30 September 2008

It's called love

Before I go on another month long blog seclusion, here's some Thieves Like Us and some New Order, and Thieves Like Us by New Order.

MP3: Theives Like Us - New Order (YSI)

Play Music For You :
MP3: Headlong Into Night - Thieves Like Us (YSI)
MP3: Love Lets Down - Thieves Like Us (YSI)
MP3: Sugar & Song - Thieves Like Us (YSI)

Wait, litte extra:
MP3: Blue Monday - New Order (YSI)
MP3: Ceremony - New Order (YSI)

Here's something a bit softer and acoustic and a bit random for this particular post, from Annuals Wet Zoo EP, released this past April.

MP3: Just Stay In - Annuals (YSI)


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29 September 2008

New Stufffff

Alright, I know, haven't been updating. My neighbor finally figured out how to put a lock on their wireless. If only I lived somewhere not in New York where everyone steals internet.

From Oasis' new Dig Out Your Soul, the bonus disc.

MP3: Falling Down (The Chemical Brothers remix) - Oasis (YSI)

The Raveonettes' new digital album Sometimes They Drop By is pretty good. Very synthesized, galactic, fuzzy and weird. Which I like. Check out The Raveonettes remixed by Trentmøeller on Vice.com for free, somewhere on the site. Find it.

From Sometimes They Drop By:
MP3: Blood Red Leis - The Raveonettes
MP3: Way Out There - The Raveonettes

Sneaky Sound System.. 2. I'm half a fan. 2 is dancey, pop-y, likeable for those who like that sort of thing. I give it a 6? Not feeling the vocals.. really.. that much.. at all.. Not quite sure as to why. S'alright.

MP3: I Just Don't Want To Be Loved - Sneaky Sound System (YSI)
MP3: Lost In The Future - Sneaky Sound System (YSI)

Who likes some PNAU?! Old, sort of. Who cares.. so good. From the S/T 2007 album.

MP3: Shock To My System - PNAU (YSI)
MP3: Lover - PNAU (YSI)
MP3: Freedom - PNAU (YSI)

Not done just yet! Hexes and Ohs. Bedroom Madness came out September 2nd. Happy computer music.

MP3: H-H-Highschool - Hexes & Ohs (YSI)
MP3: You're A Hologram - Hexes & Ohs (YSI)