29 August 2007

Catching Up

Nice that the Justice track went over relatively well.. Yelle's Pop-Up comes out September 3rd. Even if you aren't French, nor understand a word of French, even if you hate 80s homage entirely, EVEN if you can't stand the idea of hearing a french-american-80s-pop inspired integration, I would still, even then, recommend listening to the album in it's entirety before you go off judging it and calling it bad names. Give it a chance. I did.

MP3: Les Femmes - Yelle (YSI)
MP3: 85A - Yelle (YSI)

Other than jamming out to/trying to understand Yelle's new album, however, I've been busy getting overly excited for Radiohead's new album/ep/whatever it's going to be that's due out sometime in 08. Rather than celebrating by putting up yet MORE Radiohead tracks, I've decided to post a few live recordings from Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood. Intricate songs like Lucky and Knives Out sound amazing sans all of the extra production. Enjoy the Mp3's, savor them, take them in and give them their own playlist on iTunes.

MP3: Lucky (9/29/03) - Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood (YSI)
MP3: Knives Out (9/29/03) - Thom Yorke & Jonny Greenwood (YSI)

A couple more things. One is that These New Puritans are awesome. If you've got the time (I understand you want to give the Yorke & Greenwood tracks your absolute attention, be patient) You can watch them on a new episode of Practice Space on VBS. You can also go their myspace page, and listen to them even more. And then, when you're finished with all of that you can download these:

MP3: En Papier - These New Puritans (YSI)
MP3: C16th - These New Puritans (YSI)

I'm DJing this Friday @ The Annex. So is Jake. I'll be playing awesome stuff. Like maybe:

MP3: Legal Tender - The B-52's (YSI)
MP3: One Hundred Years - Nancy Sinatra (YSI)

Ehh, maybe not. I know for sure that I'm playing a Clor Love + Pain b-side that I just recently found purely on accident. So, so good.


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23 August 2007

good god

I'll be MORE than amazed if I'm the first to blog this.. Although anything Soulwax + Justice deserves to be written about and listened to in excess anyway. F'n A. Gets real nice about 4 minutes in. I'm done writing.

MP3: Phantom Pt. II (Soulwax Nite Version) - Justice

sorry. had to take 'er down.


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18 August 2007

Stand Up And Spit

I'm upstate and bored. Made an e-mix. Me and my damn e-mixes.

1. What Would Wolves Do? - Les Savy Fav (YSI)
2. Lucky Boy (Surkin Remix) - DJ Mehdi (YSI)
3. Conscience - Glaxo Babies (YSI)
4. Facade VIP - Noisia (YSI)
5. An Other Skin (Days of Backula) (Unit 4 Remix) - Unit 4 & Black Devil Disco Club (YSI)
6. The Heinrich Maneuver (Paul Epworth Phones Remix) - Interpol (YSI)
7. Kirk - Mr.Oizo (YSI)
8. Freitag Abend (Vocals By Michael Weiss) - Jicheal Mackson (YSI)
9. Made You Look (In My Bed) - Nas & Amy Winehouse (YSI)
10. Underwear - Pulp (YSI)

LSF's Let's Stay Friends (9/18, Frenchkiss) could easily be my favorite album of theirs simply because of What Would Wolves Do?. Mehdi's Lucky Boy track is back from the beggining of '07, but I've been listening to it nonstop, and that's reason to post, plus everyone always praises the Outlines remix and not the Surkin remix. Glaxo Babies are classic (my opinion), Conscience is from Nine Months to Disco which came out 1980 if you've not heard of Glaxo Babies or that album before.. Noisia makes awesome D&B/Breakbeat, and a nice change if (like me) you're not much into those two subgenres.. BDDC are house-y and suprisingly good. Interpol songs remixed are always worth a listen, good or not (in this case, fortunately good.. Phones are nice at doing remixes of heavy indie bands with strong vocals.. Editors, etc.). Added Oizo in there because he's a 90's minimal-master. Put Jichael Mackson in there because his name is Jichael Mackson. Nas' God's Son is my all-time favorite rap album (Listen to Heaven and be amazed, listen to Heaven instrumental and be even more amazed); anyway, that's why I put the Nas & Amy bastard pop-esque song in there. It's nice nice. Pulp song is a 'filler', everyone loves Jarvis. Probably spent a good half hour or more linking.

Here's a track from The Members' 1979 debut album At the Chelsea Nightclub. The Stiff single version of Solitary Confinement was part of the album's 2005 rerelease. (best version of the song).

