Surkin
Turn The Lights Out - The Ponys
1986 - Kavinsky
Trompe-L'Oeil - Malajube
Technicolour - The Loves

I think I've already told you about all of the albums, or at least the artists. I'll probably post new favorites every two weeks or so. Patrick Wolf's The Magic Position I'll touch on later this week, but today is a day for Ponys and for Love. How sweet and awkward.

Just like I am a big Cribs fan, I am a big Ponys fan. I was also a big Ian Adams fan, until he left the group after their second album. Why!? I'm not sure, but The Ponys still sound like The Ponys without him, just minus the British pop-happy vibe. In most cases, change is either good or bad, but in this case, change is simply change. They still remind me of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, as they always have with that certain hollow scuzzy sound. Get Turn The Lights Out March 20th when it comes out on Matador.

off of Turn The Lights Out:
MP3: Turn The Lights Out - The Ponys
MP3: Maybe I'll Try - The Ponys

off of Celebration Castle:
MP3: She's Broken - The Ponys
MP3: I'm With You - The Ponys (my favorite Ponys track)

off of Laced With Romance:
MP3: I Love You 'Cause (You Look Like Me) - The Ponys (my favorite Ponys track title)

I had no idea about The Loves until I started browsing Last.fm (as I sometimes do) and found that Besnard Lakes fans are Loves fans too. Hmmm.. "Interesting", I thought. So after downloading Technicolour and listening, I came to the conclusion that The Loves are like The Bicycles- a band that either belongs, or really badly wants to subsist in the 1960's. Although I don't blame them, bubblegum pop is enjoyable on occasion, I feel as if completely echoing another era is something that shouldn't be done. If I want to hear something from 1967, I'll put on an album from 1967, and then I'll say "Wow, the 1960's were amazing" and I won't have to feel fooled because I won't be listening to an album from 2007. Although I do like The Loves, I don't love The Loves. I apparently love them enough to put them in my sidebar though... maybe it's the techni-cool album cover.

off of Technicolour:
MP3: She'll Break Your Heart... Again - The Loves
MP3: How Does It Feel To Be Loved? - The Loves


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15 March 2007

I'm SWITCH-ing it up.

Speaker Junk have made me very happy. This past week I've been on the most pathetic Jimi Hendrix binge. Are You Experienced?, Midnight Lightning, Rainbow Bridge, the live stuff, Isle of Wight, the essentail stuff. Jimi jimi jimi jimi jimi. So, how much more elated could I have been when I found that Speaker Junk have re-done 'Foxy Lady'! Only they titled their's 'Foxxy' and made it (obviously) much more electro then Jimi's version ever was. I love it. I really do. And what I love even more about this whole ordeal, is that Switch remixed Foxxy. You want it? Here it is:

MP3: Foxxy (Switch Remix) - Speaker Junk
get Jimi's 'Foxy Lady' a few posts down.

Yuksek. He does it the French way, the electro way, he produces, he makes amazing low key remixes and songs. Yuksek's first release was his Friendship Salad EP back in 2002. Hello Sukuki was released a few years later in 2004, and I like it a lot, even though it's very stark and simple. I suggest that you get his latest, Composer which came out on Relish Recordings this past February.
Here's going back three years.

From the Hello Sukuki 12":
MP3: Persecaution - Yuksek
MP3: Binary Gear - Yuksek


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13 March 2007

Raccoo-oo-oon(s) and etc.

No, I'm not making a a stupid joke about an animal that's usually found in a garbage can. If I was going to do that, I certainly wouldn't put all the 'o's in there, let alone the dashes, because that wouldn't make any sense. Raccoo-oo-oon are an experimental band from Iowa. When I tell you that they're experimental, I don't think that they're experimental, I know that they are because I've never heard anything exactly like them. (And usually with so many bands out there, you tend to hear music exactly like other music. I know, it get's boring.) Agree with me or disagree with me, but I think Raccoo-oo-oon do a fine job at reminding me of what a raccoon might (I say might only because I've never actually heard a raccoon make a noise before..) sound like in the forest, in the middle of the night, ruffling through wet leaves, with a large raccoon-cult following. Think of them as you would a creepier Lightning Bolt, only with more organized arangements, less noise, and merged with Double Leopards. If you're familiar with those bands, I think I've just given you quite the perfect description of Raccoo-oo-oon. Behold Secret Kingdom, their first official release on Release the Bats comes out sometime later this spring (I think May).