MP3: Solitary Confinement (Stiff Single Ver) - The Members (YSI)

I basically played my blog at the mini dj gig yesterday. (Digitalism, Clor, The Ponys, Whitey, Velvet Underground, K.I.M., Black Wire) was alright. Tomorrow (or today rather) is Sunday, my only day off all week. I plan on sleeping, and listening to more bossa music, then monday I'm at Vice/VBS. Hopefully this post holds the fort down for a few days.



17 August 2007

Mom, look!

My first gig ever tonight. Come, and I'll put on some good stuff. I mean, obviously I'd do that anyway. Pfsh.


Mini Mix for 8/17

We've almost reached September (the month that symbolizes the passing of 90 degree weather). I've decided such a thing calls for an e-celebration of Mp3's. The Wind-Up Bird's Whips was released back in '02, was not much into it then, very into it now. Aluminum is the "sort of" side project of Jack White's. If you don't own the album Aluminum, I suggest you fix that fault of yours. 3oh!3 are a duo from CO that make pretty decent hip hop merged with electro. They're also opening for Snoop (?!?!) soon out in Denver. I could've sworn I made an entire blog post about Woods before, though I can't find it at the moment, I truly suck at tagging. Props to you if you can. Stay Hungry was sort of a filler.. plus, who actually minds a Talking Heads track.

1. Hott - 3oh!3 (YSI)
2. Stay Hungry - Talking Heads (YSI)
3. Broke - Woods (YSI)
4. Astro - Jack White/Aluminum (YSI)
5. That I've - The Wind-Up Bird (YSI)


15 August 2007

Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead

Quick post. I'm tired. Above is The Salmon Dance video from The Chemical Bros. The video is awesome. First time I've ever seen an animated beatboxing blowfish. If you're super tired and have been up for two days straight (like me), or if you're tripping (like the guy in the video), you've got yourself something to watch.

The Salmon Dance single comes out Sept 10th. on Astralwerks:

MP3: The Salmon Dance (Glimmers Heavily Smoked Mix) - The Chemical Brothers (YSI)
MP3: The Salmon Dance (Herve Remix) - The Chemical Brothers (YSI)

The Dead 60s' Time to Take Sides came out two days ago. The album reminds me of a long awkward Hard-Fi impression. "But I thought they were the band that sounded exacty like The Clash!?" I thought so too. Not sure what happened. Depressing, I know. Here's a sample, own it yourself. Worth a listen.

from Time to Take Sides:
MP3: Start a War - The Dead 60s (YSI)

Something that's not depressing though, is Akron/Family's new album, Love is Simple, which I could listen to for 14 and a half days straight, eating nothing but kashi, drinking nothing but tea, staring only through kaleidoscopes. There are some artists/bands that never let down (Nick Drake, Radiohead). There are a few that let down on rare ocassions (VU). Then there are some that you can never count on. Ever. Akron/Family I'd put somewhere near that Nick Drake/Radiohead/basically timeless category.

from Love is Simple out 9/10 on Young God:
MP3: There's So Many Colors - Akron/Family (YSI)
MP3: Pony's O.G - Akron/Family (YSI)
MP3: Don't Be Afraid, You're Already Dead - Akron/Family (YSI)


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Rummaging through music videos on the internet can, at times, lead to great successes. Other times surfing the web for a certain something can lead to unwanted, filthy, failures. Like Youtube, and it's annoying square segmentation boxes of bad digital quality. If you're looking for nice quality music videos, however, look no further than VBS.TV. Even if those damn boxes are only from my sometimes insufficient internet connection, Youtube is still a pansy in comparison. That's right, I said it. Plus VBS has all of the Arcade Fire's videos from the first album. Consecutively. They've also got Liars, and Chromeo, and Digitalism, and Deerhunter, and everyone else that I've blogged on and on about sans video links. (sorry for that, by the way). Go, enjoy. And check out SSION's Street Jizz more than one time. Not only because I'm an intern there now, but because it's a pretty damn cool site anyway.

MP3: New Pleasure - Richard Hell & The Voidoids (YSI)


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13 August 2007

indie indie indie ind-etc..

Imagine Devendra Banhart's vocals mixed with Antony Hegarty's vocals from Antony and the Johnsons mixed with Fyfe's from Guillemots, only imagine the combination actually sounding normal. At first, the fusion seems like it might be awkward, but once you listen to Bombay Bicylcle Club you realize, Jack Steadman's nailed it! That's what it would sound like, and it sounds awesome. Plus the band is damn good. Better than having an ultimate ice cream experience at Cold Stone Creamery. (my previous definition of good) Now, listen to these demos and try, just try to disagree with me. Somebody needs to book them in New York. Or take me to Cold Stone Creamery.

MP3: How Are You - Bombay Bicycle Club (YSI)
MP3: Open House - Bombay Bicycle Club (YSI)
MP3: Autumn - Bombay Bicycle Club (YSI)

Rogue Wave's third album, Asleep At Heaven's Gate comes out in September. I'm not too fond of contemporary simple stuff (think The Shins, Stars), not because it's bad, but because post listening I get all melancholy and weird. On ocassion though, I can go for it. I have been listening to Italian Bossa music every morning for the past five mornings, maybe why I'm not minding Asleep At Heaven's Gate as much as I would otherwise. It's a mature album, lovely, not as boring as I'm making it out to be.. you just need to be in the correct mood for it, like at 6 o' clock in the morning when sleep is somewhat of an issue. Out via Universal Republic next month.

MP3: Christians In Black - Rogue Wave (YSI)
MP3: Missed - Rogue Wave (YSI)

If you're a Cure fan, a New Order fan, a Joy Division fan, a fan of any post punk band ever, you'll enjoy The Opposite Sex. Now, they may seem like they're trying too hard, but what's the sense of playing the music and not dressing and acting the part? That would be stupid, like Frank Sinatra pretending to be David Johansen. I was born in 1989. Which basically means that I've missed out on everything 80s-cool (Punky Brewster, Cabbage Patch Kids, WarGames, enlarged boom boxes.. etc) I thank bands like The Opposite Sex for reliving the past. Get their debut (and self released) album Violent Heartstrings here.

MP3: Violent Heartstrings - The Opposite Sex (YSI)

And I'm off.

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09 August 2007

misc mix

Just got back from seeing The Cribs play at Bowery. Me and the goddamn Cribs. They weren't half bad.. White Rabbits played too, and were genius with three drummers. Saw half the first band, forgot the name of them... Moving on. I've been focusing way too much on specific genres lately, which is stupid. F that. Here's a list of lots of random stuff I sort of just picked out on my itunes. A "Misc Mix".

1. Empty Bottles - Magik Markers (YSI)
2. Desdemona - John's Children (YSI)
3. The Clean Up Squad - Soft Tigers (YSI)
4. Ruby Red - The Godz (YSI)
5. Musique - Daft Punk (YSI)
6. The Land of Doesn't Have to Be - Donovan (YSI)
7. Moon River - Audrey Hepburn (YSI)
8. Duplexes Of The Dead - The Fiery Furnaces (YSI)
9. Hello Operator - The White Stripes (YSI)
10. For the Pier (and Dead Shimmering) - Sunset Rubdown (YSI)

Also, my flickr account is on the verge of distinction. Might just start posting my pictures up here. Might just. (above is gloomy chinatown outside my window)


07 August 2007


Alexander Ridha makes nice electro-tech. Or rather he, AKA Boys Noize, is the definition of the sub genre combo. And that, that's a huge compliment, even though it hardly makes any sense. He's remixed a giant plethora of commercial artists, from Feist to Bloc Party, from the Kaiser Cheifs to Depeche Mode, has been featured on two of Kitsuné's Compilation albums, and is German, consistent, awesome. He turns any absolute mess of a song into something excellent and worthwhile. Now, imagine talented, techy Alexander creating his own masterpiece.....
Imagine no longer my friends, he has. (I'm assuming the 'masterpiece part') Boys Noize's first album, Oi Oi Oi, comes out September 25th on Boys Noize Germany. Until then, have a listen to these gems found on the latest single, & Down. I love me some Teenage Bad Girl, and extended mixes, always the extended mixes. Sort of French electro-house sounding/SebastiAn-esque; which is really nice, because I think french electro-house is almost always really nice. I'm not posting the bonus track though. Get that your own damned selves... here.

MP3: & Down (Teenage Bad Girl Remix) - Boys Noize (YSI)
MP3: & Down (Extended Mix) - Boys Noize (YSI)

Speaking of French Electro-House, here's a B-Side from Electroluxe Family's Rock That Shit 12" EP. Somebody is totaly doing 'it' 2:30 in.