From Behold Secret Kingdom:
MP3: Diamonds in the Dunes - Raccoo-oo-oon
MP3: Mirror Blanket - Raccoo-oo-oon

Now, from Raccoo-oo-oon, I'll move on to Midnight Movies, who almost remind me of Clinic, if Clinic were louder, more alt rock, more abstract, and around in the 1960's. On the other hand.. maybe they don't exactly remind of Clinic that much, but that's the first thing I thought of upon listening. Then I figured "Actually, Blonde Redhead seems like a better fit.." Midnight Movies are one of those bands that you can't quite put your finger on. I like them, and I don't. After hearing their sophomore album, Lion the Girl, I can tell you that while I wasn't entirely blown away, I was impressed by a few tracks: namely, Ribbons and Two Years, which I'm going to give you. They're both fuzzy, clouded, 90's-esque sort of tracks, and I like that. The lead lady's voice has something like a utopian effect similair to Cat Power's, which helps to cancel out the mediocre tracks on the album. Get Lion the Girl when it's out April 24th on New Line.

From Lion the Girl:
MP3: Ribbons - Midnight Movies
MP3: Two Years - Midnight Movies


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12 March 2007

More from...

Here's another remix of Heartthrob's Baby Kate from the Baby Kate Remixes 12" out on M_NUS. I especially like this one because of it's name.. but of course, that wouldn't be a very justifiable reason to like any track.. so I'll tell you about it. The beginning starts off very bare, as practically all of the Baby Kate remixes do. Then, about a minute in, the bare reverbs eventually bleed into more significant sounds, all the while still remaining basic. If you're into a very basic and minimal house sort of thing, you might like this remix by Magda, which I think is very nice, because I'm into a very basic and minimal house sort of thing.

MP3: Baby Kate (Magda's "Where Is My Baby's Daddy" Mix) - Heartthrob

Prior to yesterday, I thought I had heard every available track from NYPC. I was wrong. I completely missed this track off of the Get Lucky single. Maybe that's because I never had the Get Lucky single prior to yesterday.. I can't stop listening now.

MP3: Hiding On The Staircase - New Young Pony Club

Also, what's titled Blue Sky Blue and out via Nonesuch May 15th?
Only Wilco's new album.
Here's something, til May comes rolling along.

Off of Wilco's upcoming Blue Sky Blue:
MP3: Walken - WIlco
MP3: Impossible Germany - Wilco


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09 March 2007

Something really amazing has happened.

The Cribs have a new song. It leaked on their myspace last week for one day. I think it's amazing, but I'm a big Cribs fan, so I couldn't give you a critic's opinion, just my own bias one.

MP3: Our Bovine Public - The Cribs


The only thing I can think of crazier than being bald.. is spelling crazy with a "k" and being bald. Ed Banger put out Krazy's Dry Guillotene EP January 7th. It's loud and gritty, lots of noise, but of course it would be gritty and noisy, because Ed Banger puts out gritty and noisy things. Buy it @ Arcade Mode. 'Applejuice' is awesome. get it get it get it.

MP3: Dry Guillotine - Krazy Baldhead
MP3: Applejuice - Krazy Baldhead

Paul Johnson's 'Hot' is on fire, like these matches. Especially when it's remixed by Surkin. Surkin seems to do an amazing job on everything. Maybe it's because he's from France. Maybe it's because he just is. Regardless, get the 'Hot' remixes, including Nicolas Vallée's @ Beatport.

MP3: Hot (Surkin Remix) - Paul Johnson

Also, did I mention that Peter Bjorn and John reissued two of their previous albums last month? Both their 2002 S/T album, and their 2004 album, Falling Out have been reissued with 5 new bonus tracks on each. This is cool, for all of you PB&J fans. haha. PB&J.

Bonus tracks from the reissue of Falling Out:
MP3: The Trap's My Trip - Peter Bjorn and John
MP3: Fortune Favours Only The Brave - Peter Bjorn and John


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08 March 2007


I haven't been to a show in forever. I can't use school as an excuse, or work as an excuse. I can say that I'm lazy and don't feel like driving all the way to see one. Unfortunately, this driving-laziness besets so that I won't be making it to any of Sabdoh's upcoming shows.. which is upsetting for two reasons. One, being that I've never seen Sabadoh live, because I wasn't cool enough, or old enough, to do so in the 90's. Two, being that I probably won't get a physical copy of their special 2007 tour only CD, Wade Through The Boggs (from what I've read on the net, shows are the only place they're selling, correct me if I'm wrong). Of course, I do have the album digitally. It's kind of awesome, quality is shabby- full of live clips, rareties, radio sessions, stuff from the vault. So. Here you are:

MP3: Mean Distance (Gaffney, Oak Street Garage 1990) - Sebadoh
MP3: Spoiled (Barlow) - Sebadoh
MP3: Not My Friend (Loewenstein) - Sebadoh

An incredible list of bootleg MP3s from Sabadoh's website.