MP3: Zapping - Electroluxe Family (YSI)


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05 August 2007


New remix from The Teenagers. They've taken Goodbooks' The Illness and made it pretty nice, pretty 80's-solid, and pretty Teenagers-esque. And ill, obviously. I usually think indie bands sound somewhat punchy and disoriented remixed, but Goodbooks always sound pretty cool with a few electro add-ins, sort of like how The Black Ghosts always sound pretty cool remixed. Oh, and the Herve Dub track is pretty sick, especially about 1:20 in, slowly builds up from there.

MP3: The Illness (The Teenagers Remix) - GoodBooks (YSI)
MP3: The Illness (Hervé Dub) - GoodBooks (YSI)

MP3: Tiger - The Teenagers (YSI)
MP3: Vodka - The Teenagers (YSI)

Two weeks or so ago I had a listen to Goodbooks' single Passchendaele. For those of you who aren't human history references (pffsh, losers), Passchendaele was sort of a sub-war that took place during WWI. I'm absolutely clueless when it comes to pronouncing the song title/"war", but as far as describing the song itself I can tell you that it's pleasing, and worth your eartime. Goodbooks are almost too pop-y for me (Think Kooks, Pigeon Detectives, etc.). If anything you can at least learn about WWI. I remember when I was in like, 10th grade, I used to make my History teacher mix CDs of bands that had to do with history. EX: Louis XIV, Franz. I was such a cool 10th grader.

Passchendaele 7"
MP3: Passchendaele - GoodBooks (YSI)

Passchendaele 7" B-Side (which I enjoy better):
MP3: Hiding Away - GoodBooks (YSI)

Get GoodBooks stuff here. Teenager's new single here. Pure Groove Records-new favorite.


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02 August 2007


I almost like Kissy not remixing better. Almost. Taken from his latest single/debut single, Her. Released via Lavolta.

MP3: Her (Touche Remix) - Kissy Sell Out (YSI)



01 August 2007

What the Who?

(Compilation Cover '74)

I am somewhat of a big Who fan, if not big at least moderately big. One of the bands that specifically influenced and merged Britpop and Modernist culture, perfecting and integrating the two. I do in fact own every Who (full length) album (sans Endless Wire). I don't, however, own each country version (like I don't own both the UK and US versions of The Who Sings My Generation, etc.) I love discographies. By hearing albums in chronological order you hear the sound either grow or deteriorate, which is interesting to me. Look forward to more 'mini-compilations' if you plan on paying any attention to Mewzick in the future. A Radiohead B-Side compilation was posted a few months ago, check the archive.

The Who Sings My Generation (US) 1965:

MP3: My Generation - The Who (YSI)

A Quick One (UK) 1966:
MP3: In The City - The Who (YSI)

The Who Sell Out 1967:

MP3: I Can See For Miles - The Who (YSI)

Tommy 1969:
MP3: Pinball Wizard - The Who (YSI)

Who's Next 1971:
MP3: Baba O'riley - The Who (YSI)

Quadrophenia 1973:

(inside cover view)
MP3: The Punk And the Godfather - The Who (YSI)

The Who By Numbers 1975:
MP3: In a Hand Or a Face - The Who (YSI)

Who Are You 1978:
MP3: Music Must Change - The Who (YSI)

Face Dances 1981:
MP3: I'm The Face - The Who (YSI)

It's Hard 1982:
MP3: Cry if You Want - The Who (YSI)

Skipping live recordings cause I'm falling asleep at my keyboard. Anyway, enjoy. Get everything @ Amazon. Take care.




Everyone has indeed gone crazy over the SMD remix of Bjork's second single from Volta, Innocence; and for good reason I assure you. However, seeing as how originality plays a substantial role in Mewzick's being; here are the other remixes of the song (well, two of the other remixes), both sort of sounding alike, contorted, and misshapen to perfection. I love Björk. A lot. A whole lot.

MP3: Innocence (Alva Noto Unitxt Remodel Twelve Inch Remix) - Björk (YSI)
MP3: Innocence (Mark Spike Stent Radio Edit) - Björk (YSI)

The SMD remix:
@ Discobelle
I'd also advise you to check out the The Black Ghosts' summer mixtape there as well.

And, may I present you with my favorite Björk remix of all time, traveling back to the days of Debut:

MP3: The Anchor Song (Black Dog Remix) - Björk (YSI)

Right, off to.. do something.
MP3: Workin' For The Man - Roy Orbison (YSI)


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