Because I've been listening to Hendrix very much lately, and because I've been enjoying this randomness very much, here's Hendrix covering Van Morrison:
MP3: Gloria - Jimi Hendrix
And here's a track from his 1967 album, Are You Expeirienced?, a song of which needs no introduction:
MP3: Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix


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06 March 2007

I feel terrible.

..really terrible, that I haven't posted anything in so long. I mean.. it has only been 5 days.. But, my terrible feeling can only mean one thing.. that this post will have to be ridiculously long and wordy so I feel less like a slacker. Let us begin..

Firstly, I'll tell you about Dntel's new album. (Don-tell, Din-tell, I should look that up..) Dntel (part of Figurine, part of The Postal Service, aka Jimmy Tamborello, aka James Figurine) has just created a masterpiece of an album, Dumb Luck. I get excited about albums very rarely.. I mean, I love music and listening to it, but it's only on occassion when I hear something and go, "Wow. This is better than good. This is better than better than good. It's better than.. It's..." well, you get the point. Dumb Luck is one of those 'better than good albums'. The songs are boundless, each blends perfectly with the next, they seem infinate. Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, and Mia Doi Todd are all guests on Dumb Luck. As are Grizzly Bear and Fog whose tracks I'm going to give you. Right Now. Pre-order here. Album comes out in April.

MP3: To A Fault (Ft. Grizzly Bear) - Dntel
MP3: Natural Resources (Ft. Fog) - Dntel

Les Petits Pilous. Like Perrier water, even the name sounds foreign and intriguing. Unlike Perrier water, Les Petits Pilous have just released their first EP, Hello, We Are. It's out on Boys Noize Records (2/22). If you're looking for genuine electric beats with dirty wonderful glitch hints, Les Petits Pilous might just serve as your unexpected savior. Thank you France, for being so electronically generous. Get the Hello, We Are EP @ Phonica.

MP3: Dodo Electro - Les Petits Pilous

Scratch Perverts. No, I'm not commanding you to do anything.. the Scratch Perverts (which include DJs Prime Cuts, Tony Vegas and Plus One) released Watch The Ride yesterday. These guys are talented, and the compilation is well worth a good listen, or two, or three, or four. The tracklist (incase you were wondering..) has everything. The Perverts have Mark Ronson's "Just", that oh-so-wonderful Radiohead cover, on there. (If you haven't already noticed, I'm kind of into Radiohead, and the Ronson cover is kind of awesome.) Spank Rock's "Bump" is on there too, along with the Chemical Brothers, and other notables that I won't get to now; all alongside Scratch Perverts' own concoctions. Get the album here.

MP3: Freaks - Scratch Perverts

I wish that everyone was really weird and eccentric and Canadian like Dandi Wind. If that was the case, firstly, I'd have more style inspiration. Secondly, there would be Canadians everywhere, which means more good musicians. And thirdly (and most importantly) electo/punk would be so much more interesting if everyone wore leotards. I have to be honest with you, Dandi Wind's not really my thing, even scary a little. Everyone gets their ear-enjoyment through different sounds, though. I had to mention Dandi. From the 2006 album Concrete Igloo:

MP3: 2010 - Dandi Wind

And lastly:

MP3: Song For You - Alexi Murdoch

Nick Drake, not quite as good, with a blatant Scottish accent..


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01 March 2007

The Gift

For those of you who have absolutely nothing to do with yourselves tonight, you're in luck. The short story below is taken from The Velvet Underground's 1968 album, White Light/White Heat. The album, by far, (even sans Nico, without Warhol producing..and with Reed beguiled by the graces of sex and drugs) stands as my favorite album of The Velvet Underground's.. then it's VU.. then, well, they didn't make too many albums did they.. To say that White Light/White Heat is conventional for them or for the late 60's would be the biggest understatement ever. Check out 'Lady Godiva's Operation' (track 4) too. It's about a sex change operation. It's interesting. Scary. Weird. As for The Gift.. well, The Gift is a short story about..

MP3: The Gift - The Velvet Underground